Why Responsible Breeders Are Using Electric Dog Fences

Canine husbandry if done responsibly results is some of the finest, best trained specimens for specific dog breeds. With spring right around the corner many experienced dog breeders, specifically those who specialize in working breeds have begun the preparations of exterior grounds to facilitate exercise as well as training in breed-specific tasks such as hunting, shepherding, search & rescue as well as guarding.

Golden Retriever running

As the weather improves the dog’s likelihood to wonder driven by curiosity, prey drive or estrus increases. To to this end dog breeders must take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their dogs as well as the safety of their neighbors and livestock living in proximal farms.

Note that we are referring to farms because most breeders of high quality working breeds select large rural properties for their operation to ensure their dogs have sufficient space for training and to reduce nuisances to neighbors.

Electronic fence plus

Fencing Large Properties

Fencing acreage to make it where dogs cannot escape can be very expensive. Even something as modest as a chainlink fence can cost tens of thousands of dollars. To that end the smart alternative consists in a perimeter wired electric fence paired with solar panels and appropriate training. Some electric fences are designed to cover areas as large as 100 acres but generally speaking breeders will not extend the electric dog fence perimeter to the totality of their property. Instead, dog trainers prefer to select an area of the property in proximity to the house and kennels and activate the invisible fence alternative to cover just a few acres giving dogs sufficient ground to roam, train and exercise.

training collar and fence

How to Select the Most Suitable Area to Fence using an Electric Perimeter Fence & Training Collars

There are multiple considerations to take when selecting the area for a wired dog fence. Consider the qualities of the terrain and how conducive it is to training activities. Evaluate hazards such as uneven terrain or cracks on the soil. Identify if bodies of water are present and decide if they are needed for aquatic training activities. If you will not be using solar panels you must have a source of power that is reliable to activate the fence. The size of the area will depend in the number of dogs and types of outdoor activities associated to their training and leisure.

Getting Ready to Select the Right Electric Fence and Electric Collars

When you are ready to select a fence option and collars there are many considerations aside from initial cost. As you explore which electric fence and collars are a best fit for your breeding and training operation take into account characteristics such as run through protection, acreage capacity, collar compatibility and the types of batteries you will need for the e-collars. If you are looking to fence the totality of your land the SportDog SDF100 is a great alternative for large working dogs (note that the collar is bulky and we would only recommend its usage when the dogs are participating in outdoor activities. If you raise multiple breeds it is important that you select a fencing system that is cross-compatible with collars of different sizes and different levels of correction. Customization of correction level is essential to proper dog training.

When to Purchase Your Electric Dog Fence System

If you are planning on an early-spring installation just as things begging to melt make sure your electronic dog fence system of choice and all the accessories inclusive of extra collars are on order no later than mid-april. This will allow you enough buffer to begin training as soon as we start having longer days with additional sunshine.


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