What Is The Most Reliable Electric Dog Fence?

If you have been to the pound five times in the last six months and you are known in town as the guy who is constantly posting lost dog fliers in every single bulletin board we are not surprises you are now reading this article. Electric dog fences provide frustrated dog owners with the reinforcement needed to keep their dogs from escaping.

When someone is shopping around for a wireless radio-based electric dog fence with shock collar their motivations can vary widely. Among them the most common are the following:

  • Your HOA does not allow for physical fences limiting the use of your backyard for your dog.
  • You want to isolate areas of your yard as not dog friendly.
  • You want to protect landscape or agricultural areas from your dog
  • You want to reinforce a physical fence from a dog who has a tendency to dig or jump fences
  • You want to keep access and view to a greenbelt or golf course while still keeping your dog in your yard
  • Your dog needs to be separated from livestock.

Before we explore the technical specifications of electric dog fences that may or may not improve reliability let’s remember that electric dog fences are simply training tools and are only as good as the training and reinforcement you provide to your dogs.

Now let’s look at the characteristics of a fence that offers reliability:

Electric Dog Fences As Reinforcement For Physical Barriers

This is our preferred method of fencing. a good physical fence in combination with good training and a reliable e-collar results in secure containment even for the most stubborn and escape-prone breeds.

Electric Dog Fences with Power BackUps 

One of the main issues we see with electric dog fences relates to power interruptions. If your fence does not have a battery backup unit that is the one upgrade you want to make to increase fence reliability.

Keeping the Collar Batteries Charged 

Depending on the system you have you may have rechargeable lithium batteries or disposable battery units. Your fence is only as reliable as the care that you place in keeping the batteries charged.

Maintaining a Good Collar Fit

Selecting the right contacts and ensuring the contacts are in direct contact with the surface skin of your dog is essential to the reliability of your dog fence. Always check the collar for proper fit and remove the collar when not in use to allow the skin to rest and to recharge the collar is applicable.


What Is The Best Electric Dog Fence In The Market?

There are hundreds of electric dog fence options and many are poorly manufactured to manage costs. When it comes to selecting your electric dog fence the best advice that we can give you is to pick one from a trusted brand that has been around for a while and has proven to be reliable. A poorly designed dog collar and fence puts the life and health of your pet at risk.

When we work with our customers to help them select the best dog containment solution we look for the following characteristics:

  1. Does the collar provide vibration and audible warnings as the dog approaches the perimeter?
  2. Does the collar give your dog full use of their yard in a small space?
  3. Does the system alert you of potential issues?
  4. Is the system impact-proof and water proof?
  5. Is the electric dog fence expandable to cover your whole property?
  6. Are the settings customizable enough to train every dog in your household?


The reality is that there is not a single perfect wireless dog containment system for every scenario. Depending on your needs and the behaviors expressed by your dog you will need to find the electric dog fence best suited for you. To help you make the best possible containment decision for your pet we have compiled a page with electric dog fence reviews 

In it we have listed our most popular systems. To make it even easier for you our pet fencing specialists can walk you through the selection of your new fence by simply giving us a call at 1-888-936-4349






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