Best Electric Dog Fences for Two or More Dogs

Following on from yesterday’s post on how to train two dogs on a system, today’s post looks at the best multiple dog systems for those of you containing two, three, four, or even five dogs.  (At least around here, if you have more than five dogs you need a pound license, not a dog fence!)

The first consideration is whether you actually need the system set up for all the dogs.  While it is probably safer to get each of the dogs a collar, you may be able to take a calculated risk for some dogs.  Where only one of the dogs is escaping, or the pack leader is breaking out and the others are following … if you contain only the escapee/leader then you will often see all the other dogs staying in the yard.  If they see that the leader no longer wants to escape, that can be a signal for them to stay inside as well.

When you determine that you need a multiple dog system, here is a quick overview of your options:

  • Multiple Dogs, Similar Size (>12 lbs) – Innotek’s IUC-4100 Ultrasmart is our old faithful, a really solid rechargeable system
  • Multiple Dogs, Different Sizes (>12lbs) – Dogtra is a good but dated rechargeable dog containment system.   Alternatively, the SportDog Dog Fence is a good choice for large dogs and containment areas.  The SportDog is not rechargeable, but uses a regular 9V battery, so you aren’t locked into anything expensive.
  • Multiple Dogs (<12lbs) – for smaller dogs you are going to want to use the PetSafe Little Dog.  We gripe about the battery, but it is still you best bet for small dogs, with it’s mini-collar and mini-correction levels.  If you need to add any larger dogs to the system, you can use any of the PetSafe In-Ground Dog Collars.

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