Using Electric Dog Fences to Separate Alpacas & Other Camelids From Goats

Electric dog fences and electric collars are not necessarily exclusive to dogs. With a little creativity and good planning you can install an affordable electric dog fence to help you contain or cross-fence a variety of critters. Just like a real cross fence, an electric dog fence can help you restore depleted pastures, keep your animals from escaping and ensure your larger animals do not injure the smaller ones.

If you are planning on using a training or invisible fence as part of the containment strategy for your farm, here are a few considerations that may just make the process of selecting the best possible dog fence easier and more relevant to the needs of your farm.

Consider Permanency

If you are thinking about using an electric barrier to allow for a pasture to replenish know that animals will remember for a long time. It may be incredibly difficult to move them from pasture to pasture without creating fear of the invisible barrier. When the time comes to relocate your animals to the new and now replenished area consider moving them at night using a trailer. Once they are in the new pasture you will need a few weeks to properly familiarize the animal with their boundaries through the use of flags. Take time to show the animal the barriers using a lead and rewarding the animal when it retreats from the boundary into the permissible area.

Manage E-Collar Fit With Care

One of the most common reasons for injury when using a training collar, relates to collar fit. A collar where the points of your choice are not in full contact with the skin can result in significant injury. To avoid or minimize the risk make sure you are shaving the animal on a regular basis or you have the collar set to the long contact points. Because farm animals are unique in their anatomy you will need to spend significant time finding the perfect fit.

Consider a Perimeter Fence to Protect Chickens & Ducks

If your farm includes a chicken coop and you have experienced loses to dogs consider a perimeter fence to protect your flock from dog attacks. Dogs are known to jump physical barriers and having an extra layer of security is always a good idea.


Keep in Mind Some Electric Dog Fences Are Good for Critters of All Sizes

Those who are new to electric fencing may not realize that many electric barriers offer customized collars that address the different species of animals sharing the same space. Some of our electric collars can be used by animals as light as five pounds and as heavy as 300.

Levels of Correction

In the case of camelids you will always need less correction than the settings normally used for a dog. Camelids respond in a more marked way to physical feedback. Always begin training using the lowest possible setting.

Expandability of Electric Dog Fences

Did you know that many of the fences we offer at Dog Fence DIY can be used in properties as large as 25 acres? This means with a single unit you may be able to have full coverage of your pasturing and outdoors area. How great is that?


If you are looking for out of the box solutions for farm animal containment please give us a call or check out our store. Installing electric dog fences is far simpler than you ever imagined.

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