Four Smart Reasons to Install an Electric Wired Dog Fence

If you are shopping around for a dog containment solution you have perhaps considering installing a wired electric dog fence similar to Invisible Fences. One of the largest costs associated with a wired dog fence relates to installation. After a little over five years in the industry of dog containment & training and thousands of satisfied customers who have completed  a self-install of their wired dog fence we think you can do it too. Our manuals and dog fence trouble shooting guides are very simple and user friendly and our help line is always willing to go the extra mile.  This is why you need an electronic dog fence now:

Your Dog is a Repeat Offender

If you are known by name by the dog catcher and you have depleted your 401k you need to consider your financial well being as well as the safety of your dog. Many stubborn breeds don’t easily grasp boundaries and their drive for exploration puts their lives and the safety of others at risk


You Cannot Afford a Wood or Chain-link Fence

If your property is significantly large fencing the perimeter may be price prohibitive. If you want your dogs to have the freedom to roam your property without having to worry about their well being a wired fence allows you to have significant coverage at a fraction of the cost of a wood, PVC or chain link fence.

You are Concerned About Liability

In many states you are responsible for the direct and indirect damage caused by your unsupervised dog. This includes damage to cars when they hit your dog, dog bites or destroyed gardens

Your Dog is an Escape Artist

Even with a wood or chain link fence your dog is finding a way out and causing great raucous.  A properly installed wired fence is likely to correct this type of behavior even if you have a training-resistant dog.

Check out our list of most reliable wired dog fences.


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