Two Dogs with only one Dog on a invisible fence

Can I have one dog on a dog fence and one dog not on the fence? Will my dog get confused?

I have two dogs: A German Shepard-Lab-Husky mix that is about 80 lbs and has a high pain threshold. He loves to run and chase every critter he can find. The other is a pure German Shepard that is about 90 lbs, has a low pain tolerance, and is very obedient. I’m mainly looking for a system that will help contain the mix, as he is the only one that wanders off the property. I have a couple questions:

1. How does the ‘Stubborn’ correction level compare to the ‘IUC 4100’? For ex. is the highest level on the ‘4100’ similar to the mid-level for ‘Stubborn’. I’m fairly sure I should get the ‘Stubborn’ to be safe, but I’m not sure.

2. My plan is to have only one dog (the mix) with a collar, while the other dog is free to roam beyond the boundary. While he rarely if ever would wander, I’m wondering if this is advisable as it could confuse the other dog.

3. If I do go with the ‘4100’ system, and I find the correction level too low, can I purchase a ‘Stubborn’ collar to use with the ‘4100’ transmitter?

Thanks so much for your help! This site is fantastic!

ADMIN – Hi Erik,

1. The Stubborn Dog has 5 levels. Level 1 is warning beep only and levels 2 through 5 are warning beep plus correction. Level 5 on the Stubborn Dog is 3 times higher in correction than the high level on the Innotek 4100 system.

2. As long as your dog is trained well, he should not get confused. You may need to have training sessions where you walk the other dog through the boundary and tell your other dog “no”. In other words, train your dog from getting distracted with your other dog leaving the boundary.

3. Unfortunately, no. The Innotek and PetSafe systems are mutually exclusive. I suggest going with the Stubborn Dog starting on level 2 and moving up to higher levels if necessary.

4. Thanks for the feedback and you’re welcome!

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