Underground Dog Fence. Is It The Right Solution For Your Dog?

If you are among the luck dog owners who constantly struggle with a dog whose heart is prone to wonder and somehow manages to Houdini his way of your eight foot high fence you need a backup solution that works. Many veterinary doctors recommend electric underground dog fence training as the best option to keep a stubborn dog contained. Electric underground dog fences operate by emitting a radio signal that activates the dog training collar giving your dog pre-programed correction each time it approaches the set boundaries.

Will My Dog Suffer When Using an Underground Dog Fence? 

The short answer is no. If you have ever seen a dog play with other dogs you will note that rough play is the name of the game. e-collar corrections are not designed to injure your dog. Instead, the correction is carefully calibrated to get their attention quickly. The key to avoid potential injury is proper fit, high quality equipment and consistent training.

But my Dog is a Digger? Will it Dig The Wire Out?

If your dog digs in order to escape and you are afraid your dog wire will get damaged; don’t fret. You have plenty of installation options. You can set the wire in the outside of your privacy fence, you can simply install the wire using staples in the middle of the wooden panels or you can create a perimeter that is slightly smaller than the visual queues you plan to use for your dog’s electric fence training.

Is Digging for an Underground Dog Fence Hard?

Not at all, You can expedite the process by renting tools at your local hardware store. creating a place where to install your radio wire for your electric dog fence won’t take more than a few hours.

Which Dog Fence is Best For My Dog?

The best way to find out which underground dog fence is likely to work best for your dog or dogs is by reading our comprehensive and professional electric dog fence reviews. We have extensively tested each system and we provide you with the pros and cons for each piece of equipment. If you are still having trouble selecting the ideal underground fence you can always call our experts.

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  1. Terry says:

    Our primary residence is a fenced in 1/2 acre lot. We have 2 rescue Pyrenees mutts (8 years old). Our vacation home has a small lot and no fence. The back yard is 65’ wide and about 30’ deep. We back to a wooded area (common ground) and I could easily go about 10-15’ into that area with an invisible fence. Is a 65’ by 30’ area too small to be effective?

    Also, the dogs would get about 1 week of training at the vacation home and then return to the primary residence for a month or so. Then back to the vacation home. Will the dogs catch on, or am I going to be forever training in 1 week increments?

    ADMIN – Hi Terry. Your area is small but you could still have a fenced in area. You will just want to be very careful at your corners to make sure that they are more large curves than corners. As to training, it really depends on the dogs. Some dogs pick up the training quickly and some need more time. But, with dedicated training when you are at your vacation home, they should get it in time. Just remember, training a dog on an electric fence can be like potty training a toddler, it takes patience and a sense of humor.

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