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So you read about the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence and you are desperately looking for one. The practicality of having a wireless dog fence seems to make sense for you. To your surprise there are none to be had. Many dog owners who are looking for a wireless solution are now finding that there are none.

All the manufacturers who have tried to make a wireless dog fence have failed in creating a wireless solution that is fully reliable.

What Now?

If you are looking for a dog containment option that will take the place of a wireless dog fence consider the reasons why you should really look into installing a wired electric dog fence:

1. Wireless fences have more obstacles to over come such as not being able to be used in a house with metal siding, roofing or stucco. Also, wireless fences are not successful in yards with moderate to severe sloping, large trees, thick landscaping or metal outbuildings or fencing. 

2. If you have a wireless system in your home for internet or other smart home appliances, the signals can interfere with one another causing system hiccups in one or both systems. 
3. The home must have a buffer of at least 20 feet between the house and the road or any neighbours. 
4. Boundary wobble on a wireless fence can range from 5 to 10 feet. Just as a cell phone signal can move when you are standing still, a wireless signal will shift some moment to moment causing the boundary line to move slightly or “wobble” back and forth. A wired signal will stay with the wire, giving you a strong, consistent boundary line.
Wooded areas can prevent the wireless signal from communicating a consistent containment area. The wireless signal communicated from the fence controller needs a direct line of sight with the fence boundary in order to provide a consistent boundary. An inconsistent boundary could cause random corrections to your dog from the collar or could allow for holes in your fence allowing the dog to escape.
Wired systems give the piece of mind that, as long as the wire is in place and unbroken, you will have a signal. It is not hampered by the landscape or shape of your yard. Because you can run the wire where you need it, you can customize the shape of your containment area to backyard only or a long narrow yard among many other options. A wired system gives peace of mind that as long as the system is turned on, the wire is sound and the dog has the collar with a good battery, you will have a reliable containment area. 
You may want to call your utility companies (e.g., phone, cable, DSL, gas, power/electric, etc) and have them come out and mark all of your underground utilities if you are planning to buy your wire.
We recommend installing the transmitter inside a waterproof area that does not drop below freezing connected to an electrical outlet. The transmitter should be at least 5 feet away from metal and/or electromagnetic interference (e.g., metal siding, aluminum siding, metal roof, metal fencing, circuit breaker box, HVAC equipment, washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc) to avoid amplification problems, unintended corrections to the dog’s collar or signal interference.
The Boundary Wire should be installed 5-10 feet away from metal and/or electromagnetic interference (e.g., metal siding, aluminum siding, metal roof, metal or wire fencing, HVAC equipment, other electric fencing, underground utilities, etc) to avoid amplification problems, unintended corrections to the dog’s collar or signal interference.
If you have existing fencing that is chain link, metal or wire, we recommend laying the wire on top of the ground where you think you want it, or right next to the fence, and testing the signal using the collar and the tester tool to make sure the system beeps and corrects at the right location on the perimeter loop. Once the correct location has been determined, then you can bury your wire no more than 1″ – 3″ in the ground or you can tack it to the ground using lawn staples.


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  1. Bob Cooper says:

    Would like price for a 2 acear 14gauge wired system as writ project

    ADMIN – Hi Bob. To get pricing, you can click on the Add To Cart button on the right hand side of the review page. This will take you to a page with a light blue box with several drop down menus on it. This is where you can add wire, upgrade wire, or select any other add on’s you may want/need. The pricing will update in real time, allowing you to get quotes for everything you may need.

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