The Pros & Cons of a Wireless or Invisible Fence ® -Electric Fence Reviews

If you are looking for a solution to contain your dog you have perhaps looked into having a professional installer such as Invisible Fence Brand come to your house and provide you guidance on the best dog fence for you. If the price of a professional dog fence installation is not within your budget you are probably now looking into plan B. How to cut costs without compromising quality by installing a wireless dog fence on your own.

How do Wireless Dog Fences Work?
If you are trying to understand the technology behind dog fences the first thing you need to know is that a dog fence may not be the right solution for every dog owner. For some dog owners a privacy fence might just do the trick. If on the other hand you are faced with the challenge of containing a stubborn dog or you have a large property where installing a fence for your dog might be price-prohibitive, you are in the right place.

Many home owners opt for the Invisible Fence Brand as a way to save time and placing the burden of the installation on the hands of someone who has done it before. Oftentimes an electric dog fence comes about as a means to keep dogs within a perimeter without obstructing views. Other times you may have a fence such as a wood or chain link fence but you are still dealing with dogs who have a tendency to either dig or jump to escape putting their lives and the safety of others at risk.

How Much do Electric Dog Fences & Invisible Fence® Brand Fences Cost?

  • Wireless dog fences are always more affordable than traditional fences and require less maintenance.
  • You can save a great deal of money on your electronic dog fence by installing it yourself.
  • Even if you pay a professional for the installation it is still cheaper than a traditional fence such as a wood, iron, or plastic fence.
  • When budgeting for your wireless dog fence take into account the costs of batteries which you will need to replace frequently. The safety of your dog depends on making sure that the collar is operating properly.
  • Doing a self installation for a dog fence is not for everybody but most people can handle it quite nicely when using the right resources to learn appropriate technical details related to the easy installation of wireless dog fences.

How do Dog Fences Work?

Installation of a Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Why are Wireless Dog Fences a Good Option?

  • Dog fences can be used as a training and containment tool for dogs starting as early as two months old if the puppy has begun learning basic commands.
  • Regardless of your fence choice a self install or a branded installation such as invisible fence® you can confidently install an electric dog fence in most topographical conditions, wooded areas, rocky terrain, sandy soil, landscaped areas etc.
  • An electric dog fence can be used for large properties at a reasonable cost.
  • Electric dog fences are a great solution where nothing else works.
  • You can use a wireless or perimeter fence to protect your dog from drowning in the pool or accessing the lake
  • By purchasing extra dog collars you can use the same system of dog containment for multiple dogs.


If you are ready to purchase the most affordable dog containment system with the highest customer and expert reviews we are ready to help you in every step of the installation. We are more than confident you will be able to complete a successful and safe dog fence installation.

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