We love hearing about your experiences. We look forward to learning what you like about our services, and also welcome any suggestions or criticisms. Please keep them coming at: testimonials@dogfencediy.com.


After much research regarding in-ground dog fencing systems, and after discussion with the folks at Dog Fence DIY, we purchased  the Pet Safe Yard Max PIG00-1115 system.  Installation of 1850 feet of 16 gauge wire and connections to the transmitter were made easy by following instructions in the owner’s manual.  Placement of the in-ground wire was a problem in the beginning since we had intended to run the boundary wire within 10 feet of a metal building.  Again, after consultation with Charles of Dog Fence DIY, the problem was resolved.  After systems checks, we were good to go.  With flags in place, our dog, Chance, quickly learned the boundary of his containment area.  Several distractions tested Chance, and after a few static corrections, we have had no worry of Chance leaving the containment area. When installed according to instructions, the Yard Max system performs exceptionally well.  Despite heavy rains, lawn equipment running over the wire, and freezing temperatures, the electrical components have never failed.

Without hesitation, we highly recommend this product.

Carriere, MS


After much research, we were about to plunk down $1700 dollars for a professionally-installed invisible fence on about 7 acres around our cabin in Vermont. Then I happened on the Dog Fence DIY website. I emailed a couple of tough questions and got back prompt and informative answers. So I took the plunge: and for about $350 dollars, and with excellent advice from the Dog Fence DIY folks, I had all the materials I needed. In addition, I received their excellent eBook, which was clear, informative, and extremely helpful.Since my property is a combination of meadows and woodland, I decided to lay the invisible fence wire on the ground, fastened with metal staples. It took about a day to set up, and maybe another half day to get the flags in, finish fastening the wire to the ground, and connect the system to the monitor. And voila: when I flipped on the switch, it worked.

We have a couple of hound dogs who follow their noses more than any commands, so I figured it would take a month or so of training. Since we were spending the month of august on vacation in our cabin, the timing seemed just right. We followed the instructions carefully, but after only two days the dogs were responding very well. So we sped up the process of training, and instead of it taking 3 to 4 weeks, it actually took only 3 or 4 days! Before the invisible fence, the dogs would sometimes run off and it could take hours to find them and get them back. But with the invisible fence, they were never too far away. The dogs had a great time and we had a great time, free of any anxiety about losing them. On top of that, of course, we saved about $1300 dollars.

Many, many thanks to the folks at Dog Fence DIY.

Charles Morgan


Recently I requested quotes from several fencing companies in my area. I quickly found that it was something I could not afford to do. Then I heard about Dog Fence DIY.com. I did some research to see if this is something that I could do on my own. I decided to purchase the Innotek UltraSmart In-Ground Pet Fence for my larger breed dogs. The training video is easy to follow and the system is easy to understand. It was affordable, simple to install, and works just as great as the other systems claim to. Thank you for making this an option available. This has been a good purchase for my family.

Debra Maier


Normally, I bypass feedback opportunities, but I’m glad you’re asking for my opinion. I was ‘on the fence’ about doing this project myself (sorry – I’m sure you’ve heard that one before), and I’m glad I found your site before I tackled it. After reading all of the information you had available, I felt very confident I could do the job right. Your price on the dog fence system was very reasonable, and you shipped it out quickly, so I was also very happy with your service.During the installation, I found some of the descriptions in the system instructions to be lacking, so again I was back on your site for better detail, and found what I needed. Then the training…my dog Bandit apparently isn’t cut from the same cloth as the polite little well-mannered pooch in the training video, because he couldn’t have cared less about the beeping or the flags, or us coaching him to pull backward. After two weeks, we didn’t seem any closer to him understanding what the urgency was about, and didn’t feel good about putting on the metal leads without that. So finally, back to your site we went, found a different approach recommended there, and within two days had him understanding and respecting the flags. We started delivering the correction today, and he seems to be well on his way.

So thank you for the thoroughness of your information. I also coincidentally met a new neighbor today who was describing to me how he paid almost $300 for a new collar recently, and over $50 just to have his (well known) fence installation company representative come out to adjust the strength of the field for him. I smiled and listened, feeling like the guy enjoying the cheap airline ticket sitting next to the one who paid full price for his seat. Don’t worry – I’ll share your web address with him next time we talk.

Jim Garland
New York


First, I found your website very easy to use and really liked the product comparisons, that helped me decide which unit was right for us. The ordering and shipment were easy and timely. I appreciated all the info your site provided about the installation and really had no surprises as I installed the system. We really followed the training procedures and am happy to say that our West Highland Terrier (Winston) is now a happy boy. He loves his space and was trained after only a couple of corrections.The big test came just a few days ago when a neighbor’s dog came into our yard to play with Winston. As they ran and played we watched to see what would happen when the neighbor dog headed over the fence line. Well…Winston was right on his tail on a dead run but pulled up about 10 feet from the line and just watched as the dog headed back home. He loves to chase a ball, but if I roll it down our drive towards the fence line, he will just let it go.

As a final note, while installing the fence I mistakenly left the collar (with the insulated studs) in the correction zone and it became inoperative. I called Innotek and they explained what had happened and promptly shipped me a new collar and did not charge anything. I was impressed with their customer service. I think it would be good to include something on the site and in the booklet that comes with the unit instructing folks to not leave the collar in the zone. We love the fence. Thanks for the great service.

Scotty & Judy Mullins…and Winston
Keller, TX


I recently purchased the Innotek 4100 from Dog Fence DIY. The previous owner of my house had the wire laid already and took his system, I called the old commercial installer and the quote came back at $1500 (ouch). So I did some research and purchased the equipment from Dog Fence DIY. In a few days the new system and collars showed up (earlier than promised), I plugged in the system on the following day placed the flags on the boundary and started training. By the way the training video helped a lot. I have 3 dogs, an australian sheppard, a jack russell terrier and a Shitzu mix. After a couple weeks the dogs are all trained and even if we forget to put the collar on they will not go past the line, no matter what (I guess they don’t like the shock the get, even on the lowest setting). One thing I might caution you is remember to take the collar off if they are in a vehicle (we forgot once). So by doing this job myself I have saved over $1000, thanks Dog Fence DIY for all the info and great service.

K. Howell
Draper, UT


We have had great success with our DogFenceDIY. We have a fenced yard, but the dog we adopted repeatedly dug under or went over. You answered all our questions to help us pick out the right fence. I contacted your phone and email while I was designing the fence and your advice line answered all my questions and corrected some design flaws I had in the set up. The wire is attached to the backyard fence, and trenched under the gates. It was very easy to install; it took 6 hours. The dog adapted well to the collar, and is pretty smart, so he understood the training right away. The correction is set low, but it got his attention, and he stayed away from the fence. We left it on him twelve hours the first day, and he never challenged the fence after the first several corrections. We even left home for a short weekend 2 weeks later, and he never left the yard. Now he stays happily in the backyard, and still stays away from the fence even without the collar. He waits at the gate until invited out when we take him for walks. Thanks for all your help and for a great product.

Cathy N.


We are pleased with our purchase. Questions we had about the product beforehand were resolved quickly and effectively. The documentation on installation was concise and easy to follow as was the training documentation. We had no problems with the install nor the training.We’ve had the system installed about 3 months now and our 8 month lab hasn’t breached the security line yet. And with the amount of chewing and digging this dog does, that’s good news for the neighbors.

Thanks for your services.

Darren B.


I would definitely recommend dog fence DIY. Their website is full of useful information, with both positive and negative evaluation of products. My WiFi system shipped rapidly and functions well.We had some difficulty training our Wheaton terrier puppy, who became petrified of going outside after the WiFi was installed. The expert at dogfence DIY offered helpful and constructive advice on this specific issue, which was greatly appreciated!

Dr Nick Barker


I am totally satisfied with your product. My sons and I buried 850 feet of line and put up flags at 6 foot intervals. I tested the collar to adjust the proper field and trained Rufus, our golden retriever, on a leash by walking him near the boundary defined by the flags. Rufus has learned his territory. My sons and I are confident we will soon be able to remove the flags and then the collar. Thank you DIY Dog Fence.

Stephen Lewis


The information was helpful and it was pretty simple to install the fence. I tried putting it above ground and tacking it down with the anchors provided. That didn’t work too well for me. Caught the line in the lawn mower a couple of places. Buried the line and have had no problems.John K.



Hello from a very happy customer! I don’t generally take the time to send comments online, but I’ve just gotta say, this is the best investment I’ve made in a long time! We bought the Innotek 4100 about a month and a half ago to try to contain an energetic, jumping stray we took in and fell in love with – really not expecting it to work, but wanted to try it before investing in a 6? privacy fence for our back yard. She would jump the chain link fence and run full force into the woods. She would always come back, but the time she was away was very stressful.Just a few days after installation, she was aware of her boundaries and after 3 weeks of training on leash, we reluctantly let her roam on her own. I can happily report that now we can open the door and let her out unsupervised! We probably spent more than the recommended time with the training, but it was most definitely time well spent, as it now saves us 1-2 hours a day, not having to walk her on a leash in our own backyard!

Thank you!

Tina Shoulars


Your site is one-of-a-kind, your support is excellent and your prices beat all the competition, local and online. Thanks for being there.

Laura Johnson
New Jersey


Great customer service! Very responsive to questions. The wireless system was very easy to set up and is effective in containing our dog. A beautiful feature of the unit is that it is portable. Training our dog was easy using the step by step guide provide with the product.

R. Hurley


After deciding we needed to install an electronic fence system for our soon-to-be-adopted rescue lab, I started investigating the systems and costs. Wow, what a surprise! When I came upon the DogFenceDIY site and started reading, I was very impressed with the information available on the web-site and quickly concluded I could install my own system at a fraction of the cost. With winter fast approaching in the Upper Midwest time was of the essence and I couldn’t afford any mistakes or breakdowns in the installation or reliability of the system. All my questions via email or phone were answered in a timely manner and the installation was as easy and logical as promised. Thanks DogFenceDIY, with a little time invested in training our adopted Labrador is enjoying her ‘safe zone’ at her new home and the money we saved will go a long way toward buying food and training treats for her.

Stephen S.


I found Dog Fence DIY by accident. It was a great find. Their website has a wealth of information and great tips on installation. I have a little over 5 acres and more that 3,000’ of boarder including a paved road that I would have to cross with a wired fence so I purchased a wireless unit. I was warned that trees and buildings would limit the range of this type of unit but I thought it was worth a try. The unit arrived within days of my placing the other and the instructions were good. However, after several days of experimenting with placement I found that the unit just would not work as desired. While I had in excess of 125’ of coverage in some directions, I had less than 50’ in others. Therefore I decided to return the unit. I requested a return authorization which I received within 24 hours. I shipped the unit back and a credit appeared on my credit card within days. All in all I was extremely pleased with the service I received and would highly recommend Dog Fence DIY.

Richard Cavender
Sherwood, Oregon


I would highly recommend Dog Fence DIY to anyone. Conducting business with this company was a pleasurable experience for many reasons. First and foremost during this day and age it is rare to receive prompt, courteous and HONEST customer service. I had a myriad of questions and it was refreshing to correspond with people that truly know their products and are not simply trying to make a sale. Case in point: After conducting research on my own, I thought I knew what I should purchase for my situation. Dog Fence DIY reviewed my needs and re-directed me to a more appropriate system. Not only did it save me hours of labor, it saved me hundreds of dollars. We enclosed 20 plus acres over a weekend and the system works flawlessly.Tracy M.



I was so glad when I stumbled upon the Dog Fence DIY site. We have an existing fence that our persistent little beagle managed to find ways to escape. After much frustration we decided to run a dog fence system along the base of our existing fence. The Dog Fence DIY staff answered my questions promptly and gave me clear cut precise directions on how to install the fencing and how to train our beagle. It only took a few hours to install and our dog was trained in a couple of weeks. Our situation is a bit different due to our existing fence, but it was much easier than my husband and I anticipated. We have been very satisfied and feel much better knowing our dog will be safe.

Charlotte, NC


I am very pleased with our underground dog fence. It took me about 4 hours to install the system but I did it all alone and with a shovel. My yard is almost 3/4 acre. I would highly recommend using the trencher that lays the wire for you if the yard is this size or larger. It would have cut my time in half for sure. We followed the training very closely and have had nothing but good results from the system. Training is by far the key to a successful outcome with the fence. It is really a simple setup and my Brittany really loves the freedom he has now. I would highly recommend one of these DIY systems as opposed to the expensive alternative (hiring someone to install the fence).

Curtis A.


