Thinking About An Invisible Dog Fence? – Five Things to Consider Before You Get Started


When we first decided to have a large dog we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. What a surprise! The breeder had told us ours was a breed prone to be calm and would usually hang out under a tree. Our precious dog does love to hang out under trees but often prefers the ones by the creek that is a few miles down the road. Our days are now about chasing and tracking a large dog that is terribly proud of its ability to run away. Truth be told; we have a fence. We have a five foot chainlink fence that does not contain our bunny-chasing beast. Our dog can climb, crawl and dig her way out in a matter of minutes. After speaking to her trainer we decided to install a boundary invisible dog fence as a support containment system above and beyond our regular fence. We have now had our Contain and Train Electric Dog Fence For Five Months and here are the questions that we had to explore prior to installing it, during the installation and throughout the training period. We are sharing them with you in hopes that we can help someone else when deciding if they should have an electric dog fence.

Is My Dog Training Responsive?

To be clear all electric dog fences and e-collars are a training tool and as such they are only good when backed up by a constant training program. In contrast to hot wire the goal is for your dog to only be exposed to correction a few times in their lifetime and then move forward to a phase where the very knowledge that crossing the boundary results in correction should suffice to keep them in their assigned area. If your dog is shy, has a trauma or does not learn with ease think twice about using this method. Electric dog fences are for engaged dogs with high intelligence. If you don’t have to train your dog don’t move forward just yet. Wait until you have time to make the training process a positive experience.

Is My Dog Fixed?

Electric dog fences are very effective at keeping your dog where it belongs but it does not create a barrier to keep other dogs away from your property. If you don’t have a secure physical enclosure and your dog is not spayed or neutered you are in for a world of trouble when your female is in heat or when there are females in the vicinity that are not fixed.

Am I Willing to Spend Time Training?

If you are not ready to spend a couple of weeks holding regular training sessions; you are not ready to have an electric dog fence. Traumatic experiences upon introducing the system will set the stage for long-term failure. In our case we made it a point to do perimeter training with rewards at least three times per day.

Am I Willing to Invest in a Good Quality Electric Dog Containment System?

There are hundreds of vendors online offering low-cost low quality electric dog fences equipped with weak and unreliable collars with minimal features. A bad quality electric dog fence is just like not having any fence at all. Go for a brand that is well known like PetSafe or SportDog.

Do I Have A Topography That is Electric Dog Fence Friendly?

Understanding your terrain and any potential interference such as metal buildings and hills is essential for the success of your containment system. When planning your installation it is always a good idea to speak to an electric dog fence professional to help guide your layout plan.



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