Thick Fur

There are special challenges in dealing with particularly thick fur and ensuring contact between the collar probes and the dog’s skin.

My wife and I are considering purchasing a pet fence containment system from your company. We have a 2yr old Husky who loves to run away when outside. We have been looking at the innotek 5100, but are wondering if this would work for her, as I’ve read testimonials about dogs running through the boundry. We know the initial training is critical, and would certainly do everything that’s suggested. We are concerned about the breed due to their tendancy to run away. What happens in the event the system doesn’t work? What kind of warranty/refund is available?

As I’m sure you know, Huskies despite the reputation tend to be very sensitive, particularly to anything their perceive as painful or unpleasant. What leads to the reputation of being difficult on a dog fence is that they have this thick fur that makes it difficult for us to get a good contact between the collar probes and their skin.

The 4100 and 5100 are great fences for dogs with thick fur. What makes them particularly suited to the task is that they have a test mode that tells you whether the collar is properly fitted. There is also a thick probe option on these collars if you need it. The thick probe is available directly through Innotek and costs $15.

You are right that training is the most important part of any contianment system. We are confident with the training, almost any dog will be contained. As such, we have a 30 day Pet Containment guarantee. If you’re Husky is not 100% contained in 30 days, you can return it for a full refund.

We also have a 30 day No Hassle Return Policy. If you want to return it for any reason, you can for a full refund (minus extra wire ordered that you install and return shipping cost). The systems are covered under the Manufacture’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Defective equipment within the first 12 months is replaced at no cost and after 12 months for the life of the fence you qualify for discounted new equipment. For example, a new replacement collar is currently around 30 dollars plus shipping using the warranty.

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