Using Electric Dog Fences with Maremma Dogs – What Works and What Doesn’t

If a web search led you to our website chances are you are a farmer looking for ways to protect your livestock while containing your livestock guardian. For anyone who has had the pleasure of owning dogs with bred for the protection of livestock the challenge of containment never ends. Italian Maremmas are incredibly smart and independent and can wonder miles away from their home putting them at risk injury from vehicles, aggression from coyote packs or accidentally activating a trap.

In planning how to contain your maremma you must consider the specific needs of your farming operations as well as the natural drive of the breed. A Maremma can easily escape a five foot high fence. Additionally, you may have the need to have your LGDs migrate with flocks or herds into different pastures adding to the challenge of understanding boundaries. As you prepare to install and use electric dog fencing and training collars with your Maremma please consider the following:

Pick a Wide Coverage Fence

Your Maremma is not a pet designed to be in your half acre backyard. As a working breed your dog will most likely have a wider area of coverage oftentimes the dog will be charged with acre after acre for patrolling and protection of livestock. The best reviewed and most reliable electric dog fence for farms and ranches is the Contain & Train by SportDog. One unit allows you to expand up to 100 acres. Alternatively, you can create separate perimeters covering smaller areas and move the transmitter unit as needed combined with solar or battery power where no electricity is available.

Do Flag Training

If you are going to move your Maremma from pasture to pasture you want the training to be based on flags instead of permanent fence perimeter. Spend time teaching your Maremma to respond to flag-marked perimeter. Place the flags in different settings and use rewards when your Maremma properly responds to the temporary perimeter.

Electric Dog Fences Are Simply Not Enough

If your Maremma is in proximity to danger such as high-traffic roads or neighbors that will be displeased with a roaming dog you cannot rely exclusively in an electric containment system. Maremmas need a 6 foot + fence that is secure from top to bottom. They are prone to digging and incredibly skilled at climbing.

Electric Containment Collars Are Not Permanent Fixtures

Your dog needs a break from their collar. Please consider removing the collar when your Maremma is secured in the Barn. This will allow for their skin to rest from the friction caused by the contact points.

Proper Collar Fitting Matters

Maremmas are long-coated dogs. Make certain your collar features long contacts and move the unit back and forth until it is properly positioned against the skin. Improper fit can result in injury. If needed trim (Do not shave) the neck area to ensure snug fit.

Fit The E-Collar Behind The Armor Collar

If your Maremma wears an armor collar position the electric fence collar behind and not in front of the armor collar. This will reduce the chances of injury.



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