The Mobile Wired or Wireless Fence: How to Use an Electric Dog Fence on the Road

With more and more Americans retiring and opting for the freedom of on-the-road living finding containment solutions to allow their dogs to have some freedom can be tricky. This is true wether you are visiting relatives or you have parked at pet-friendly RV facility.

If prior to going on the road your dog was flag-trained to respond to an invisible fence you have far more options than you ever imagined. The truth is, your dog needs space to roam and limiting his outdoor experiences to leash walks can be highly stressful for both dog and dog owner.

If your initial invisible fence was professionally installed you probably have hesitation regarding the costs associated with having a movable option for fencing. Perhaps you are on a fixed income and having to pay in the thousands to be able to contain your dog on the road is just not reasonable. If this is your situation there is no need to worry. wireless and wired electric dog fences can be affordable, portable and really user friendly. We have built numerous dog fence installation guides that will empower you to easily install and move your fence each and every time.

Opt for a Wireless Dog Fence & Flags When Visiting Friends

We often visit friends just a couple of hours away from our home. Not necessarily and RV-worthy trip but it is a place where we love to spend the weekend or even a week. Their beautiful lakefront vacation home welcomes us and our Vizla Jason. Their backyard is huge and Jason loves it. He is also intrigued by the many opportunities to chase wildlife putting him at risk of escape in an area where he is not familiar. Our solution is to take our Havahart Wireless Dog Fence (you can read the fence review here) with us and flag his boundaries. Now that we have taken this approach a few times Jason is becoming familiar with his green and red zones giving us peace of mind and additional freedom.

Creating a Perimeter Around Our RV

When we are on the road and we plan to stay put at a variety of RV-friendly locations we have found that using our wired dog fence around our RV and stapling it to the ground using hooks similar to the ones used for holding camping tents is far more reliable and it makes more sense for our longer stays. In fact, I have even used the above-ground option with staples for winter installations under the snow. Because RV parking spaces offer limited space we maximize our dog’s play area by using a PetSafe YardMax which has extra-light collars and allows our dogs full use of the “yard-area”. To us having the freedom to let the dog out to potty while we are on the road is totally worth the investment. With a cost of under $300 you will find that a wired fence is a viable solution for those on the road.



  1. Alicia Warner says:

    TY for this tip. This is a more portable version of our Invisible fence “Boundaryless” system. Great tip, and for the suggestion of the stakes.

  2. Tracy Creek says:

    I would like to be able to contain goats electronically, without physical fencing, and move them around to specific areas where poison ivy needs to be contained. I am asking both for myself, on my 29 acre property (I would like them contained inside a forest); and for a friend who rents goats for this purpose, and recently tried to tether them on my property to clear the poison ivy. The tethers were obviously a total and utter disaster and we gave up in two days. (Her prior customers have all had fences). I would like to help her take her business to the next level with a better system that can be moved every few days or weeks, and get something for myself at the same time. Any suggestions? You guys seem to be the experts. I really thought I had just read somewhere about a GPS-based fence, but apparently I was dreaming…?

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy. Unfortunately, the Border Patrol TC1 GPS Dog Fence is on back order and not available at this time. You will need 5,500 feet of boundary wire to contain the goats in a 30 acre perimeter loop. Have you looked at the SportDog SDF-100A Electric Dog Fence? The SportDog system is compatible with the PetSafe Stubborn collar allowing you to mix and match collars to suit each of your goat’s size and temperament. The SportDog SDF-100A is a system intended for very large installations up to 100 acres.

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