Why Dogs Escape?

We often hear dog owners express frustration about their dog’s escaping. Some owners take it as a sign of their failing their dog that the pup wants to escape. Don’t put that burden on yourself. Even if you have a great large yard with a pond for swimming, trees for shade, and every toy in Orvis, dogs are just going to want to roam.

This great op-ed in the Sunday New York Times discusses why sled dogs run .. because they love to run.

I find myself wondering, why do sled dogs run? … It is not a matter of driving them. All the work is in pacing them, restraining them. When Murphy stands on the brake and sets the snow hook — a two-pronged anchor — the gangline quivers with tension. The dogs torque forward again before he can shout, “Let’s go!” All the one-word answers to my question are too simple: love, joy, duty, obedience.

Some dogs just love to roam. Perhaps it is instinct, perhaps not. But, in any case it is no reflection on you. Your only responsibility is to get them plenty of exercise and to create boundaries to keep them from harm.

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