Winter, Snow and Your Electric Dog Fence

How does an electric dog fence cope with snow and the winter?

As the weather is starting to get colder and the first light flurries begin to fall, we frequently get asked how a dog fence can be used in areas where snow accumulated up to a few feet thick.  The boundary wire really does not seem to mind the snow at all.  The only thing you really need to do is to increase the boundary width so that it is penetrating the extra layers above it and still reaching up to where the dog lies.

To do this, simply turn the boundary width knob up to increase the signal strength.  You will want a system that is adequately powered for your size installation.  For example, if there is heavy snow in your area, I would only use a system at half the rated capacity (in linear feet).  That way you have plenty of spare power to boost the signal width.  So use the Innotek IUC 5100 & 4100 for boundaries up to about 2,500 feet.  And use the SportDog SDF-100 for perimeters up to 5,000 linear feet.

Be sure to turn your system back down in the summer as the snow melts!

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