Using Electric Dog Fences With Aggressive Breeds: The Pros and Cons

Recently we received this note looking for advice on how to properly and safely contain a dog that has demonstrated aggressive behaviors:


Dear Dog Fence DIY,

My wife Mary and I are facing significant challenges keeping our dog Kera contained. Kera is a large mixed breed dog that came from an abusive home. We are working on her recovery but truth be told she still struggles with aggressive behaviors, strong prey drive as well as a wondering heart. She has escaped our yard a number of times and we are becoming concerned about her safety and the safety of others. Kera spends most of the time inside but we want to give her the opportunity to enjoy time outside under the shade of trees with our other dogs.

We basically have three questions:

  1. Can the electric invisible dog fence system be used with a dog that is aggressive?
  2. If we decide to use it can the settings of the correction be adjusted for each of our dogs?
  3. Is it ok to use the electric dog fence with a rescue dog?


Thanks for your help



Hi Mario,

We are so glad you asked. There are many opinions regarding the use of electric dog fences and e-collars when dealing with aggressive dogs. We hope to be able to provide you with sufficient clarification to allow you to make your own decision on how to move forward. Each dog is different on how the respond to training and you are the best qualified to determine what works for Kera.

Use Wired Dog Fence as a Second Layer of Containment

A wired dog fence is simply a training tool. Based on the characteristics of your dog Kera we highly recommend a physical fence as the primary means of containment with an electric dog fence as the secondary measure of security. By having two ways to keep your dog where she needs to me you will have peace of mind while protecting your dog as well as the neighbors.

Using Electric Dog Fences With Multiple Dogs

The correction level is determined by the collar and not the wired fence. You can adjust it based on the training progress for each of your dogs.

Using Your Electric Dog Fence With a Rescue Dog

Keeping your rescue dog contained is your priority number one. The number of dogs that end at shelters after getting lost just keeps rising. Ensuring your dog stays within the confines of your yard is the most compassionate and caring way to tell your rescue what love is all about. Please remember that electric dog fences are training tools be engaged and positive when you first introduce your dog to their perimeter and reward good behavior.

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