Understanding Dog Disobedience


Obedient dogs are a pleasure to own. They are allowed outside the confines of the back yard, and they are able to run freely in parks or on the beach. You may even take your well-mannered dog to a café. There are times however, when even the cleverest dog may appear distracted and may not obey our commands at all. When this happens, we need to look at the cause behind this apparent disobedience.

An obedient dog is one that correctly responds to the voice commands or hand signals that are given by his owner. When he understands the signals and words, dog and owner work as a team. In contrast, dogs that are disobedient are those who understand the commands given to them and have in the past obeyed, but now choose to ignore them.

Risky Misbehaving

When our dogs decide to be disobedient, there is potentially more at stake than just the embarrassment and frustration of a naughty dog that is playing up. Dogs that decide to run silly may be hit by a passing car in the street. They can eat things that are harmful to them, or wreak havoc inside the family home. If your dog starts to behave in this way, it’s time to take action.

Rule Out Medical Issues

The first thing to do is to have your dog examined for medical issues. If he is having trouble with his hearing or sight, it will make it difficult for him to respond to you. He may not be feeling well, or if he is slow to get moving, he may be in pain. Once these and other medical problems have been ruled out, go back to basics and re-train your dog in the exercises you want him to learn. It may be useful to join an obedience class to get some professional guidance.

Disobedient versus Dogs Being Dogs

Some dog owners feel that disobedience means that their dog is behaving this way deliberately to be spiteful to them. What they may not understand is that many of the activities that appear to be disobedient are in fact dogs just being dogs. It’s in their nature to get distracted if something else is more interesting or more rewarding than being with you. This means that as well as examining your dog’s disobedience, you also need to consider your own role in the development of these issues.

Be a Good Master

If you want your dog to be obedient, you need to be a fair and consistent master. Are your hand signals clear? Can your dog hear and understand your voice commands. If you want your dog to be obedient, you must give him every opportunity to get it right.

Make yourself the center of your dog’s universe. You need to be more fun than anything else, and you need to be the source of all good things. By doing this, you’re more likely to have an obedient dog that you’re proud to take anywhere with you.

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