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Welcome to the Dog Fence DIY Guide.  I am starting this guide to show people how they can install their own Dog Fence.  I think dog containment fences are wonderful, they give your dog the freedom to play outside and also give you a bit of space.  As an installer of these system, I have seen what a difference they make.

A typical installation done by my company will be in the thousand dollar range and I think that is a fair price for a product that gives you and your dog a better lifestyle.  It is a fair price considering the expertise you get and the time you save.  But I think that a thousand dollars is just more than some people can spend.  And I know that I get great joy from doing things myself.  So for those people considering doing it themselves, I want to create a comprehensive guide that shows you some of the tips and tricks that will make your installation a sucess.

Please feel free to send all comments and questions.

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