Installing the Innotek invisible fence supplied by Dog Fence DIY was relatively simple using the instructions supplied on your website and the instructions supplied with the kit. I rented a cable trencher (worth the rental fee in time saved) from a local rental shop which made laying the cable fast and easy. The only problem I encountered was unreeling the cable from the supplied spools. About midway through unreeling the wire off the spool, it snagged and broke the wire. I restarted the trenching and with a watchful eye on the spool, I avoided several more potential snags and resultant wire breaking. I buried all the single wire first, and then tested it with the twisted wire before burying it too.My layout was a full perimeter around the house which meant crossing a sidewalk and driveway. Your suggestions of deepening a relief groove in the concrete worked fine with a concrete saw blade installed in my circular saw. Tunneling under the driveway with a pipe didn’t seem very practical. I cut deeper at the ends to recess the wire deep enough so my lawn edger wouldn’t cut the wire inadvertently. Caulk over the top keeps the wire in place and hides it well.

Overall the installation took me about 6 hours (over two days) with about half the time spent doing the final hand burial of the twisted wire near the garage and installing the control module and twisted wire inside the garage. I used a small diameter PVC pipe and fitting to conceal and protect the entry of the twisted wire into the garage.

I would recommend your website instructions to anyone willing to spend some time installing the system themselves. Like any other DIY project you get the satisfaction of a job well done along with saving some money. Of course having experienced instructions helps!

Dean Bartolone
New Jersey


DIY provided me with the knowledge, materials and customer service necessary to design and install my invisible fence system for a fraction of the cost of a professional installation.

Bill MacDonald


I love my dog fence!! I don’t have to stand around in rain, snow , and sleet waiting for my dog to take care of business. When I leave the house for short periods of time, I can leave her outside which she likes a whole lot more than staying inside in her crate. We are both happier now that she can go out without me.My neighbors bought their dog fence from you because of my recommendation. Jim watched our installation following your directions and went right home to place his order.

This past Saturday, I recommended your company to a lady the local craft store. Casual conversation revealed that she had a dog and envied her neighbor’s dog fence. Of course I told her she should go to your website for the best price and best support. I’ll probably never know if she did, but Mitzi and I are very glad I did.

New Jersey


I love my underground dog fence. I have had more expensive underground fences before and I have had to erect physical fences as well in order to contain my dogs. With this fence once the boundaries were learned my pit bull has not tested it once. My labsky on the other hand only tried it twice. Even when her collar was defective she did not test the front line. In fact the way I learned the collar was bad was that she was outside the line, she however did not know this. So I switched the collars and called the company. Within 7 days I had a new collar. The service was great. The fence wasn’t even hard to install though it took 2 days but I fenced about 2 acres in hard clay during dry weather. All in all it has been and continues to be a great experience.

Deborah B.


I can’t say enough about how happy we are with our invisible fence. When we got our dog (our first), we got a quote for having a fence professionally installed and were shocked at the pricetag. We kind of gave up on the idea until we saw DogFenceDIY.com. Your site not only helped us pick the best fence for our situation, but it also stepped us though the entire installation and training. At first, I was certain it couldn’t be that easy but I was wrong. Your instructions were fool proof. Very, very happy!!!

Adam M.


I purchased a Innotek IUC 4100 from dog fence DIY and what a great experience! I check around and even considered having a company come out and install a invisible fence, but decided that was much to expensive, so I checked out dog fence DIY to see if this was something i could do myself. Once reading the website and seeing how well it was explained and how affordable it was i decided that this was the way to go. They explained that the ICU 4100 innotek invisible dog fence was the one they liked best and went over all of its functions and how to go about installing it yourself. They gave me all the confidence I needed to know I could do this myself, it was and is great.Once I received my fence, which came in a very timely fashion, the installation went just as easy as they explained it on the DIY website. I don’t have a huge yard but i followed the direction, which are very clear, and all went well. I had someone help me lay the wire, I dug the trench and my helper pushed the wire down in the trench and pushed the ground back together, I recommend the two person method if you choose to dig the trench simply because it speeds up the process.

The training also went well, I followed the instruction CD and my year old boxer took to it great. He was fully trained by the end of the training session and I am so happy with my chose of dog fence DIY and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great site and a great product.

Dino Marinelli


Very happy to report on our fence. We are so pleased with the way the fence works and know that our dog is much safer and happier being able to roam our 1 1/2 acre yard anytime she wants to. The fence was very easy to install; we buried most of the wire, but in areas that don’t have much traffic we just placed on the ground and used yard staples to anchor it – even mowing has caused no problems at all.I did do the full 3 week training with Katie (our dog) and it was well worth the time spent. Would recommend this system to anyone; and have done so to everybody that comes to see us and remarks on how great it is to just open the door and let the dog out.

Suzie Ashton


I purchased my Innotek system in July and it took me (with the help of my two daughters) an afternoon to dig and install the fence that covers about an acre. I had already done the preliminary work of installing the control, and laying out the wire.It took about 10 days of walking my dog around the perimeter three times a day, but after that he knew how to avoid any shocks. He had two times where he forgot himself – once while chasing a stray dog out of our yard, and once when he saw the neighbor across the road. Once he felt the shock, he stopped in his tracks and waited for me to come and get him. He is not the smartest dog I have ever owned but he knows what he needs to do and I have no worries about letting him outside without my being there with him. I live on a busy road so this is one of the best things I have ever done to protect one of my dogs.

Not only do I highly recommend this product, but Dog Fence DIY was extremely helpful when I bought the product. I couldn’t be happier with the experience I have had with this company and this product.

Karen Kruske


You were extremely helpful in choosing the right system and answering questions I had about setup due to our extremely tiny yard. Unfortunately, we ended up deciding that an invisible fence was not an option for us. I was amazed at the ease at which we
were able to return the product. I always refer friends to your site when they mention invisible dog fences.

Mary S.


We purchased the UltraSmart System IUC-5100 from Dog Fence DIY back in April ’10. Before purchasing the unit, I did quite a bit of research on the different offerings out there, the pricing, and their effectiveness. I quickly came to the conclusion that DogFenceDIY.com had all the major brands at very competitive prices. What really sold me however was the massive amount of seemingly unbiased reviews on their website. Because of this I was ‘sold’ on the company but had not yet picked a manufacturer. That’s where Wes came in and helped me with the options.We have a little over 10 acres with cattle roaming on 9 acres surrounded by barbed wire fence. The remaining 1+ acres is a partially fenced homestead. This is the area we wanted the invisible fence for. We have a lab-corgi mix that is quite enthusiastic about keeping wildlife and the cattle in their place. On one border we have a neighbor with a dog that our dog loves to play with. Another border is along a rural road where people drive faster than they need to and others walk, sometimes with their dogs. So we were not convinced the fence would restrain her enthusiasm to play, follow, herd, or socialize. Additionally, when I check the cattle fences or do ‘ranch’ work, I like to take the dog on the adventure unleashed.

I thought the remote trainer would be good for this, and that is where Wes came in with his recommendation for the 5100.

I buried the wire in about 4 sessions along 2 of the borders and strung the wire on the bottom course of the barbed wire fence for the other two. My soil was caleche and limestone- loaded red dirt so the burying was not easy. I ended up using a pick axe to make the trench while burying as I went along. The rest of the setup was straight forward and no problem at all. I followed the setup instructions and placed the flags as instructed and got ready for the training.

I thought the DVD with the Innotek was pretty lame. It did give me enough to start training though and after a couple weeks, our dog started to get it. A couple of breaches were enough for her to gain a healthy respect for the border and now she won’t cross it unaccompanied even if her collar is off. I would say it is very effective…at least with our dog.

I have not really figured out the remote training Fob yet. The instructions generally suck. I’ve read Asian-translated manuals that make more sense. It could be that there had been a change in the remote controller without a revision in the manual…I don’t know. I never know whether its on or off. The tone does not work in that mode, as far as I can tell. I’ve ended up just not using it. So I bought more system than I am utilizing and would not recommend spending the extra dollars on such a confusing extra. I am very happy with the rest of it though.

Bob C.


We purchased a dog fence in May 2010. It has been a wonderful investment for our Golden Retriever. He can be outside, where he loves to be, while we are inside. The installation was very easy and the one issue we did have with a defective collar was very quickly handled. We would recommend DIY Dog Fences very highly. They were very helpful and professional to deal with.

Jake and Family


We purchased a dog fence in May 2010. It has been a wonderful investment for our Golden Retriever. He can be outside, where he loves to be, while we are inside. The installation was very easy and the one issue we did have with a defective collar was very quickly handled. We would recommend DIY Dog Fences very highly. They were very helpful and professional to deal with.

Jake and Family


Product works as well as advertised. Took only a few “zaps” over the first week or so and haven’t had an instance since in which she left the boundary…most times I don’t even put the collar on her if I’m also outside at the time. I was concerned at first with her hesitancy to go back in the yard after the first “zap”, but that resolved within a day or two. Absolutely worked as advertised…can’t say that about too many products these days. Also, I admit that I cut corners on the training period and steps and despite this it still worked-out great.Thank You!



We bought our Innotek Contain and Train system for our German Shepherd that was given to us by my mother. After we did the appropriate training, using the DVD as a guide, we had great results with our fence. The fence was installed over our 2 acre property and our GS dog never broke the barrier.In a twist of circumstances we had to give our dog back to my mother and install the fence in her yard. The relocation was as simple as buying some new wire( and flags) to install and moving the power module. The dogs adjustment was made in nearly a week and he good to go in his new home. My mom always tells me how much of a Godsend her electric fence is now when she needs to let the big brute outside. So that is a pretty big endorsement.


Nate B.


Our lovely puppy, Billie Holiday, wanted to roam the whole neighborhood, causing us to worry, not to mention neighbors worrying and complaining as well. We live on 1 1/2 acres which is mostly wooded in a dog-friendly neighborhood with very little vehicle traffic. Still, it was not fun to get telephone calls from neighbors a mile away telling me they had our dog. We had a zip line for quite awhile but this was very boring for her and she was not getting the exercise she needed. We finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in some kind of invisible fence. The day that we did most of the installation, Billie, on her zip line paid close attention to what we were doing and was very curious about the white flags and our mysterious work around the perimeter of our property. We only buried the wire where there would be foot traffic. In the woods we felt the litter would soon cover any sign of wire and along the rail fence there was no problem just putting it in line with the fence. We followed the training methods but it was if she already knew there was something about those flags that looked suspicious. The first time she got too close and got zapped was the last time.Immediately she identified those flags with being shocked and we spent more time training her to go across any of the perimeter when we wanted to take her for a walk on a leash than we did training her to respect her boundaries. Now she is such a happy, relaxed dog. She knows her boundaries and plays outside with sticks and toys, and us whenever we are outside. She has had neighbor dogs come in and when they leave she just sits at a safe distance and watches them leave. We have had a huge problem with deer. Today we had taken Billie into town with us in the truck and when we got home she immediately saw a deer in her territory. She left the truck running full bore, chasing the deer away and skidding to a stop just in time to not get shocked. I have plants that were being munched practically to the ground. Now that Billie is ‘free’ within her boundaries the deer are staying away form our property. It was money well spent!!

Sally P.


I have been very satisfied with the fence. My dogs may have another opinion, but at least they are alive to tell their troubles to anyone who will listen!My husband and I buried the wire by using a power edger to cut a groove for the wire. This made the installation very fast. My two dogs (German Shorthairs) learned to respect the boundary flags in a matter of minutes. We have used shock collars in their previous training, so they were very familiar with what this was all about. I still kept a close eye on them for the first couple of weeks, but they never challenged the fence after the first few tries.

I have extra wire, so we even use this when we are traveling to the relatives houses by just laying a loop on top of the ground and rolling it up on a spool when we leave.

We also got a pod for use with the collars in the house. This has really been nice when going visiting because the dogs are allowed to be on the couch at our house, but not at the relatives. No more scolding – just put the pod on the couch and the problem is solved.

The service when I was researching fencing options was friendly and knowledgeable. When it came time to place my order, it arrived in less than a week.

Carol G.


Our experience with Dog Fence DIY was exceptional, from the website detail of our options to the assistance we received over the telephone. We were pleased with how quickly the fence came once we ordered it. We installed it on a weekend and had a minor issue with interference from underground wires. I called and left a message and was called back within 30 minutes with assistance on the matter. We saved at least a thousand dollars over what our neighbors paid for their electronic fences. We have recommended your web site to numerous people. Overall, an A+ experience.

Tom and Sheryl Reynolds


Everything worked as advertised, it was great. I’m not sure why anyone would hire someone to put in a dog fence. The instructions were easy to follow, and it was certainly easy to install myself. And it worked the first time!

Darin Rich


I thought your website was invaluable. I got an estimate from Invisible Fence which was close to $2000.00. After reading your website and realizing that the actual cost for the fence (for a really nice one with the remote) was less than $400.00 I decided to do it myself. I actually found it very easy to install and it worked like a charm. My dog had crossed the fence one time before I even had the chance to walk the boundaries with him and he would not go near the boundary even when I tried to show him where the boundaries were. After one month we didn’t even have to put the collar on. He would just stay within the boundaries on his own. The thing that really helped me was how to find a break in the wire. My husband buried the wire and disconnected on of the connections. I didn’t really understand the directions that came with the fence I had ordered and your instructions were easy to follow and it took me about five minutes to find the break on the 3 acre yard.Thanks so much for your website. It save me a lot of money and a lot of time trying to find a break in the line!

