What is Pressure Necrosis & Why No Dog Should Ever Have It


We have heard every dog advocacy group talk about the dangers of using electric dog fence collars yet we continue to hear success stories from friends and neighbors. This dilemma has us questioning wether we should resort to invisible fencing as a support tool to keep our dogs safe and contained. One of the biggest points of dissension is the possibility of injury to the neck. There is the misconception that injuries originating from a dog training collar are basically an electrical burn. This is mostly false. High quality electric dog fence equipments has been tested and it almost never results in burns. The real problem when it comes to electric dog fence collars is rooted in user error. We as dog owners are failing in the stewardship and care of our dog.

Here are the main things we can do to eliminate the chance of pressure sores on the neck commonly associated to the use of electric dog fences:

Ensure Proper Collar Fit

You need to make sure the contacts are touching the skin at all times. Watch tutorials and read your full electric dog fence installation manual and make sure you are taking breed-specific approach to collar fitting. It is not the same to have a short coated dog wear a collar than a large long-haired dog wearing the same system.

Limit Collar-Wearing to 12 Hours

Training collars are not permanent fixtures. Let me repeat this. They are not intended nor designed to be worn 24/7.

Move The Collar Around Every 2 Hours

Pressure necrosis is a serious thing. Please move the collar around frequently.

Check The Neck Frequently

Make sure you are inspecting the neck with frequency. At the first sign of pressure sores take a break.

Consult With Professionals

Before installing a fence talk to trainers and fence professionals to make sure you are selecting the right system and you are implementing the right program.

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