What is the True Cost of Electric or Invisible Fences?


Dog owners are in for a surprise when they request a quote for a professionally installed invisible fence®. Having a fence installed in an average suburban backyard can run as high as $2,500. The costs associated with installing a wired dog fence in a farm or ranch through a professional installer is absolutely cost-prohibitive. Thankfully a high quality installation of a dog fence system is not rocket science. There are detailed manuals for dog fence installation that can help the average homeowner complete their own wired dog fence installation saving thousands of dollars while ensuring they have done everything in their power to keep their dogs contained.

How Much Does a Dog Fence System Cost?

A basic electric dog fence kit can cost you as low as $299 in addition you should account for the following expenses if applicable:

  • Extra electric dog collars $60 to $100
  • Additional wire for dog fence installation in large properties between $22 to $150 for every 500ft depending on your choice in wire
  • Installing in a farm or ranch? Make an allowance to rent a trencher (Ditch Witch)
  • Solar Panel (if you don’t have a nearby power source in the intended perimeter) $100 to $200.

Is it Difficult to Install an Electric dog Fence?

No, most people are able to complete the project on a weekend. Some pre-planning is required and we highly suggest you inventory tool availability before you get started.

Do I need to hire a professional for Dog Fence Training?

No, you don’t need to hire a professional trainer to introduce your dogs to their wired dog fence. You do need to read and understand the best practices to achieve optimal training in the shortest time possible.

Do I need a Permit From My City to Install an Electric Dog Fence?

Every city has their own ordinances but generally speaking you are not going to need a permit. Pet control ordinances are different from city to city and may include requirements such as not installing the electronic dog containment system in the front yard, Not placed within a certain distance of adjoining properties or sidewalks and the need for posting a sign indicating that a wireless dog fence is in use.

Do I need to Hire an Electrician to Install the Electric Dog Fence Panel?

No, you do need to follow instructions carefully to ensure you installation is made to profesional standards. Installing an electric dog fence and corresponding panel is simple. If you know how to read you probably know how to install a dog containment system.

Don’t be discouraged by expensive quotes for invisible dog fence installations. Instead put together a plan to install your own electric dog fence customized for the terrain of your property and specific dog training needs.



  1. Ron woiderski says:

    I live in the kansas city area and i install invisible pet fences (about 3 a week) i charge by the linier foot at $1.20. From the sounds of it i should b charging twice that amount. When I hear 2,000 – 3,000 for a fence i think ‘really’…i must b crazy for my price but its done in a day and i make a good living. Guess i should raise my rates…..not ….my clients Are All Happy and that makes me happy

  2. Judy says:

    We have very rocky ground, so I am worried that burying the wire may be tough. Also, we have chain link fence around most of the yard, and there are just a few spots the dog gets out from, at the gates and driveway entrance/exit. Is it possible to use the electric fence just in a few spots?

    Our puppy was a stray and has been staying with us just a couple weeks, she’s small (20-25 lbs), possibly a Basenji, very smart, agile and energetic. She loves to run and jump but is very responsive and well behaved otherwise 🙂

    Thanks, Judy

    ADMIN – Hi Judy. The system only works on a boundary loop of some variety. Please visit the DogFenceDIY “Planning, Installation and Layout” page. Which of these sample dog fence layouts is similar to your dog fence design?

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