Lara Muscolino, MSN


We moved to a new home over the summer, and needed to make sure our two family dogs would remain safely on our property. They grew up living with an underground fence, so we figured this time we would try to DIY. We purchased the dog fence system from you. Our two dogs adapted to their new yard immediately. We walked them with their collars around the perimeter of the yard so they could see the flags, and that’s all it took. They have remained
safe and have never wandered. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)At one time a couple months ago, one collar went dead, and a new one was shipped out to us right away, at no charge! Great customer service!Much Aloha,

Mary Kent


If you’re even a little bit handy, don’t pay a ‘professional’ $1,000+ to do this. I’m not exactly Bob Villa around the house, but between the information on the DIY web site and the DVD which came with the Inotek IUC-4100, I felt well prepared for the installation process. Sure enough, in one afternoon I got the fence up and running with no issues…to the muted amazement of my wife and neighbors.Perhaps our Vizla is a quick learner, but I was pleasantly surprised at how short and simple the training process was with him. To this day, he has only been ‘shocked’ once and has never left the yard. Actually, we hardly ever put the collar on him anymore since he won’t stray past the boundaries anyhow.

We also discovered an added benefit of the fence system. Along with our fence, we purchased a couple Innotek Indoor Zone transmitters, and placed them in some rooms we wanted the dog to stay out of (at the time he was a new puppy and not house broken yet). Then I cut some old tennis balls in half, pierced a small hole at the top, and then pushed a training boundary flag into each one. Next, I placed these tennis ball / flags by the entrance to the rooms we wanted the dog to avoid. This inside process worked just as well as the exterior fence. After a little while, I removed the flags, but the dog still knows not to go into the dining room or living room. This was infinitely easier than trying to erect and step over flimsy gates As an added benefit, we can now just place one ball / flag by something (eg: a shoe rack) and the dog knows to stay away from it.

Tim G.
Chicago, Illinois


We bought the innotek for our 1/2 acre yard. Used a lawn edger to bury wire. Everything worked as promised. The only real big surprise was instead of two weeks of training, our Giant Shnauzer / Standard Poodle mix, who was at that time 7 months old, took only a few minutes. Approached the boundary in several spots in the yard with collar on sound only, quickly pulling back when it alerted – then switched power to shock mode.After only one time the dog refused to go anywhere near the boundary. I tried to put in some training time over the next few days but it was a waste as he would have nothing to do with it. It’s been 5 months and we rarely put the collar on him anymore as he will not even cross over for squirrels or deer.

I appreciate your product and service.

Randy Cleary


I was very pleased with the range of equipment choices you offer and the completeness of instruction we found on your website. The installation was actually easier than I had anticipated and the fence has worked fine.Ron Podraza
Lexington, NC


I am very pleased with the Dog Fence that I purchased from Dog Fence DIY. I installed it myself (it is surprising easy to install) and trained my dog using the very helpful instructional DVD. I had one problem with my fence because my neighbor had a fence, I called DIY and got my problem resolved with great advice.Can’t say enough good things about the company. Great price, great service, friendly, and good support.

Jim Lewis


I ended up buying an Innotek fence which DIY recomended as one of the better options. I bought 2 since I live in 2 places. One of the collars didn’t charge and they promptly replaced it. When the fence didn’t seem to work properly they promptly talked me through getting the settings right. I believe your evaluation was accurate and useful – I wanted one of the better products for precisely the reason that I would be able to get service and repairs readily. DIY worked perfectly.Greg Brown


I normally don’t bother to do this but this fence is wonderful. We purchased the fence and installed it. Easy project I enclosed about 2 acres. Most of the wire I just laid on the ground (we live in the desert and don’t get a lot of weather). We have had two wire breaks caused by range cows. It was easy to train my dog. She only had a couple of experiences with the fence and she now has a health respect for it. We live right on a busy highway and she was always down on the road and had several close calls. It’s never a worry now. When we went to the cabin this summer we just bought some extra wire laid it on the ground and plugged it in. It took her only one day to find the flags and we had a nice summer vacation with a wonder dog. Even when all the neighborhood dogs came around she knew where her boundary was. At the cabin the unit went bad so I called the company and in 5 days had a new unit only cost me $9 or $10 bucks. She never tried crossing the flags during that five days. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good way to keep their dog in the yard.Ned M.


My underground fence works extremely well. Before I got this I couldn’t let my dog run and have fun, now all I have to do is put her collar on and let her outside and we can play and have fun for hours. She has even seen cats, deer, horses, and other animals right across her invisible line and doesn’t even attempt to cross. In the entire training process she only was shocked one time with the collar. This is the best money I have spent on my dog, she is so happy now, I couldn’t be happier with my Innotek 5100 system. Well, it’s time to go outside with the dog, she wants to play!Kris & Shannon


We purchased the IUC 4100 in the spring. Since we have two dogs we also purchased an extra collar. We rented a machine to bury the wire and in about 6 hours we put a perimeter around an area of about 6 acres. We read the website info and watched the DVD before we started training. After setting out the flags we began training the dogs. We were amazed at how fast our 8 month old border collie learned. She recognized the flags and wouldn’t go near them by the end of the first day. Our other dog reached the same point by the end of the first week. Although the dogs seemed to be far ahead of the curve we continued the training twice a day for three weeks. We trained the dogs separately. After several months I think each dog has been shocked twice. They were enticed by the Amish horse and buggies that drive by often, a man on a tractor, a neighbors dog who wandered by, and me on a motorcycle. Each time they felt the shock they turned and ran away from the fence back to the house. Lately I notice that they run out to about 20 feet or so from the fence and lay down a good bark when the Amish drive by. The dogs are much happier with their new freedom. We are happier too.We have been very pleased with the product and the results. Our only negative comment is the collar that came with the package has a very stiff band and is somewhat difficult to take off and put on daily. The extra collar we ordered for the second dog has an excellent band. It is very pliable and is easy to take off and put on. Both collars work fine.

To sum it up, we are very satisfied with the quality, service, and price. We have recommended it to our friends and family and will continue to do so.

Thank you.

Todd & Melina Johnson
Hillsboro, Kentucky


I am an avid do-it-yourselfer. So, when I found the Dog Fence DIY site, I knew I was in the right place. Everything that I needed to do the project was right there in one place. The educational, how-to documents were very thorough, extremely helpful, and walked me through the project every step of the way. I found the comments posted by other customers, and the expert’s responses to be very helpful also. And I was pleasantly surprised to have my own technical question answered within hours after posting! It was even easier to shop for the necessary equipment. The comparison tables and the expert’s comments made it easy to choose the right collar for my stubborn dog. And the prices couldn’t be beat, even with the shipping cost.Thanks to Dog Fence DIY, the installation and implementation of my invisible fence couldn’t have been easier. Really…it was one of the easiest DIY projects that I’ve ever done. And my new neighbors are no longer calling and knocking on my door to complain about my unruly dog.

Laura Johnson
Scott Depot, West Virginia


We live on 5 acres in a rural area of Washington state. Our puppy (1 year old) had started roaming to neighboring properties, this in and of itself was not a problem. The problem began when she started bringing home live chickens! After the 2nd chicken, I ordered your product. Installation was easy, I believe I have approximately 1 acre enclosed and she hasn’t strayed since. My only wish is that I could get a hand held remote unit to help train her when she decides to bark at imaginary things outside.Josh R.


We installed the Innotek 4100 and are very satisfied with the results and proud that we could do it ourselves.Diane Shuster


In general we are happy with the dog fence. It was easy to install and to train the dogs. It also does contain them well which is a relief!Laura Craighead
New Mexico


I am not very good at installing, fixing, hacking, upgrading or running anything… It is out of necessity that I hire people to do this stuff for me. So I was understandably nervous when my wife proposed installing an electrical dog fence ourselves. But I was convinced to try it after seeing how much it would cost to hire someone to install a fence around our roughly two acre property.We ordered all we needed from Dog Fence DIY and it arrived just as advertised. The instructions are very plainly written and easy to understand. Given the size of our yard and its relatively uneven terrain it took my wife and I a full day get the wire on the ground. And nothing worked… At first. I called and spoke with a very nice guy at Dog Fence DIY who put up with me being an idiot (for seriously hours) and patiently talked me through the very simple steps necessary to get the fence working. After some tinkering I can say that it was our fault the fence did not work – see the very first sentence above as to why. Since getting it working, however, we have had no problems. It really is a fantastic system.

A few things contributed to our success: the simplicity and reliability of the hardware itself and the expertise and patience of the folks answering the calls from idiots such as myself.

Highly recommended.

Michael B.


I would highly recommend dogfencediy to anyone contemplating installing a wireless dog containment system. Their technical expertise, the service and the commitment to quality were second to none. Their website FAQ saved me significant time and effort in better understanding how to switch my existing wireless fence to a much better unit purchased through dogfencediy. When one of the transmitter units arrived with a defect, Wes personally replaced the defective unit with one of his own while the manufacturer waited for a replacement unit to arrive on back-order. I am a very satisfied customer and am sure you will be also.Richard Paukner
Easton, Connecticut


I’m very pleased with this product, and recommend it to everyone. The training manual you provided in addition to the one that came with the system was very helpful. We started training my White Shepherd puppy on it at about 7 months of age. It took just over three weeks, but after a few breaches (and increased correction levels), he became reliably contained. I change the batteries every two months. This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, worth every penny, and very affordable, for peace of mind, especially during hunting season.R.S.
Nantucket, Massachusetts


I purchased a stubborn dog dog fence at DIY.com for my Staffordshire Terrier during the summer of 2010. I had no experience installing such a fence and Wes went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me set it up and helping me to train my dog to the fence. I couldn’t have done it without him. He was available to me any time I called and was always friendly and professional. No problem or question was too big or too small for him to help me with. In addition, I had originally purchased a higher priced fence, but Wes told me I should use the stubborn dog fence, which actually costs less. I was refunded the difference immediately. DIY is the best website out there for the purchase and help with electric dog fences.Lisa Hannigan
Mullica Hill, NJ


I was tired of the over priced charges for repairs and maintenance from “the other guy” and that’s when I found Dog Fence DIY. I called and talked to customer service who gave me great advise on what I needed, and three days later my order arrived. I rented an inexpensive machine to cut and bury the wire around our 1.5 acre lot and in one afternoon the protection system was working and our 2 beautiful dobermans were safe again. Im not what you would call a handy man and in my eyes it couldn’t have been easier. Great customer service, great prices and quality product!Cosmo & Karla


Always do it yourself. I saved a ton of money and did a better job more than the installers would do!Nancy D.


The PetSafe Deluxe system has been wonderful. I have a rectangular 5 acre lot that has a wire fence that my Jack Russell Terrier could easily pass through. I purchased enough wire to enclose the whole 5 acre lot. I attached the wire to the top strand of barbed wire and buried the short piece that crosses the entry gate. I hooked the wire to the control box and put the collar on the dog. I set the shock level to a higher level at the beginning because this dog is very strong willed. Immediately when I released him from confinement he headed straight for the fence with plans to roam the neighborhood to play with other dogs. When he got to the fence he got a shock and ran quickly back to his dog house. The tried it two more times within an hour. That was all it took. He stopped trying to go out of the yard. Most importantly, he is a much happier dog now. He roams the whole five acres trying to catch gophers, squirrels, birds, etc. He has become a real pet and loves playing with my two young sons. This PetSafe “fence” was very easy to install and extremely reliable. No special training need for dog or dog’s owner. I highly recommend it!Michael W Maddox M.D.


Your web site contains reliable information that got me started right and was a great help in selecting which fence to buy. Thanks for the excellent job of providing and organizing the needed information, as well as prompt delivery of the fence!David Brown


At first I thought that getting a fence for my dogs was going to be impossible. I live in an area where they regulate what fences we can have, and it would have cost a fortune to fence in my yard with the nice white vinyl fencing they require. As for invisible fences, the major companies charge much more than I can afford and the thought of doing it myself seemed daunting. The Dog Fence DIY website, however, showed me how it was completely possible and affordable! The only problem I had was finding a local place to rent a tiller! Hooking everything up and running the wires were so easy. Training my dogs took a little bit of persuasion for them to not be afraid of the beeps, but after a few weeks they’re loving their freedom! I am so happy that I stumbled across the Dog Fence DIY website. I thank you and my dogs thank you, too!!Alyssa Vaisey
Rochester NY


Your website gave me the confidence I needed to install the UltraSmart 4100 system on my own. It actually became a fun family project! I followed the training instructions and my dog Cassie trained very easily. She loves her newfound freedom! I also found customer service to be very helpful. Keep up the great work!Lisa Erickson
Cedar, Minnesota


I have nothing but absolute praise for Dog Fence DIY. Before I ever purchased anything from you, i received excellent customer service! Any questions that i had were answered promptly and thoroughly. Before i ordered my PetSafe Stubborn Dog system i emailed you with several questions and the responses definitely helped me narrow down what exactly i needed, how much i was going to need, and how much i was going to spend. To top it all off, you have some of the best prices i’ve found. The manual you created, which i printed off and read before even making my order was very informative and had very simple easy to understand directions. Since i had an existing fence i didn’t bury my cable, but instead ran it along and attached it to my fence. I had the whole thing installed and operating in about an hour and i did it all by myself. Dog Fence DIY definitely helped me more than any other website i’ve come across… and i did a LOT of research before buying my fence, but i just kept coming back to Dog Fence DIY. I don’t know what else to say other than i would never recommend ANY other company to use for buying a dog fence! Everything you need is right there on the website from information to supplies to “technical support”! 5 Stars, thumbs way up, 100%! If you have any unsatisfied customers I would not hesitate to say its due to their own ignorance!Rheanna W.


