Double Trouble – Training Two Dogs Together

How do I train two(2)/three(3)/four(4)/five(5) dogs?

Training two, three, or even four dogs on an underground dog fence system is done in a similar manner to the standard dog fence training.  But there are a few extra issues you should be aware of.

  1. Train only one dog at a time. While you are training one dog, move all the other dogs out of sight, or keep them somewhere secure.  You don’t want the dog being trained to be distracted by what the rest of his pack is doing.  You want the dog to give their full attention to the training.
  2. Pay particular attention to the lead dog. Where the lead dog goes, the others follow.  If the lead dog crosses the boundary, there is very little you can do to stop the others following.  You can’t compete with powerful pack instincts.  But, the same thing can work strongly in your favor.  If you train the lead dog really well, to stay inside the boundary, then the lower status dogs will follow course.
  3. Let experienced dogs teach younger dogs. If you have a new puppy, simply being around trained pack members will teach them the boundaries.    The puppy will observe how the other dogs never cross the boundary and actively turn away from it, and will follow course.  This will make teaching the puppy much easier when they get to six months old and are ready for formal training

And remember all the usual training principles still apply: first building awareness of the dog fence boundaries, second introduce the correction, third test obedience to the dog fence, and finally introduce off leash play.

And of course, keep training fun!

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