Protecting Boundary Wire From Edgers

A reader asks how to protect the boundary wire where it goes across a driveway on the edge of the driveway where you would usually run a power edger. That is the most vulnerable spot for the boundary wire. It is not a big deal if you do your own lawn care – but if you use a lawn service it will inevitably get cut if not somehow protected.

How do I prevent my lawn service from cutting the line where it crossed the driveway and sidewalk at an expansion joint? I suspect a metal edger blade would easily cut the line.


Hi Bob,

The edger cutting the wire on the side of the driveway or sidewalk is probably the most common cause of a wire break. It is also a really awkward place to have to repair a break, because you usually need to pull up part of the wire that you have buried across the driveway to get enough slack that you can re-splice the wire. So it is really important to protect the wire in this spot. We have two methods to deal with the issue.

(1) In that spot where you cross from the driveway into the soil – enclose the wire in a metal or pvc pipe.

(2) Bury the wire really deep in that location. So when you are cutting the driveway at the very edge of the driveway – we will set the depth on the circular saw to maximum – that way we get the wire buried too deep to be cut by the edger. I find this is the preferable method.

We have learned over the years that the one method that does not work at all is to tell the lawn care folks not to edge in that spot! They have too many lawns to do and even if they remember, inevitably your usual guy takes a week off and the new guy does know not to cut there.

Wes Riojas
General Manager
Dog Fence DIY .com

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