Dog Fence DIY was the place to go for all I need to purchase and install an electric dog fence system. Their website offered the most comprehensive information to help evaluate products. The systems was competitively priced and delivered quickly. But nothing tops the humorous and informative videos that helped me install the system and train our puppy. We still watch them just for fun with a bowl of popcorn on a Friday night.Michael G.
New Jersey


I am extremely happy with the dog fence that I ordered. It was easy to install since we used a tractor and a blade that opened the ground for us in most places. I then installed the wire by hand and covered the wire with fresh soil. Training my dog was quite easy. I would take her out on a leash and was the perimeter twice each day for about one week. I then began to tempt her and she followed protocol by not crossing the line. We have been using the invisible dog fence since two weeks after we installed the fence and have had no problems.This fence system was a great investment. I would recommend it to everyone.

Corry R.


We are very pleased with our dog fence. My husband and I installed the fence following the easy to understand directions. I then trained the dog according to the information supplied. Toby is very respectful of the fence boundary. With the fence I can safely leave my 85 year old Mom home with an 85 pound very active black lab. Mom opens the door the dog can go out into a safe area to play. Thank you from all of us especially Toby One other thing, we placed the wire in front of a very large flower bed and now there isn’t any digging in it by the dog. Just a nice side effect of the wire placement. A happy pet owner.Marcia S.
New York


The fence was easy to install and we were able to teach our dog the new boundaries very quickly. It has given us piece of mind since we live on a busy road. I would definitely recommend your product to anyone. The price was very reasonable and the directions made it easy to set up.Brittany W.
New Hampshire


I want to thank you for your fast and courteous service. I have now placed 4 orders with you and each time you have been very helpful and responsive to my needs.Jeff Ackerman
Costa Rica


I have been very pleased when working with DIY. They were very helpful and truthful during the research phase. Once I received my fence I called a couple of times regarding installation and received prompt response. After about 6 months I had a problem with the alarm system and DIY was very friendly & helpful with the solution.The fence has been great….My dog is in the yard ALL the time. I am very confident that the fence is doing exactly what I was expecting.

I have recommended DIY to my daughter and she purchased her system from DIY and also has been pleased.




Excellent customer service and fast shipping. I had a few questions for the actual fence layout that were answered with understanding and in great detail. The product itself was what was advertised – not more and not less. Easy installation for anyone who has done any kind of diy project. The installation took 4-5 hours including a surface layout of the wire, setting the transmitter and collar.We live on 5+ acres and have a German Shepherd that lives 100% of the time outside (days and nights, simmer and winter). The dog responded very well to the training (I used the same methodology suggested on your DVD). 2-3 days later the dog knew her perimeter, probably after day 4-5 she was completely trained for where she can go and where she can’t.

The fence is working reliably since day one, and I haven’t had any technical issues so far.

PS – if you need someone to testify that the system works in our climate (Canada – under the snow, in cold weather) – here we are…

Alex Popov


I was very impressed with the service level and support from Dog Fence DIY: I had a challenging installation (over 12 acres enclosed!) and the support from DF DIY was great: they promptly answered my questions and provided on-point and accurate feedback to my questions. The fence is effectively keeping my 18 month old VERY active full male Lab close to home and secure.Michael S.


We purchased the Innotek UltraSmart in-ground pet fencing several months ago and did the installation ourselves – almost 1000 ft. We had a couple of questions during the setup and training period and the Innotek customer service along with Robert of Dog Fence DIY were very helpful. Our dogs respect their boundaries and as a result we’re able for them to be untethered on our property. If you don’t mind a little labor, don’t be afraid to tackle this yourself.Ed Waltz
Cincinnati, OH


I really appreciate the level of detail you feature on the website – it goes much farther than the directions. I am not very handy and was very intimidated by the idea of installing my own invisible fence. To make matters worse, it is very hard for me to learn something from a book; I need to see it done. To that end, I especially appreciate the videos on your site. The video on splicing wire in particular saved me from a very frustrating afternoon. Keep up the good work. I have already recommended your company to our neighbors and will give your name to anyone I come across who might need your service.Steve Quinn


I am extremely satisfied with the fence, the training instructions, and the results of this effort. We can now roam the yard (she is still being supervised, albeit less and less) and be free — both of us!!!! I would recommend this product to anyone who is serious about controlling their dog and yet not having to build a physical fence. Great product and I appreciate your efforts to educate those trying to implement and use it. Well done!!!!Dan Gentili
Williamsburg, VA


I have a very obstinate and aggressive dog that was climbing over a four panel fence. Based on your advice I purchased the stronger invisible fence system and it worked on the first day. I did not even need to really train him. For the first two weeks he sat by the back door with his puppy face but he has adjusted well. And it works. I found your company, website and personnel very helpful, reliable and cost competitive.Maribeth Deavers


I am most pleased with the Innotek 4100 I purchased. I found it easier to install than stated on the website and any questions I had were promptly answered! Our dogs adapted to the Invisible Fencing very quickly and we’ve experience no problems since we started using it last summer (’09).Jim Paton


Today, my spirited beagle-border collie mix can run outside and enjoy the whole yard. Thanks to DogFenceDIY, I had objective advice and all the resources for installation and training to make it happen. Best of all, it all came with an unbeatable price.B. DeYoung
Eden Prairie, Montana


After much research and meeting with a professional installation team we decided to go with Dog Fence DIY. We couldn’t be more pleased. The professionals told us we couldn’t do what we wanted to do but Dog Fence DIY assured us we could. The DIY team was awesome, responding to calls and emails quickly even in off hours or weekends. We installed the Innotek IUC-4100, trained our dog and our neighbors dog (who comes over often for playdates) and now we don’t have to worry about the vegetable garden or flower beds being trampled by the dogs. The dogs run, play and still have a great time, they don’t seem concerned about the collar or fence at all. We were nervous about the stimulation but our dog happily sits and waits to have the collar put on because she knows it means she gets to romp in the yard. Thanks so much for helping us make the yard a place for the whole family.Shari Larson
New York


We purchased the underground fence system last spring, in the hopes of keeping our Welch Corgi home. We live on a mountain that he was always very tempted to climb & disappear on. Since the mountain is basically rock, a traditional fence was an impossibility.
We have very little top soil, so were relieved to find out that the wire for the system doesn’t need to be buried. We did cover it some, to keep deer from catching a hoof and breaking the wire.I stressed out quite a bit about training Dewi to stay within the perimeters of the fence. But I worried needlessly. He “got it” within a week, and I can now let him outside, on his own, with no concerns. We bought a little sister for Dewi this past autumn, and I’m looking so forward to her being old enough to have a stay home collar of her own.Thank you so much for this great product. I wish we had put this system in years ago.

Sue Keller


We have been quite pleased with the fence. We installed it approximately 7 month ago. We were able to give our Great Dane the run of the entire yard (approx 3/4 of an acre) for $400. Had we not heard about the underground system we would only have been able to afford a small run for him when we absolutely had to leave him unattended. Now he can go out any time he wants and enjoy the entire yard.The only place we buried the fence is across our driveways. We also put the wire in small pvc pipe when be buried it, to keep rocks from piercing it. We have had to make 2 repairs. I caught the wire with the lawnmower. The splice was a simple fix. The second repair (i assume was also with the mower) was a bit harder to find as the grass has already grown over the wire in most of the yard. We followed the directions using the am radio method and found it after a couple of sweeps around the yard. Again, the splice was simple. Note: AM radios are becoming very difficult to find. I recommend you include one with the package.

We have had a bit of an issue with the collar. We only ordered one collar and I would recommend ordering 2 so you have one charging while the other is in use. The first collar would not recharge after it went dead the first time. We sent it back and it was replaced free of charge. However it took several weeks to receive. In the mean time we had to purchase another collar from our local pet store. We were told the reason it took so long was because they were out of stock. The replacement collar does not work very well either. We were already tired of messing with returns so we keep the replacement collar to use while the other one is charging. That is about as long as the replacement will hold a charge. I am guessing we got a referbished replacement.

It took us about 2 weeks to train our boy. We followed the directions fully and they worked like a charm. He was approximately 7 months old when we started. I think only 2 zaps happened before we were comfortable enough to leave him alone outside. I’m sure I will take a lot of criticism for this statement, but the memory of his reaction to those 2 zaps still make me lol.

In addition the fence does not interfere with our view or take away from our landscaping. I recommend it to pet owners over anything else I have ever used. I will probably always have a dog and I don’t plan to use anything else.

Deby Hellwig


Installing the fence and training our dog was a bit more work than I expected, but just when I was about to give up hope, our not-so-bright dog “got it” and the fence worked great. Our dog respected the fence 99% of the time and only got out once or twice during the first year.John & Raquel


I received the highest level of service when ordering from your company and would gladly recommend your company to any whom would ask.Mark Sheets
South Dakota


Everything was great! The fence and all materials arrived quickly and were easy to install. I fenced a three acre yard and have had no issues or problems. I haven’t had either dog out of the boundary once. We also bought one of the in-house units and my wife has moved it around from spot to spot re-training the dogs to stay off of furniture, from behind the drapes or by the cat-food / cat-litter. This has been quite effective as well.

For installation, I tried three different ways to dig the trench – a homemade “blade” attached to the back of my lawn tractor, a gas powered edger and a shovel. The shovel was actually the quickest as I just pushed the blade about 3” deep, pried the soil back, slid the wire in and then stepped on it to pack it down. It helped that the soil was moist. I was able to cover about 150 feet per hour.

The whole system, to include extra wire, extra collar, and in-house unit was about $525. The property previously had a unit installed by Invisible Fence. My wife called them and they wanted almost that much to come out and bring us two collars for use with the existing wire and controller, “set” the fence level and train the dogs. Batteries for those collars are proprietary, have to be replaced and are quite expensive. My Fence from DIY has rechargeable batteries which have lasted more than 2 weeks and recharge in just a few hours.

Robert Clark
Des Moines, Iowa


Thank you for your help. You responded to my questions quickly and helped me decide which product was best for us. The instructions on your web site told me what to expect and, along with what came in the box, gave me all the information I needed to get the job done. It took me about a day to put the fence in, and it worked right the first time. I actually changed my mind and made a double-loop fence so I had to get more wire. Wish I had thought it through before I made my order, but that’s not your fault. Your help was great, the price was good, and everything arrived quickly.Scott C


My experience with the electronic collar has been a huge success. I have two dogs who were digging and destroying my spa cover. After paying approximately $300 to replace my spa cover, I installed the electronic fence around the spa and the dogs have learned NOT to go near the spa. This has reduced my anxiety so it has been a great investment.Tom B
New Haven


I’m not much on typing….but am well satisfied.Wayne D.


The underground fence was very easy to install and I would recommend this DIY kit to anyone. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about the idea since I never installed anything like this before, but the prospect of saving over $1500 for a name brand offering “free installation” was enough persuasion for me. I enclosed about 2 acres which took the better part of a day. At the end of the day, the system works great and I have saved a healthy amount of money.Christian Uebele


One sad day four years ago, we lost both of our gorgeous golden retrievers when they briefly wandered off our property and on to nearby railroad tracks. Since then we watch and worry constantly about our dogs, but in the country it is impossible to keep your eye on them 100% of the time and sad for them when they are confined to the house.

I was never convinced that invisible fences could really work, especially with our little rescue dog, Henny. She is compelled to run out of the yard after other dogs, bikes and neighbors walking by. Finally we decided we needed to do something so I got online shopping for a solution. I was really impressed with your website – particularly with the straightforward comparisons with information about the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. You were quick to reply to my questions and we ordered an Innotek 4100, which arrived quickly as promised.

Given the cost of professional installation, I was prepared for a big job to install myself. In fact, it was easy. We dug the trench by hand, but since it was so shallow it went quickly. We had the whole install of 1000 feet done in less than half a day.

The training information was clear and we were careful to follow it. Of our two dogs, Henny was the one to push the envelope and get the first correction. She really paid attention. After the second time she is a believer and so am I. Last week we heard a dog on the street and Henny took off lickety-split down the driveway. We didn’t know what to expect, but when we caught up with her, she was standing there, 10ft back from the wire! A great success and relief! Our second dog has simply paid attention and never received a correction.

