Top Five Invisible Electric Dog Fences For Dogs in 2017

What are the best electric dog fences?

If you have been thinking about getting a training collar and electric invisible dog fence for your dog we want to help you make the best possible decision. Every year we review all the dog fences available in the market and rate them based on their design, trustworthiness, learning curve, durability and ease of installation.

Electric dog fences can be used as a primary means of humane dog containment or as a reinforcement for dogs with a tendency to dig or jump fences and other physical barriers.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are made based on my own experience keeping my farm dogs contained. Having said this I don’t have extra small dogs. I also don’t struggle with digging dogs. With this in mind don’t go directly to the best rated electric dog fence in this list. Instead, take a moment to review the pros and cons of each fence and pick one that makes sense and best meets the containment needs for your dogs.

List of Best Electric Dog Fences in 2017

#1 PetSafe Yardmax

(Best Electric Dog Fence in 2017)

Why I rank this the best electric dog fence? This is overall my favorite electric dog fence and the most commonly purchased fence. We almost never get returns as the quality of this fence is superior and the ease in installation makes it a breeze.

This training collar and fence is all about the features. The system has a small rechargeable collar, collar fit testing, progressive correction, independent correction, lightning protection, and is compatible with indoor and outdoor zones. Compatibility with additional zones makes this system a must-have for dogs that get to engage in indoor activities and need to be protected from accidents in the kitchen or are not allowed to enter certain areas of the house. It is also perfect for chewers that may be too tempted to destroy certain pieces of furniture.

A Fence That Can Expand to Contain Most Dogs

The majority of farms in the United States are under 10 acres. The PetSafe Yardmax is enough to cover up to 10 acres making ideal for most applications.

A Small Dog Training Collar That Is Comfortable to Wear

The Pestsafe Yardmax features a collar that is not heavy at all while offering the highest levels of correction making it a great electric dog fence choice for stubborn dogs. The collar has five different settings ensuring the static correction is calibrated with accuracy to avoid injury and ensure safe and humane training.

Our Best Electric Fence in 2017 Has a Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

This is a great way to save money and to ensure the collar is always performing at the highest levels. You will not have to think about buying batteries.

You Can Add Unlimited Extra Collars

This fence works regardless of the number of dogs you have. Just order extra collars in the size and fit adequate for your dog and you are ready to go.

Best Priced Dog Fence in its Category

The PetSafe Yardmax is only $299, If you are enclosing 10 acres your cost per linear foot of containment is less than 22 cents. What a steal.

You can learn more about the Yardmax by visiting the Electric Dog Fence Reviews Page

#2 SportDog SDF for 100 Acres

(Best Electric Dog Fence for Ranches in 2017)

This is one of the best invisible dog fences in the market. It is also an absolute steal. My parents have Anatolians and Australian shepherds on a large cattle ranch. This electric dog fence has been a life saver when it comes to ensuring that our working dogs are doing what they are called to do without wondering beyond our set boundaries into terrain that might be hazardous or trespassing property of neighbors that are not necessarily fond of dogs.

Containment For Extra Large Properties

The expandability of this fence is truly something to behold. You can install up to 9,000 feet of continuous wire in whatever configuration is needed. This makes the SportDog SDF the electronic dog fence choice of farmers and ranchers worldwide.

The Training Collar Is Totally Outdoor-Proof

While bulky this collar is fantastic. It is waterproof, extra sturdy and it offer vibration warning prior to approaching the perimeter. This is particularly important since a 100 acre perimeter is not an easy concept to train through the use of visual flags.

Best Dog Fence Under $300

If you are fencing 100 acres you will have additional expenses associated to adding wire to the dog fence perimeter. With this in mind the SportDog Electric Dog Fence is still a super value for only $259

You can buy your Sport Dog electric dog fence here

#3 PetSafe Little Dog, Best Electric Dog Fence For Small Breeds

Best Fence for Small Dogs Not everyone has a big yard or a big dog. But size has nothing to do when it comes to a natural inclination to escape. The PetSafe Little Dog electric dog fence and collar is the most popular.

