Running Boundary Wire Under a Deck

When doing a backyard dog fence installation, one way to complete the loop while still letting the dogs pass in and out of the back door is to drop the boundary wire under a rear deck. This way the vertical height of the deck over the boundary wire creates enough vertical separation so the dogs can pass overhead without getting the correction.

We purchased the Innotek IUC 4100 yesterday and our plan is to run it the perimeter of our back yard along the fence line. The wires will connect under a rather high deck, with the twisted wire running between the deck boards to the transmitter which we will attach to a brick wall in an enclosed porch.

Under deck layoutMy concern is what is the safe vertical distance so that our dog can have access to the enclosed porch (the wire will run along the base of the house under the enclosed porch.

Second question – if we are not quite far enough away vertically, how deep can the wire in that particular spot be buried and still be effectively forming the continuous loop?

We plan to put the wire above ground except in mowing / trimming areas and at the gate, we will bury it there. Is that OK? Partial above ground / partial below ground?

Our dog is a jumper, so we are hoping this will solve the problem…hoping!

By the way, your website is awesome. I spent yesterday reading it and am very impressed with the information on there. Most of my questions were answered, so hopefully I won’t be bugging you too much!


Note that the last section of that letter did not strictly need to be included for you to get an understanding of the problem, but we liked it! TS can bug us any time they want!

The safe vertical distance is determined by how wide the boundary is set up on the control box. (you use one of the dials on the system to adjust it) We usually adjust the boundary width somewhere between 3-5 feet, and then you probably want a couple of feet safety space. So you probably want 5-7 feet total vertical separation.

If you don’t have enough separation you can definately bury the wire, you can go as deep as you want. Underground depth tends to be more effective in damping the signal than the air.

Above ground is fine. As you said, you just want to keep it away from the lawnmower and edger.

Fence jumping is usually easy to cure. Having that physical fence already in place really helps them learn. Do the training for the first two weeks and I am sure you and the dogs will be very happy with the new arrangement

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