I especially want to complement you on your service before and after the sale. It is really a pleasure to work with an online retailer who truly delivers on promises. A great product and a company that is super to do business with!

Scot Davidson


It has been almost 2 months & our fence is working great. This has been the best thing we’ve ever done for our dogs. Best of all, we saved $1200 off the quote from Invisible Fence!Malcolm Gieske


The system was very easy to install. Using the DIY website instructions and the instructional video provided with the product, the entire process, including training, went very smoothly. All systems are go and our dog (Bernese Moutnain Dog – now 7 months old and 70lbs) is fully trained and enjoys running around the property. Thank you! We’ve recommended your site to our neighbors.Craig V.E


If you want to save money, Dog Fence DIY is the way to go. They are very professional, answered my questions, and allowed me to return a WiFi fence and swap it for an IUC-4100. I would definitely do business with Dog Fence DIY again and recommend them to anyone.Steve Adelmann
New Mexico


I used a straight bladed garden spade to make a trench to put the wire into the ground about two inches deep. I used approximately 1000 feet of wire and it took me about a day and a half to bury the wire.

I followed the instruction book on training the dogs (two of them) with the flags and the leash to show them where the wire was and that I wanted them to stay away from it. After a month of training, I turned them loose in the yard and

have had only two occasions that one of the dogs went through the fence.

After a month of training, I turned them loose in the yard and I have had only two occasions that one of the dogs went through the fence. The installation instructions were very clear and precise. I am very satisfied with my system, and

would recommend it to anyone wanting an electronic dog fence.

Robert W.


Purchased a Innotek 4100 and recently started getting a periodic beeping that could not identify even after rereading the information. I placed a call to the DIY help line, call returned in timely manner

and problem solved quickly.

Rob Songer


We are so happy we put in the dog fence! We put the fence around 35 acres and our dogs are free to run. We followed the training guidelines you sent, and it was easy to train our dogs. Although it was a

huge area, the installation was not difficult as we were able to attach the wire to an existing fence on 3 sides. And it was very affordable…. around $700 for all the wiring, transmitter, and 2 dog collars. We appreciated how

responsive your staff was to all of our emails and phone calls and helpful through the ordering process, installation, and return of surplus wire that we didn’t end up needing. I have recommended your website to several friends.

Thank you for your great customer service!

Ann Wolfe (and Stella and Lucy)


This spring we remodeled the home my wife grew up in and moved in June. At our previous house we had a dog fence installed by a commercial business in town and we were pleased. However I wanted to try

another route so we investigated various internet dog fence vendors and found Dog Fence, DIY to be the most informative as to the applications as indications for various brands and models of fences.

I installed the fence myself following the very complete instructions. It has worked flawlessly since instillation. One thing about this company that would sway me to use them again regardless of price differences from vendor to vendor

is their working with me on a return. I ordered two collars thinking my daughters dog would spend a lot of time at our house. As it turned out we didn’t need two collars and I inquired if I would still be able to return the second. My

call was returned promptly and the next day I was sent return instructions for a full return. It was certainly more than I expected.

Since then my daughter has ordered a fence kit for her house with equal success. I would recommend Dog Fence DIY without reservation.

Dr James Morang
Athens, Georgia


Fantastic product….Very fast shipping, complete and simple instructions for installation…Had fence installed in only a couple hours and working…Great instructions included on training dog..was fully

confident on letting my dog run free within the confines of the fence in only a few days…..Great product…exceptionally good prices…what more could you ask for!!

Leo C.


Before selecting a fence, I called DogfenceDIY and spoke to a salesman who was very polite and helpful. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. Thanks to him, I felt very comfortable making the

purchase. You guys really do a great job of breaking down the pros and cons of the fence systems you offer for purchase.

The equipment arrived quickly. The directions provided were detailed enough that I had the fence up and running in short order. The training video was also very helpful. I have 5 acres fenced in barbed wire. I was very happy about

the fact that all I had to do was zip-tie the fence wire to the existing fence. The only places I buried it were where it cut across the driveway.

Once the fence was installed, I spent two days walking my dog around the perimeter and getting him accustomed to the warning beeps from the collar. Once I felt comfortable that he could hear the beeping, I set the collar on him

correctly and let him out into the yard under my supervision. It only took him about three times getting zapped for him to put it all together. From that point forward, anytime the collar beeped to warn him, he would immediately

retreat from the fence. Now I don’t even need the collar. He doesn’t stray past the fence.

All in all, I am very happy with the purchase. Due to the large area enclosed, I had to purchase extra rolls of wire. I think it was a $500 purchase (give or take) and it’s been worth every penny. If anyone ever has a need for a radio

collar fence like I did, I will be sure to send them to your site.

Cody Nuckles


I have been using the fence since May and I am very pleased with it. I think my dog is even happier than I am with it.Vincent B.


We are well pleased with our “dog protector” as we call it. Our property is bounded on two sides by highways. The “pound puppy” we rescued was a year old and had a reputation for bumming. We fenced about

five acres of our land-actually most of the wire is above the ground except for driveways and mowed areas. We followed the training guidelines with flags and staggered removal. Our “pound puppy” rec’d two shocks and has not attempted to

cross fenced in areas since that time. We have many tempting attractions with squirrels,rabbits, deer and other assorted critters crossing inside the fence. The dog sees and chases but always stops short of the boundary. We were gone

with the dog for six weeks and he remembered his boundaries upon our return. Now he is allowed out in the property with minimal supervision. Since he obeys the boundaries we are more relaxed with him being out and free even with the

highway close. (A former dog we had was unfortunately struck and killed on one of the highways.) Now we feel comfortable knowing our dog can have freedom and safety at the same time.

We are impressed with the battery life on the collar-I have charged it once in the five months he has been wearing the collar while outside-12-16 hours per day. Although it was an investment of several hundred dollars and training

time–it was money well spent.

Terry L.


We have 2 very stubborn German Shepherds who would run off at the drop of a hat and chase our neighbors cows. We have 40 acres, so they could be gone all day and we wouldn’t know where they had been or what

trouble they got in. Our oldest Shepherd came back with a bullet in his leg. Luckily, we were able to put a cast on and he is better, but will never be back up to full speed. We had tried everything to corral them. They would not listen

to our commands. I had them tied up for 2 weeks, taking them out for walks 5 -6 times a day. They were very unhappy dogs and I was a very unhappy dog owner!

I saw an ad on the Internet about the dog fencing and decided to order it. My husband and son put down 3000 ft of line themselves and put up the box. All instructions in the booklet were very clear. Within 1 day I could tell this had

been the product we were looking for. After 1 week they would not cross the line. Our dogs can now run free and they are much happier. This Product has definitely saved our dogs lives.

Thanks so much!

Jan and Jim Kennedy
Dayton, Texas


I love my dog fence. It changed my life. I put in almost all of the 1000 ft wire that came with it. It did take some time but was relatively easy and my family (human and dog) are very happy with the

results. Also Dog Fence DIY had the best price, very easy web page to help me make the decision on which product buy, and great instructions for installing and training.

Sarah W.


In these days of customer non-service, DogFenceDIY is a shining example of ‘how it should be done’ from a customer service standpoint.

When we bought a dog, I started to do the research about what type of invisible-fence to buy.

At first, this seemed like a simple choice for me, just go onto eBay and buy some sort of used system, cheap. The thing I noticed on eBay was that there are lots of cheap wireless pet containment systems, yet the ones from Innotek had

lots of bids, and the prices were not low….this tells me two things: one is that this is a product that people want, and the other is that it would be better to buy a new system, since I won’t save much money buying on eBay. Of course

the major downside to eBay is that it’s a gamble as to whether the product is any good, and you generally cannot return a product or get any customer service.

So the next question was, what pet containment system to buy new. I did some google searches and stumbled upon DogFenceDIY.com, which had some very useful (and even entertaining) video reviews of several pet containment systems. The

main thing I learned from them is that the wireless systems really do not work very well. Their company sells wireless and wired systems, so I do not believe this advice was not to ‘up-sell’ to a better product, but to provide valuable

advice. I have a background in electronics and wireless technology, and their observations about how a wireless system creates a variable containment area made perfect sense.

Ordering from DogFenceDIY was no problem, and my IUC-4100 system arrived within a couple of days, nicely packed in a box.

Now here’s where it gets good. Most any company can sell and ship you a product, but when there are issues, that’s when you learn if the company is willing to step up to the plate and help you out.

It turns out the Innotek collar that came with my Innotek IUC-4100 system was defective. Innotek promised to send me a new one, but told me it would take two to three weeks.

DogFenceDIY had the collar in stock, so I ordered a second collar from them, so I would have a spare and get the system up and running ASAP. When I placed the order, I mentioned that the collar that shipped with the system was

defective, and that I was ordering the second collar for a spare.

An hour of so after placing the order, I got an email from Wes, who indicated that he refunded my purchase cost for the collar and had already shipped me another collar. He asked me to ship the defective collar back, and that they would

get it swapped with Innotek on their end. All I can say is WOW! and Thanks! Since the collar is technically ‘part of the kit’, I did not expect that I could get just that part swapped out in a day or two, or that the company would

notice such an issue and go the extra mile like that. Two thumbs up.

Installing the IUC-4100 at my house was no big deal. For me the only issue was that there was no power outlet in my outdoor storage room where I wanted to install the unit, so I had to install that. I used my power-edger to dig a

shallow trench around our lot for the wire. Our backyard is around 150′ x 150′, and the only challenge was that I had to dig under some tree roots in one spot so the wire would not be exposed. It took about a half hour to bury the loop

wire. There’s a neat cable-burying tool you can rent for this job, but this was no worse than planting some garden bulbs, in my opinion.

The prior owner of our house, coincidentally, also had an Innotek 4100 system which they provided to us when we bought the house. Ironically, I sold that system on eBay since we did not have a dog at the time. For our house, it was

simplest to run the return-wire for the containment loop through the attic, instead of running it around the front of the house, as most people do.

For us, the system has worked very well. We have a one year old golden retriever who is very protective of our house and yard. It took a couple of weeks for him to learn how to use the system, and there have not been any issues.

The only problem of any sort was that the guy who aeriated our lawn did me a ‘favor’ and did the whole backyard, after we had agreed that he only needed to do a small part of it. The next day I had to spend ten minutes using the

underground wire-splice kit that came with the unit, and was able to fix it fairly easily. The IUC-4100 has several alarms, one for low battery, and another for a break in the loop. Mine was beeping to tell me the loop was broken.

Of course no system is absolutely foolproof, but overall, once the dog knows the containment area, he will stay in the yard whether he has the collar on him or not, (since he does not understand how the system works!).

If the collar is on him, and fitted properly, it will keep our dog n the yard, period. The only couple of times the dog has left the yard has been where we forgot to put the collar on, or once when the collar was too loose, and he went

off chasing a squirrel.

The second order I placed from DogFenceDIY was for the cool Rock-Shaped Barrier Transmitter accessory. My wife has a nice perennial garden, and the dog decided that he has a taste for a salad made of echinacea plants, and that the

garden rocks are the best play toys in the world, so he started digging them all up, eating several hundred dollars worth of plants, and making her a very unhappy gardener.

Like before, I placed the order and the product arrived fast, packed well.

The product works exactly as advertised. It created a containment barrier that was exactly the right size for the garden. To train the dog, I put the white flags to define the border to the dog for a couple of weeks and ‘presto’, no dog

in garden. We got a couple of similar-sized rocks and put them next to the fake rock, and kind of nestled this under a plant, and you don’t even notice the unit is there. (see attached photo)

A funny thing happened, though, two days after we got the barrier-rock. We had let the dog out, without his collar, and he went into the garden and grabbed the containment rock. So my wife looks outside, and there he is, chewing on the

containment rock. Priceless. He did not damage the unit, as only the little plastic cover had popped off. After a month of having the unit in place, he has not gone back into the garden.

In summary, If there is a business that you want to spend more money with, it is Dog FenceDIY. I have told at least five neighbors and friends about the company, and am 110% satisfied.

I noticed that a neighbor, who spent a ton of money with a professional invisible-fence company, got a pretty blue yard sign that says ‘invisible fence by xxxxx company’. I told Wes that if DogFenceDIY were to make such a yard sign, I would gladly put one on my property, and that they should make some signs like this as an advertising tool.

PS – The other night, by the way, a Coyote wandered into our yard. Our dog chased it like a squirrel, then stopped at the property line. It has been said that Coyotes sometimes lure dogs back to the pack by getting them to chase a lone Coyote, often a female luring a male dog. A Coyote pack is capable of killing livestock, so even a big dog would be at risk in such a situation. While this was probably just a lone Coyote out hunting for rabbits, it could be argued that the IUC-4100 could have saved my dog’s life. My wife asked me, jokingly, if I could put a radio collar on the Coyote, to keep it out of the yard, and has also asked if I could do the same for the rabbits who eat her garden plants.

