How Much Wire Do I Really Need?

Wait a minute there you no good varmints! When I ask how much boundary wire I need, you claim that you need 500 feet of dog fence boundary wire for a third of an acre, but then you say you only need 1,000 feet of wire for a full acre.

… Here’s another comment on your site I don’t understand:
The maximum footage depends on the system. The ones to look at would be the Innotek 4100/5100, the SportDog and the Dogtra. The Innotek IUC 4100/5100 can do 25 acres (5000) feet. The Dogtra EF-3000 can do up to 40 acres (6000 feet). The SportDog SDF-100 can do 50 acres (7000) feet.
So it appears that the limit on the various systems not actual acreage, but linear feet, which makes sense, but it doesn’t seem correct that 40 acres would be only 6000 ft and 50 acres 7000 ft? …

Hi Ann,

The amount of area that the boundary wire can cover is not linearly related to the length of the wire, it is proportional to the length squared (if that makes any sense). For example four feet of wire can do only one square foot of area. But, eight feet of wire can do four square feet of area. So you have twice as much wire able to do four times as much area. (as if that isn’t enough we round the numbers to the nearest 500 feet).

If you are concerned that we are off (these numbers were based on a square property – more irregular shaped boundaries require more wire … and if you happen to have a circular boundary you will need less thanks to that shape’s optimal perimeter to area ratio properties), pace around the area you want to contain and multiply the number of paces by three to get the number of feet of wire you require.

Also remember that when you lay the wire you will need about 20% more than the linear distance as you will (a) have some slack in the wire, (b) have a bit of waste, (c) have twisted sections, and (d) have the wire wiggling a bit, which all increase the amount of wire you need.

Hope that helps

Stewart Aldous
(678) 389 6661

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