Where to Look for Answers You Can Trust about Dogs

vet-website-onlineAs you browse around the Internet, looking for more information that pertains to caring for your dog, you’re going to see a lot of sites come up in your search engine. People love their dogs, that’s for sure, and they love to share information about them and how to best care for them. The problem is that a lot of this advice can be misguided at times, especially when it comes to medical advice. In most cases it’s not intentionally done but is rather only suggestions given by somebody that is a dog owner but not necessarily qualified to provide sound medical advice.

Start with a Visit to Your Vet

When you’re looking for medical advice for your dog, the only professional you should be talking to is a veterinarian. It takes years of hard study to become a vet and many years of hands-on training. There’s a reason why a veterinarian can hang a shingle on his wall announcing that he is a doctor. Your vet is qualified to provide useful information and advice about the medical care for your dog.

Vets Online

Of course, the best thing that you can do is schedule an appointment with your veterinarian when you have medical questions or concerns about your dog. If you don’t live near the vet and can’t visit him right away, you can phone up the office to see if the vet is able to give you temporary advice over the phone until you can make it in to his office. There is also a website called that has veterinarians available to answer your questions but you will have to pay a fee for the answers.

There are a lot of professionals on the Internet that offer advice about training your dog. This training can vary widely from one professional to the next and you may not agree with some of the training methods used by certain individuals.

Dog Owner Forums

The best place to go for more information about the training guides and the different methods that are used for dog training is on forums. Here you’ll find dog owners discussing the types of training methods they have been following and how successful they have been with them. This is a great way to find out what books, DVDs and training guides are available and how each one approaches the subject of working with your dog. When you find out this important data first, you’ll have more confidence about picking up a book since you’ll already have a general idea of the training methods used.

Precautions to Take

Any site that is promoting certain goods or services for dogs that are for sale is likely to be giving you a biased opinion about their own product. This site may also have testimonials on the page that have been fabricated in order to increase sales. The information that is provided is going to be one-sided and promotional in nature and should be ignored. You need to find professionals and real dog owners that can talk from a third-party perspective for advice without profits influencing what they have to say.

Unless the information you’re reading online comes from a credible source, you should take it with a grain of salt and always check that information with a professional. The wrong advice could be harmful to your dog.

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