Rob Morella
Alpharetta, Georgia


The system (Innotek 4100) itself works very well and the customer support is the best. We trained the dog using the training manual, which was very good. Penny (Golden Retriever) can be a “ditzy, hard

headed, free spirit” with a mind of her own sort of dog. She got “corrected” twice on the lowest setting and now she knows her area very very well. The line was easy to put in with the machine we rented. The only problem we have had

is the line that came with the system has had 9 breaks so far, the 2 extra reels of line have had no breaks.

The training time, installation, and the product is well worth the investment. It’s wonderful to watch the dog enjoy her area (almost 3 acres) and not have to worry about her being chained when we are at work, wondering into traffic or

making mischief for the neighbors. I just wish all the neighbors had one.

Willa Stewart
West Virginia


I purchased the Innotek Ultrasmart Contain’N’Train inground pet fence with remote training system in the early spring of 2010 to contain my newly acquired hyperactive boxer puppy Roxy. True to the breed,

Roxy quickly became friends with the neighbors and would happily greet them as they passed by our corner property. She became so friendly that she greeted one of our neighbors in their shower. And that was the day I called the local

fence companies. After several estimates from fence and invisible fence companies in my area, I decided to try the internet and Dog Fence DIY. At a fraction of the cost to fence my 1acre property, I was able to purchase the Innotek

system, rent a small trencher, and install the system all by myself in a period of hours. I’m not an electrician or construction worker and I don’t play one on TV but the directions were clear and simple enough that a caveman could do

it! Its been about 7-8 months since my fence was installed and Roxy has only run through the perimeter 3 times. We don’t even place it on her but every other day and spends hours roaming the yard without breaching her limits. The

system works great, your customer service is excellent , and your staff was friendly when I had questions. I have already recommended your website to several neighbors and friends.

Jim McCallion
Doylestown, Pennsylvania


Thanks for the opportunity to express how satisfied I was with the dog fence your company provided and I installed myself with ease at my 10 acre estate. I ran a horseshoe pattern around the sides and

front of my property (1250 feet one way than back), with a 9 foot separation between the wires. I initially rented a 2 inch wide, 18 inch wheel trencher and immediately found out an edger, one that has a strong gas engine, works much

better and a lot easier. I used a Red Max commercial edger, but any gas engine edger would work fine. If you ground is hard, I would recommend, watering the evening before to soften the ground up a little. All I did was to cut the

small trench, you do not want a big gap because you want your wire to stay in the ground when you use a flat head screwdriver to lightly push the wire into the slot. By using an edger, the wire will not come back out of the trench once

you push in down into the ground. I hooked the wire into the transmitter/receiver and was in busy by noon that day. I placed my flags out, and never really took any time training by two dogs and in less than 2 days, they never went

within 10 feet of the flags, with or without the collar on. I am now, only after 2 weeks starting to pull up a couple of flags daily and have not had one issue with my dogs chasing runners/walkers or simply going into the street.


ANIMALS HAS WORKED AWESOME!!. Thanks again for making my life a lot easier and much more enjoyable for me and my dogs.

Eric C.


From the time I received the fence I have been pleased with the ease of installation and support that I received from DIY. I did my fence a little different than most installations. I ran mine through the

woods to give my dog access to what they like, exploring. All in all it was very easy. I cut through one drive way and made a few connections between the standard wire and twisted to give my dog access to other areas and when I hit the

power all was good and it is working like a champ. I have and will recommend this product and service to whoever will listen.

Rick W.


Dog Fence DIY saved my life. I used to be stuck in my house all day and when anyone opened the door, I would dart out and get myself in all kinds of trouble. One time I nearly got hit by a car. Then my people got me a dog fence. Now I can play outside all day. They also saved a lot of money which means more bones for me. Thank you.Linus (Labrador Retriever)
Atlanta, Georgia


Thank you for such a great product! While researching which fence to buy I spoke with one of your customer service reps and he was very kind and knowledgeable and was what helped me make the decision to go with Dog Fence DIY. We truly love our invisible fence! I thought it would be restrictive for our black lab, Lola, but it was just the opposite! By giving her boundaries we gave her FREEDOM!The installation of the product was easy and straight forward. We followed the training steps on the dvd for teaching Lola her boundaries and she was trained faster than expected. We have had the fence for over 6 months now and have not had one problem with it. It was so much cheaper and we were able to cover so much more area than we could have with a traditional fence.I love being able to just let her out the door and not have to worry.

Paul, Lisette and Lola Trueman
Charlton, MA


They are very helpful with any question I had. Great product! I live on 1-1/2 acres out in the middle of farm fields and have no fences. After training my german shepherd knows where her boundaries are and she will not cross them even when she isn’t wearing her collar. She loves running all over the yard. She will stop and sit close to the boundary when I leave the yard and wait for me to return to the yard. People drive very fast down our road so it is nice knowing my dog is in the yard and not on the road.


Michael French
Shellsburg, Iowa


Great product. Installed the whole system on one weekend in a fairly large backyard with a lawn edger/trencher. The system setup went well and has operated flawlessly since installing. The training phase went well and it didn’t take long for our Shitzu and Shitzu-poodle mix to learn that the beep from the collar was not a good thing and they would sprint quickly to the back door away from the fence boundary. I was at first skeptical on the small breed collar size looking to big and bulky but both collars fit on the last couple holes and we really only put the collars on when they go outside anyway. We do love the fact that the collars are rechargeable and don’t have an expensive propriotory battery that only last for a few months. Overall I would rate this system an A+.J.P.


My dog was held for ransom twice at the pound before I got this put in. It was easy, even with a stubborn husky, and I could leave him alone after the first week of training. The book helped a lot. Thank you. I will recommend you to all my friends.Jeremy S.
Amherst, MA


You provide the BEST service I have ever experienced on and off the internet. Thank you for the very prompt and accurate diagnosis and for fixing my problem.David W.


I’m very thankful I found Dog Fence DIY! My “little girl” grew up into a beautiful Boxer mix that could jump our four foot fence. Our new dog fence still allows for a view yet keeps our girl safe in the yard! I found their installation instructions to be extremely valuable and accurate, with plenty of options. Additionally, I found extra comfort in purchasing the right product from the author. A complete one stop solution. Have confidence!David P.
Richmond, VA


Thanks so much for your great website. We successfully installed our fence! THANKS!Karen Smith


Thank you very much. The book really made it easy, and the few questions we had you helped us with immediately. Oscar and Charles love playing outside and we love getting them outside.Sandra D.
Portland, Oregon


All I can say is it works. Thanks.Ray Fontana


I very much appreciated your web site and the products I purchased. I liked that I could read all the instructions and tips before making a purchase of any kind.

We are using it on a 3 acre property for a Great Pyrenese Dog. Since the dogs job is to roam the property and keep the chickens from being eaten by critters he needs access to the whole property. The hardest part of the whole installation was laying the wire. It took Lori and I 3 full weekends to get around the perimeter of our property. We would clear a path through the weeds and brush and then I would make a shallow trench with the shovel blade. Most of the time I would just stick the shovel straight down and rock it back and forth until there was a “V” we could drop the wire into. There are a couple of places the wire is above ground because of large tree roots but it’s been in place for almost a year now and is working flawlessly.

When I went to train Duke he caught on so fast it was impossible to get him to approach the wire twice in the same area. Still I stayed at it for 3 or 4 weeks before we left him on his own. Now he respects the boundary very well. Which is good because his breed is known for expanding their horizons.
Your prices are fair and your instruction and information is superior.

Thank you.

Stephen Corbett


Great product! I installed this fence a little more than a year ago and I have had absolutely no problems. I am not an expert on these fences, but I have worked as a dog trainer and have used a variety of shock collars and I am very impressed with this collar and system. If you are looking for a reliable and effective dog fence that will provide an appropriate level of training tones and reinforcement this is an excellent choice.Ken L.
Colorado Springs, Colorado


We had gotten a new puppy and wanted to keep it safe in the yard and not have it run into the street to “greet” the neighbors or anyone else who might be in the road. Not everyone one who walks likes dogs. We didn’t really want a above ground fence since the dog could dig under that and it would mess up the look of the yard. After calling a few places that installed dog fences, I began looking on the internet to see what I could find out. My husband thought it was something we could do ourselves to save some money. We were getting prices like $1200 for 1/2 an acre and 500 for an additional 1/2 acre. We were looking at fencing in about an acre and a half.I came across the Dog Fence DIY site and really liked what I saw. The products looked good and the videos were well made and funny. I did more research to see what we would need to dig the trench and how much that would cost. Looked around some more but kept coming back to Dog Fence DIY. I had bookmarked it so it wasn’t hard to get back to. I looked at the wireless system but decided it wasn’t for us. I had some questions so I called the number at Dog Fence DIY and they were very nice and helpful. I ended up getting the Innotek Ultra Smart IUC 5100 Contain and Train plus 500 extra feet of wire. We were able to do our own yard for about $400. We rented a trencher for $72 and had the fence installed in 1 day. We trained “Daisy” to the fence in about 3 days and she has been great with it and it is working great. I would recommend Dog Fence DIY to anyone and often do.

Thank you again for a great product and website.

Teresa Ash
New Hampshire


A friend of mine installed the fence and said he found it to be straightforward and simple to do. I followed the excellent training instructions and in no time at all, my dogs understood where their boundaries are. They won’t even cross the line when their collars are off! I feel so much better knowing that they are contained within a large, safe place and can run within it to their hearts’ content.Nadine W.
Reno, Nevada


Fence install and instructions were easy. A real person actually picked up the phone after two rings for customer support. Have had close to a year and no problems.Nicholas C.


My wife and I adopted a one-year-old, very beautiful, though very high-strung and independent-minded Great Pyrenees/Austrailian Shepard from the shelter. By temperment Pyr’s like a lot of territory and this boy’s also got the alpha-personality. We live out in the woods in Oregon but our 12 acres wasn’t enough. We neutered him but he still took off and came back when he wanted, eventually killing one of the neighbor’s chickens. Big problem!

The Innotek collar solved it. We trained him to the beep & the flags and all it took was one hit from the shocker to learn that we meant business. Now he stays on the property and will not go near the boundary flags. The Innotek is a good investment in a very lovable dog who would probably otherwise have gotten himself (and us) into all kinds of trouble and been shot dead by angry neighbors.

Craig F.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Very easy to install by myself. I used a sidewalk edger to cut the hole to put the wire in.Pushed the wire in the hole with a ruler. Once the wire was installed it was very easy to hook up to electric box. By far one of the easiest projects I have done. Once installed it was very easy to train the dog. With the different levels of settings he learned very quick in only three days he was trained to stay away from the boundary wire. During two months we gradually removed the white flags at the end of two months no flags left and the dog has remained in the boundary ever since. This was well worth the money the dog does not cross the boundary even when another dog is on the other side tempting him. Can’t beat the ease of installing and simple use I can not figure out why someone would spend thousands to have a company do this when it is much cheaper to do it yourself “DIY”.Dan B.


I read some negative comments about the unit (reviews), but you offered a money back guarantee, and I decided to risk it.

Your website was great, no problem with delivery, I successfully used paypal. You were patient in talking with me before I made the purchase. I’m very happy with the unit, never had a minute’s problem.

Sandy F.


I have a very friendly greyhound named Kuzco that used to run off to the neighbors houses or after other animals (dogs, cats, squirrels) just to say hi. He did it even when we were standing next to him, calling him to come back. So we decided to buy the invisible fence, to avoid having to go out with him on a leash every time he need it to use the bathroom. My husband installed the fence in a day and I did the 3 week training, following all the steps. I was amazed of how fast Kuzco learned the new boundaries around the house! It has been 8 months now, and we haven’t had a single issue with the fence. We can let Kuzco out by himself and he hangs out with us when we are working on the backyard or when we have people over for bbq’s or bonfires. So we definitely recommend getting an invisible fence and more important, to DO IT YOURSELF. Not need to pay thousands of dollars to have somebody else to install the fence or train your dog. I also believe that training your dog yourself is a bonding and rewarding experience for the two of you.Monica Y.


We got out fence around March, for a Great Dane puppy who was around 10 months old at the time.I had taken her to puppy school and the trainer had a system that would do about 1/4 of an acre but you could add more to it. We started looking around for something to help contain her, and let her be able to run on our two and a half acres of land. My husband came across dogfencediy’s web site and liked what he saw and the price. I was concerned because of her size and would it work on her. I sent a few questions to them about it, and they got back to me right away. They are supper easy to get in touch with, either by email or by phone.

The information on how to set it up was very simple to follow and do by ourselves. As stated, we have two and a half acres of land and part of it is woods, so we buried the part for the land we use, and left the wooded area lying on the ground and used landscape staples to hold it to the ground in the woods. There video with training help/tips is great. I followed what they said and the training went great. I can now let her out in the yard and not have to worry about her getting in the road or running away. I have other dogs who do stay in the yard, and this allows them all to play and run about freely. I have a neighbor that walks her dogs on a regular basis and she would even run after them,to be loved and wanting to play, but now she stops at her boundary with no problems. She was trained in a matter of days, but I kept working with her for about a month to make me feel better. We have even forgot to put the collar on her and let her out and she stayed in the boundary. Both my husband and I agree that this is the best money we have ever spent. I highly recommend these systems to everyone. They are simple to install and use.