Invisible Fencing With Tailored Correction

The static correction of this fence is designed to work with small dogs. There are four distinct levels of correction calibrated to keep your small dog safe and happy.

Compatible with Interior Electric Dog Fence For Perimeters

Want to keep your small dog out of the kitchen? This is the fence for you. No need for another collar the small two ounce training collar will do the trick.

Compatible With Other Collars

The collars on the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe Stubborn, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe InGround are all intercompatible. This allows you to use a mix of collars on the same system.

#4 PetSafe Stubborn Most Reliable Electric Dog Fence

This invisible dog fence alternative did not rank as number one because it has a particularly high correction level that should only be used with dogs that have a high pain threshold. Dogs like huskies and Akitas that demonstrate a huge prey drive and have a tendency to escape regardless of your fencing efforts are great candidates for this electric dog fence and dog training collar.

50% Stronger Correction

This level of static correction is often applied when other fences have failed. In fact, many customers have replaced their regular electric dog fence with the PetSafe Stubborn as a last resource and to their surprise and delight it has worked.

Have Three or Four Dogs That Respond Differently to Training? No Problem 

The stubborn dog wall unit and wire are compatible with a variety of collars, this means that the correction can be calibrated to the training responses for each dog. In fact reviewers who installed this fence report using it with small dogs and large stubborn dogs all at the same time. You can use this unit with the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe InGround systems.

Note to buyers: This electronic dog containment system uses disposable batteries. If you tend to be forgetful this is not the solution for your dog.

If you need to buy a PetSafe Stubborn at a great price you can check out our electric dog fence store here.


#5 PetSafe In-Ground Electric Dog Fence Rechargeable

When it comes to value the PetSafe In-Ground Rechargeable can’t be beat. This invisible dog containment system can be yours for under $150 dollars.

Cross Collar Compatibility & Indoor Barrier Compatibility

This electric dog fence offers a great deal of flexibility. It is compatible with many of the electric fencing collars we offer in our fence store. You can also combine it with indoor fences that can be used in kitchens and offices.

Coverage for Up to 10 Acres

The cost per linear foot is an absolute deal. This fence is ideal as a secondary containment option when your dog has a tendency to dig.

Keep in mind that this fence and collar has a proprietary battery which tends to be slightly pricier. Before you make your electric fence choices consider if this is something that won’t impact your budget.

Ready to get your PetSafe In-Ground Check out this highly reviewed electric dog fence in our store.


Our electric dog fence recommendations are based on customer reviews and our own assessment of quality through stringent testing. When it comes to dog containment systems it is best to purchase a highly reviewed fence to ensure potential defects have been addressed by the manufacturer.

To read the top expert reviews for electric dog fences visit our dog fence review list.


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  1. Amy Sharaf says:

    We bought a petsafe yard max system from you guys, 3 years ago. We have a wooly coated Siberian Husky and a frequent visitor, “grandpuppy” Siberian Husky mix. When I chatted with you, you were skeptical that the system would work with my dogs. Three years later…I am still thrilled with the system…These boys are rock solid on 5 acres of woods and lawns in a rural setting surrounded by fields, more woods and abundant wildlife. Most notable was the time a deer came in from the east, the dogs took off in hot pursuit to the west and I thought sure they were gone. Went into the house to turn off the transmitter so they could get back in (I don’t use the yardmax setting as I have an interior loop) By the time I got down to the house, the dogs were lying on the grass under a pine tree…panting like crazy! The second most notable instance was when a bear tried, three days in a row, multiple times to get into my bee hives. The dogs patrolled the fence line, never venturing outside the boundary, the bear stayed outside the fence because of the dogs (I could hear the bear snorting in frustration but not see him/her) Ditto for chickens, ducks and geese on the road and cattle in the next door pasture.

    These are dogs with exceedingly high prey drive – no bird, rabbit, vole or possum is safe within the boundary. They catch birds in flight, rabbits in a dead run…anything that moves, burrows or flies. The fence contained them!

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