Training a Dog on a Vacation Home

So how do you train a dog on an electric dog fence in a vacation home, weekend home, summer home or a second home where you don’t live all year round?

Dear Stuart

We are lucky enough to have a vacation home where our dog – a long legged Jack Russell – will be spending some part of each year. He will be there for between a week and a month each time we visit. I am wondering whether he will remember the ‘rules’ of an invisible fence system when he goes on holiday as we don’t need such a device in our year-round home where the yard is fenced.
If you think that such a system would work for him, can you please advise on which system would work best across a four acre site which surrounds the house (the house is in the centre of the site), is on a slight incline and has a farm road on one side with an open access drive. Tricky one? Your help would be much appreciated.

with best wishes

Hi Madelaine,

Dogs can definitely learn the rules on a vacation home. But, for the initial training, you want a longer stretch of time to teach them the system. If they are only there say for weekend, it is harder to teach the dogs, because they tend to forget most of what they learned during the week. I would wait till you take one of those one-month long visits to train him on the system. The training will need 2-3 continuous weeks, so you want to choose a longer trip for the training.

You can also keep the training flags and put them back up after very long absences if you are concerned the dogs will forget the boundary on say a summer house, if they had a long absence from the property.

Jack Russells straddle a couple of systems, so the best choice will depend on his weight. If he is under 12lbs, I would go with the PetSafe Little Dog. (It has a smaller collar and a lower correction level) If he is over 12lbs, go with the PetSafe IUC-4100. (it is a bit bigger collar, but is rechargeable – although this is not such a big deal if it is a vacation home, where you are only using it a few months a year) Both will happily do 4 acres.

Let us know if you need any further assistance!

Best Regards,

Stuart Aldous
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