Wendy Banks
North Carolina


I was quite happy with my Dog Fence DIY. We found the wire easy to lay, connections relatively easy to make, and the fence has worked very well for our Australian Shepherd, who really likes to run, but respects the fence and stays away from the boundaries, no matter who or what is passing by!

The only suggestion we have is that the product directions are made a little more clear. We followed the directions and ran into some problems. Luckily, with a few phone calls to customer service, the problems were able to be identified and worked out, but we did figure out the printed directions were, in fact, confusing.

The customer service rep was VERY thorough and helpful, and in the end, all dilemmas were solved and the fence has worked beautifully ever since!

The money we saved doing this ourselves was well worth the few customer service calls we had to make to solve the problems we encountered.

Thank you for providing great service.

Janet G.


Our friendly neighbors were becoming much less friendly because our dog was visiting them more and more. We did everything we could think of to keep our dog home, but nothing worked. We have a large yard – over two acres, so a regular fence was cost-prohibitive. Once we installed the new underground fence, immediately our lives became much less stressful. Training was way easier than we expected and within a few days we were not constantly asking in a panic, “Where’s Teddy?!” Whew!Angela K.


We live in a rural suburban area and where looking for a way to keep our large outdoor dog safely on our property without confining here to a small kennel outside or going to the expense of fencing in our 2 acre yard. We decided to give the underground dog fencing a try and after searching on the internet the best price we found was at Dog Fence DIY. After reading all the reviews and asking a few questions which were promptly answered we decided on the sport dog model. The installation was easy with a gas edger. The supplemental training manually that DIY supplied was much more detailed than what came with the system. We followed it to the letter and after only one week our dog was respecting the boundary off her leash. After two weeks and a couple of corrections where she wandered toward the boundary while distracted she was totally trained. She absolutely will not cross the boundary now.I heard all the stories about dogs running through the boundary but I don’t believe a properly trained dog will do this. I would highly recommend an underground dog fence and Dog Fence DIY. The training manual and customer support are top notch and you can’t beat the prices.William Lewis
Walker, Louisiana


We bought the Innotek fence system to enclose 20 acres for our two border collies. We have been very pleased with the fence and how well the dogs have responded to it. I had lots of questions when we set up the fence because we were crossing roads and creeks. I received all the help I needed on the phone and was able to get the fence working quicker than I thought we would with 20 acres. I’m glad to know my dogs are safely contained on our property.Lisa Cobb


Hello, we live on acreage with livestock and have two Parson Russell Terriers. Prior to purchasing an electric fence from you, our dogs were forced to stay in pens when outside. It is difficult to keep a terrier in a pen as they love to dig and climb. They kept getting out and we kept modifying the pen. It now has a concrete floor, livestock fencing and fishnet on the top. With our electric fence, they have more than an acre to roam. They are VERY HAPPY and rarely escape. It was easy to install and the directions to train the dogs to respect the fence were easy to follow. Every once in a while, our male just cannot resist chasing the cat but that is not a problem with your product. It is a problem with our dog’s manners!Pam Brager
Whidbey Island, Washington


have had my electric fence for my beagle for over a year now and I could not be happier. We had an existing fence, but our pup would find any spot to slip through even when we could not see anything open. After running off and us being concerned over cars and bigger dogs we decided we needed to be confident she was going to stay in the yard. We were able to install the fence around the fencing by weaving it through the existing fence. DIY was so detailed in the instructions it went so quick and smooth. The price was great and MUCH cheaper than having someone install it for us. My beagle did really well with the training instructions that were provided by DIY. She has only been zapped once to my knowledge and she did a quick yelp and seemed fine. She figured out very quickly that the beep and the flags meant business. What a great mental relief not to have to go out searching all through the woods for our dog. I couldn’t be happier.Starr Topken
Charlotte, North Carolina


We bought the fence and put it in ourselves for all 2.5 acres. Using a gas powered edger, we completed the initial work of digging and laying down the line in 2 days . We took our time with training because I was worried about my very fast long haired dog learning he could break through the fence. We’ve had no problems and it works great. I love the freedom it gives my dog. I just wish I had done it sooner!Gloria F.


We are very satisfied with our DogFence. Prior to installing DogFence, our Llewellyn Setter was on a dog run, since we live in the country. Our dog was obnoxious, high strung and in need of more room to roam. Since installing DogFence our dog has 2 acres to roam and his temperament has settled down considerably. I rented a trencher with a wire laying attachment for $35 and was able to install 1000 ft of fence in less than 2 hours.New York
Daryl B.


We have a Labrador named Cecil. He is a one year old puppy, but growing rapidly. We live in a rural area in Indiana on about one acre. As I was growing up we always let our dogs run free. However, the traffic has increased dramatically on our country road and we did not feel secure letting Cecil roam. I am not one for cages and/or chains. So, I set out shopping for an invisible fence system. Although inclined to do things myself, I knew nothing about these fences with the exception of growing up on a farm and understanding above ground electric fences for livestock. I stumbled onto this do it yourself website and immediately noticed how organized it was and easy to navigate and compare different fence systems. I still shopped other websites checking prices as well as info, but kept coming back to this site. To me, the way the product is presented on-line, the ability to compare, and the information received says a lot about who your making your purchase from. After several days of studying, we purchased the fence for the “stubborn” dog.I read the instruction manual through and through to make sure I understood the “dos” and the “don’ts”. I checked into renting a trencher, which would also self-bury the line as we trenched. Much simpler and would save some time. But, it was early spring, the ground damp, and I was aware that these types of trenchers require dry soil to operate correctly. Weighing the time I would have to wait and the expense of renting a trencher, I decided to pursue another option. I do a lot of gardening so I own my own roto tiller. I removed all of the tines except for one, set the tiller depth to about 2″, and I was off. The one tine worked perfectly, digging a perfect trench in width and depth. The only drawback to my system was having to bury the line and fill the trench by hand. A little extra work never bothered me and, by this method, I was able to take care not to damage the line in any way and was able to make sure it was buried and covered consistently. We ran our fence in a day and this includes crossing two stone driveways, which I trenched out by hand with a pick. We used 1/2″ PVC conduit to run the line within the driveways and buried it a little deeper just for added protection against the weight of vehicles and machinery.

I hooked it up, plugged it in, and it has worked flawlessly for six months now. We love it. The adjustments that can be made to the field width, as well as, the potency of the collar are great. The fence has had no problem keeping Cecil contained, but still giving him plenty of room to run without restraint. I have since added two small islands to protect a couple of flower beds.

One of the things that amazed me the most was how quickly Cecil picked up on the fence. I swear he knew what I was doing as I buried the fence and laid out the line of flags. The instructions state that it takes approximately three weeks for the dog to begin to fully understand the fence and I expected this to be no different for Cecil. He had it figured out within a day. We walked him around the perimeter several times as suggested. I believe the flags also play an important role. But, I cannot lie. The best training Cecil received was being zapped a couple of times as he attempted to cross the field and that was all she wrote.

So far, I love the product and have been very pleased with how it works. There are no weaknesses in the line surrounding our one acre and Cecil now has such a firm understanding of the fence he stays in the yard with or without the collar. This is a great relief knowing that he is safely contained within the yard. We have trained him to cross in one area. Took some persuading, but he now has a good understanding that without the collar and with us there he can cross safely. Any other time, he does not attempt to cross. This product was extremely easy to install. My only honest concern, at this point, is the longevity of the product. This will be our first winter with it in place. As with any electrical product such as this, time will tell. Would I recommend it, absolutely.

Chad S.


We purchased this system back in February when we were preparing to move into our new home. We have two siberian huskies that are about a year old. To/ date we have been able to contain them in our yard (without a fence as we are in a new construction home). In addition, we purchased the rock which keeps them from running to the door when the door bell rings. The only negative thing I have to say is that they have chewed through a collar and that the collar does pop off from time to time if you do not keep a close eye on it. Other than that, we have been very pleased and have a great deal of security knowing that our dogs will not leave the yard…even to chase after a cat, paper bag or wayward construction worker :). Wade and Rita Wilson (and Syler and Luna….the Huskies)


We bought the Innotek 4100 even though we have a rat terrier and a yellow lab mix. Dog Fence DIY was kind enough to send resistors to adjust the correction on the terrier, Thank you. The work around for this system works just fine. We rented a small trencher. From start to finish it took about a day. We installed on about 3 acres. The fence works great. The dogs are safe and the neighbors are happy.So we are thrilled with this system.

Lisa P.


Hello. I purchased a Innotek 4100 dog fence from DogFenceDIY.com about five months ago. My son and I buryied the wire around my one acre lot in about 6 hours without incident. I found the installation instructions to be easy to understand and follow. On one or two occasions leading up to the installation, I contacted DogFenceDIY support with questions. They were always very responsive to my request, and I am very satisfied with them. After installation, my wife and I watched the training video before attempting to train our 4-month old lab. We spent one week introducing the puppy to the flag and a second week letting him experience two corrections. After the second correction, we were done. We now leave the dog outside when we leave home for the day without any worries. He respects the fence completely, and it is very comforting to know that he will be in the yard when we return. I could not be more satisfied with DogFenceDIY.com and with the Innotek 4100 dog fenceGeorge Blick
North Carolina


We purchased the Innotek 5100 based on the reviews and the web sites complete information. The installation went smoothly and the few questions I had were answered via email very quickly. I am extremely impressed with all the information on your website. The system works great and our dog is safe in her backyard, away from the road. It was a wonderful experience (except digging the trench) and very simple and straightforward. I would recommend one of these systems to anyone. The labor is the hard part and by doing that myself saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars.Jay T.


I am a satisfied customer…In July of 2010 I used DogFenceDIY.com to do research about and ultimately purchased an Innotek UltraSmart 4100. I really found a lot of practical information to help make the right choice in my dog fence purchase on the Website. The videos are very well done and provided the details I was looking for.
I received my order within 3 days! The Dogfence Experts Installation & Training guide is excellent! It’s worth the read and was extremely helpful. Installing the fence was pretty easy (I used the trencher machine) and it was installed in one day. My yellow lab learned the boundary in two days and I used the information in the training guide to do it. She was fully trained in 2 weeks, couldn’t believe it.5 months after the installation, we are so glad we made this purchase! The whole system works very well, we have had no problems with it at all!

Theresa Nolt


OK here’s the scoop, I have a certain way I can tell by talking with a person if they are good people or an ass@%$&!!! So take it from me this company is one you will never have a problem with!Thomas U.


I purchased an Innotek dog face from your website. The package arrived on time and in good condition. The instructions and web based help were clear and concise. The fence itself works as advertised. My dog, who can be excitable has only gone through the barrier twice, but I think with continued training there won’t be an issue.I would use your site again, should the need arise.

Greg B.


I really loved your dog fence reviews and information so I could research what to buy for my new dog. I ended up with your top rated Innotek IUC-4100 and it works really well. It was easy to install and my dog did very well with the techniques suggested in your training guide. I am especially pleased with having a rechargeable collar so I don’t have the added cost of batteries (I used to have the Invisible Fencing brand product and was unhappy spending a lot of money on batteries every three months). Colleen G.
New York


The price was very reasonable and the fence set up was simple it took about 4 hours to fence 1.25 acres. I only buried the fence across my driveways and tacked the wire to an existing perimeter fence. It took no time at all to train my German Shepard puppy. It has very good adjustability built into the system. It did take several attempts to get the settings to where she would respect the perimeter, but by adjusting the band width I have it where it does an excellent job keeping my dog at home. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an invisible fence.Stanley B.


When our dog fence was cut by the landscaper during aeration, we were fearful of what the cost would be to have the original installer come out to our remote location to try to find the areas to repair. Was I ever thankful that I found Dog Fence DIY on the internet!The repair kit came to the house just as promised, for a fraction of the cost of installer repair. The instructions were easy to follow. We found both cut locations and were able to fix them ourselves! Thanks so much to Dog Fence DIY.

Charles Mitchell
Champion, PA


I was 100% satisfied with Dog Fence DIY! Your customer service was beyond exceptional. In terms of consumer friendliness, you surpass every Internet vendor I have worked with to date. Your immediate response to my numerous questions was extremely beneficial. You made purchasing, installing, and maximizing my electronic dog fence a smooth and enjoyable transaction.Thank you

Shelli Panicucci


As previous owners of a dog fence installed by Invisible Fence Co. we were sold on the benefits of this technology. Once properly trained (which is critical) our dog left the yard only once chasing a rabbit. He stopped on the other side and waited for someone to bring him back (the training worked). After that early incident, he never left the yard again in 4 years. With collar on we probably could have shut down the power and not had to worry. Subsequently, when moving to our new home in NC we chose an underground fence as the best method to contain our dog. Since the budget did not allow for the cost of having Invisible Fence install the system, and with our prior experience, we chose owner installation. The dogfencediy website was easy to navigate and very informative. Prices were exceptional for everything we needed to do our own installation. With our dog already trained, there was little to do but re-acquaint him with the fence.The shipment arrived within days of ordering and included the extra wire and hold-down brackets to completer the job. We have nearly an acre and decided to bury the line in the grassed areas and lay it on top of ground in the rear wooded portion of the lot. We trenched using a lawn edger, which allowed burial to a depth of approximately 2-3”. That was more than enough in the lawn areas and in most of the wooded areas we could trench. Where root systems were a hindrance we anchored it on the ground and covered with leaves and debris. We have had no trouble with deer or other critters here in Central North Carolina.

