Using Underground Dog Fencing Solutions to Tackle Digging Dogs

For many home owners a wired underground dog fence is not necessarily the primary type of fencing. A good and solid dog fence, forged iron fencing or even a well constructed brick wall will not stop a dog prone to digging.

Some dogs are natural diggers and the trait is actually considered a quality. Consider Terriers (or “Feist” breeds) were originally developed by farmers in the South for hunting small prey, including underground animals like gophers and weasels. True scent dogs like bloodhounds will dig at incredible speeds to follow the scent of large pray. Other breeds such as huskies will dig in order to stay cool or warm depending on the weather. Even small dogs such as dachshunds are capable of digging all the way to China in a matter of minutes. Even if your dog is not among a breed inclined to dig you may be dealing with a mischievous hound who is digging out of boredom or has discovered a dog pal just down the street.

Expert Tip: Studies show that un-neutered dogs are much more likely to dig. If you are struggling with a repeat offender you may want to explore neutering as an option.

If you have dealt with the frustration associated with a dog that finds his way out through digging and you are depleting your 401k paying fines to get your hound back from Animal Control Services you know that finding a fencing reliable containment solution is a must. Many homeowners have gone as far as digging really deep trenches and reinforcing with up to two to three feet barrier of concrete, wood or metal.

Prey Drive & Traditional Fencing

If you live in the country you have probably struggled with dogs jumping the fence or digging their way out to chase critters. Traditional fencing can hardly contain a dog who has made up their mind about chasing a potential prey.

Electric Dog Fences for Stubborn Dogs

If you have working breeds and you are in a rural or semi-rural setting finding a collar and electric fence that works with a large, strong and stubborn dog can be tricky. Additionally you are also faced with the complexities that come from having to cover a large perimeter. Whether your dog is a Vizla, Weimaraner, Katahoula or Great Pyrenees their safety is first and foremost. If you are at your wits’ end and have tried a variety of fencing from wood to chainlink to no avail consider the benefits and characteristics of the SportsDog SDF-100A Electric Dog Fence. Durable, waterproof devoid of pricey specialized batteries and featuring a warning vibration signal. A powerful transmitter ensures coverage for large properties.

The Digging Dog in Suburban Settings

In our professional opinion as electric dog fence experts this is one of the most useful applications for a good and reliable underground fence. The number of small dogs that die as a result of having escaped a suburban backyard is incredibly high and the risks associated with a little dog roaming high traffic areas are just too many. For those homeowners who are frustrated, worried and scared and have tried everything else to keep their small dog from digging their way out the PetSafe Little Dog is a great solution for small yards with small dogs. Simple to install, lightweight and compatible with other fencing systems the Petsafe little dog can be upgraded with an optional lightning protection module and professional level wire. Because this is a very flexible system homeowners can use it in a traditional size yard but it is also functional in land with perimeter of up to 25 acres.

If you are struggling with a digging dog and want to take a training approach to the problem keep in mind that most e-collars have a warning vibration that helps reinforce the idea that digging will not be tolerated.

If you need help with an wired dog fence installation we provide step-by-step instructions that will save you money and time.




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