What Happens When I Add Electric Radio – Based Perimeter for My Dog In The Same Area Where I Have Electrified Fence to Keep Livestock Contained?

Electric dog fences for the containment of farming, shepherding or flock dogs is essential in ensuring the safety of livestock. The fact is, we have dogs to protect our cattle and we don’t want our dogs to be exposed to the type of correction associated with a hot cattle wire which serves a dual function. The containment of livestock and protection from predators.

A common mistake made by ranchers is having a wire or set of wires where the energizer may not be the right one for the perimeter covered resulting in too much or too little correction. Because cattle fences are seldom calibrated you want to ensure your dogs are dependent in more refined and accurate containment perimeters.

A hot wire for cattle will not interfere with the radio signal emitted by the invisible dog fence wire and you opt to install your radio-emmiting wire underground or simply lay it on the perimeter keeping in mind that everyone in the farm operation must be aware of its location to avoid damaging the exposed cable when driving or mowing.

Depending on the type of LGD you have you can opt to install the radio wire for your electric dog fence parallel to the hot wire or you can leave a distance creating a smaller perimeter for the dog than you would for the cattle. We recommend that you combine both perimeters as one to ensure everyone is subject to the same visual border.

One of our favorite electric dog fences for large pasturing areas is the SportDog Electric Dog Fence SDF-100A. A single fencing unit can be expanded to cover over 100 acres. In cases where many pasturing areas are required you may want to consider installing several units and powering each with a solar panel supported by several batteries.

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