What does your dog think about their dog fence?

The key to training a dog is getting out of your own head and thinking like a dog.  The problem most people face is thinking that a dog is like a furry human.

So what would a dog think about a dog fence system without any training?  Let imagine you are a dog.  You are used to roaming unobstructed when one day your owner straps a new collar on you, slaps you on the butt and send you outside.  What happens next?

Well you sniff around outside for a while, see/smell some odd white flags in your territory that weren’t there before and go over to investigate.  As you get close you hear a beeping sound from nearby, what was that?  No matter, you continue toward the flags and then out of nowhere ouch!  It’s like someone pinched me on my neck, but there is nobody there.  You freeze and get ready to fight.  Again with that pinching sensation on my neck.  What was that?

Now you are a little freaked out, how do you get it to stop?  Your body kicks into flight mode and you run forward outside the yard.  The sensation stops.

If this happens a few times the dog will associate that running forward outside the yard stops the unpleasant sensation.  The dog does not understand why, but dogs are simpler thinker than us, they rely a lot more on associations.  And the association they developed is exactly the opposite one you wanted them to develop on the dog fence system.

That is why the training phase is so important when you put in a wireless or in-ground pet fence.  Because, you need to develop the association that the unpleasant sensation stops only when they turn around and retreat back inside the yard.  They cannot be allowed to form the association that naturally will happen, that leaving the yard stops the sensation.

Once you get into the habit of thinking like a dog it should help with a lot more than training your dog on the dog fence system.  Try it for a while and drop us an email telling us about the results.

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