The DIY folks were extremely helpful when we had questions and helped guide us to the best items for our situation. We now have a functioning dog fence for a fraction of the cost of hiring an installation company ($400 vs. $2500-3000)

James Smith
North Carolina


I installed the Innotek System on my 1 acre property and it has worked great. Installation was very simple and saved me alot of money compared to having it installed professionally. I received a bid from Invisible Fence and it would have costed me a $1000 more for them to do it for the same system basically.

I did it by myself on a Saturday morning and had the whole thing up in going in about 4 hours. I did rent a “doggy fence trencher” from the rental store for $75 for the weekend. I would highly recommend this route and get one that lays and backfills all in one shot. Any other way would have been very time consuming.

My dog Dino (Blue Weimaraner) picked up the system very quick. We used the DIY training manual and really went through it about half the time. He has yet to go through the system and I have it set on the lowest setting.

Overall everything was great from the price to ease of setup and the training manual provided.

Dustin Peterson


This will be quick given 3 young kids in need of bed but we LOVE our invisible fence! We spoke with a professional installer/trainer and then decided to do it ourselves for budget reasons, and because we thought we could do it… It’s been great. We used an edger to bury most of the wire and layed some of it right on top of the ground in the thicket areas. We followed the video and after a few weeks of strict training our dog is a changed beast. She WAS a runner, alas no more. We adopted her in July and the invisible fencing could not have worked out better. She got zapped 3 times — once on medium setting, twice on low (she is 52 pounds) and NEVER again — this is in a 1/2 acre yard, with three kids, two cats and tons of squirrels and neighborhood dogs. Yay! She loves the freedom and we LOVE it and SO worth taking the time to do it ourselves (saved about $850 I think).Julia C.
Lexington, MA


Sure! We were very happy with the pricing and products purchased at DogFenceDIY. The tips and advice on training and install were very helpful! I did the job myself with the hardest part being the shovel pushing, not spending time making the fence work. Skeptical that the fence would work for ‘my dog’, I diligently did the training as recommended and, wouldn’t you know it, it worked! Even for ‘my dog’! The invisible fence is a real blessing for us and our dog. Thanks for your helpful website!With tail-wagging joy,

Dale C.


I have two hounds who are notoriously bad at confining. They dig under or jump nearly every fence I’ve tried. At my wits end I purchased the Innotek 4100 Invisible Fence from DIY. I hired two college kids to install the line and hook it up, charged the collar and within two training sessions my Bloodhound was safely contained. What a relief! I purchased a second collar and found that my second hound was just as easy, if not easier to train to the system. The only criticism I have is that the roll of wire does not appear to cover the amount of ground advertised, I had to purchase a second roll locally. But, the system works as intended, even under 2 feet of snow! I am extremely happy with this system and if I relocate, it’s going with me.Colleen O.


The Dog Fence DIY website is an excellent resource. The the dog fence reviews are very informative and helped me to pick the Innotek UltraSmart system. I followed the step by step installation guide on the website and was able to install the dog fence around our entire 2.5acre lot in two days. Our dog (Buddy) quickly learned to stay in the boundaries and now can run freely throughout the yard. My wife and I are very pleased with the dog fence system and recommend purchasing from DIY to support their informative website and outstanding customer service!Garrett M.


I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Dog Fence DIY. I thoroughly researched my options when it came to purchasing and installing an in-ground fence and here are some notes on my experience with your company: Service: You and your team were exceptionally responsive, thoughtful, and professional in our correspondence. The BBB on your company had great reviews as well.

Delivery: The kit was well packaged, delivered fast, and easy to install.

Web-Site Functionality: Dogfencediy.com was easy to navigate, and simple to use. It was by far the best resource I found online for learning every aspect there is on in-ground fences; from installation to comparisons.

Value: The unit I purchased was priced below most competitors, but realistically, I would gladly pay more in the future in order to do business with your company again.

Reliability: My unit has worked flawlessly since I purchased it in August of 2010. There was one split (my error on installation) in the loop, but since I followed DIY’s suggestion and marked the splices, it was easy to track down the source and fix the problem.

Would I Refer a Friend: Already Have!

Will I do Business With DogFence DIY again: No question about it!

Overall, purchasing and installing an in-ground dog fence was an intimidating task. Being my first install, there were several questions, unknowns, and fears. Dog Fence DIY made this a simple process, and by taking on the challenge myself (with their assistance) I easily saved $1,500 over professional installation; for the same result.

I hope this helps, and if anyone is on the fence (no pun intended), I am more than willing to discuss my experience with them. Good luck in 2011!

Rob Little


We have a 6 month old Beagle puppy (Snickers!). She loves to be outside and NOT on a leash. We opted to work with Dog Fence DIY to implement a system in our yard so she can roam around and let her inner wild animal free!We selected the Innotek IUC 4100 after reading the good reviews. The price on DogFenceDIY wasn’t the absolute cheapest, but it was close. Combined with the ability to add on extra flags, extra wire, etc, as well as including the guide on installation and training, we felt that the value was there. The product shipped fast, and arrived as advertised.

Installation was a breeze using the included guide. It took me about 4 hours all told to install the fence on about a half acre lot. One recommendation I would make: use a cheapo edger to dig a narrow trench around the yard. It’s more work, but cheaper and more easily controlled than a power trencher.
Training was laid out in a wonderfully intuitive manner. It also worked like a charm. Snickers got shocked a few times in the early days, but after about a week she wouldn’t even come close to challenging the boundary. The adjustable system really lets you dial in the settings, and Snickers has never been happier.

I highly recommend Dog Fence DIY. Our experience has been absolutely terrific, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future. I hope it works out as well for you as it has for me!

John N.


I searched pretty much, all the sites that sell electric Dog fences. I kept coming back to DogFenceDIY because I found the site easy to navigate and the staff to be very informative. It is the ultimate reason I bought the PetSafe electric dog fence from them. I truly felt that they earned my business. I am really happy with the product I bought from them and would recommend them as well.Lenny Ross


My name is Shirley and I would like to say thank you for your product “SportDog Invisible Fencing”. Before obtaining this system I tried every thing I could to train my Golden Retriever “Cheddar” to stay on the property. I never had any problems before training my other Golden Retrievers but Cheddar had a mind of his own. I was afraid that Cheddar would venture out on the road and get killed.

I looked on the internet and found this system. It was approximately one third of the price of the original “Visible Fencing System”. I made a phone call, asked alot of questions and then proceeded to buy the Sport Dog Invisible Fencing.

The training was easy to follow and I can honestly say my two Golden Retriever “Bo Bo and Cheddar” stay on the property and are safe. We live out in the country so even if they see deer, turkeys etc. they will run as far as the invisible fence boundary and stop.

I am so pleased with this product that I have purchased several for family and friends.

Thank you Dog Fence DIY!

Shirley W.
Ontario, Canada


We are very satisfied with our fence. It was relatively easy to install and that includes cutting across a paved driveway. Training was also easy but had it’s moments. We have your typical energetic young yellow lab and we did have a couple of breakouts. We kept up with the training and found the right field size and strength setting that has kept our dog safe and happy in our yard. Life is much easier now without worrying about having the dog on a leash or lead.Doug M.


I found the system we purchased from Dog Fence DIY to be easy to install, and the staff was very helpful when I did have to call with one question. The fence works beautifully and our two dogs trained quickly. It has proven to be a quality product.Ronald V.


First off, your website is top notch and the information was extremely helpful. I really enjoyed the unbiased descriptions of your products and the fact that I didn’t HAVE to purchase from you to learn about dog fences and how they work. In the end, I did purchase from you because I appreciated the info and your e-mailed dog face book was SOOOO much better than the manual I received from the actual dog fence company.For anyone that is thinking about purchasing a dog fence, you must check out Dog Fence DIY. With the help of this website and its professional staff (yes the staff gave me great advice before I purchased anything from them) I was able to buy a reliable product that has kept both of my dogs from chasing deer and other dogs.
The videos and research they provide on the various types of dog fences is top notch. With the help of the “resistor trick” I was comfortable selecting the Petsafe 4100. After purchasing the product I was sent a dog fence book via e-mail that gave me detailed information on how to set up the dog fence and train my dog. This book is much more detailed than the manual provided by the Petsafe 4100. From designing the dog fence (thanks for the gutter trick), installing the dog fence, to training your dog properly, this book is simply awesome.If you’re interested in getting a dog fence or just want to read up on how they work, go to Dog Fence DIY first. You won’t be disappointed and your dogs will greatly appreciate it!

Brian W.


I purchased the Innotek SD-2100. Love this fence, was not hard to put in for me because I live in the country and just laid most of the wire above ground behind my tree line, did have to go under my drive way with wire inside plastic plumbers pipe. Both of my dogs were easy to train and the rechargeable collars are the best. I did have to call support a couple of times, absolutely the best service.Sandra Smith


We, me, my husband, and Alex (our dog), really appreciate the time you took over the phone and through email to answer all of our questions. Your recommendations were right on and we installed the fence in less than one day with no problems. It was much easier than we anticipated and we (my husband and I) didn’t even argue once, it was that easy!!! I watched the training video and had Alex trained in 2 1/2 weeks, the extra few days were due to my own error. Despite my inconsistencies, Alex was a quick student. She caught on fast that her invisible fence collar equals freedom. She loves chasing the squirrels and basking in the moving sunshine throughout the day when we’re home. It’s so nice to have her follow me around while I garden. We saved over $1,200 with your help. Thank you!!! Jennifer Moradmand
Kettering, Ohio


I was very pleased with the product, and especially the service from the folks at Dog Fence DIY. They patiently answered my questions, and after I changed my mind, made the exchange and upgrade process very simple and easy. We followed the instructions for training our puppy and lo and behold, we have a dog who respects the invisible fencing and a great view of the lake, since we didn’t have to build that huge fence! I have already recommended Dog Fence DIY to my friends and neighbors. Thanks for working with us guysRobert G.


After first buying a do-it-yourself dog fence system and having problems with the signal interfering with my neighbors system, I was so frustrated I almost gave up and paid the $1300 to a well known national dog fence company. I then found DogFenceDIY.com. The site was great and the reviews of several systems were outstanding. I learned that the best system for me was likely Perimeter Technologies as they offered an adjustable frequency. Before DogFenceDIY.com I didn’t even know there was such a thing as adjustable frequencies. I further called and spoke with “Stewart”, who’s name and phone number were listed on the website, and we discussed my situation in detail. He was great. I ordered my new fence and it came as described with no problems. I installed it without a problem and it works great. Installing my own dog fence seemed like a simple task, but as I learned certain applications can prove difficult. DogFenceDIY.com certainly smoothed out the bumps and made me a much more informed consumer. I would definitely recommend that anyone thinking about installing their own system visit your website and use your services. I would have saved myself a lot of time, money, and headache if I’d have started with DogFenceDIY.com. I’m sold!Jeff V.


My husband and I are very pleased with our dog fence system. We purchased the kit with the intention of fencing in approximately 4 acres for our two Boweimars (cross between a Boxer and a Weimaraner). We were able to borrow a small plow for our tractor which made installation very quick and easy. We had our installation complete with the assistance of a friend in about four hours. The installation instructions were very helpful and concise.I should have verified the setting on the collars prior to beginning the training. I unfortunately had them on the highest setting which frightened to the dogs during the first three days. I stopped for a few days and then put the collars on them on the lowest setting to get them used to wearing them. It really didn’t take long to get through the training and for them to know that when the collars are on that they have to stay within their boundaries.

I would recommend DogFenceDIY.com to anyone with the capability of performing the installation and training.

Laura W.


I am very pleased to give a testimonial for the DIY stubborn dog fence. It was the best investment I have made this year.The set up didn’t take long at all. Between 3 of us we had finished in just a few hours. But we only buried 600′, and the rest is stapled to the pasture fence. I started training right away. Following the training that is outlined, I was able to have my dogs completely trained in 8 days! They love the freedom and I love that they can run, safely! Even when the collars are off, and we are playing ball, the dogs will stop at the line if the ball goes past! I suggest this fence to everyone who has a dog tied up or stuck in a small pen. My neighbors have bought one now too. And Our dogs sit watching each other…never trying to cross the line:)

It is not expensive at all when you think of the health and happiness of my dogs.I am a very satisfied customer! Thank you for a great product!

The only thing i would like to see is the collar with a metal clasp. And of corse a smaller box…but I am sure it would be made smaller if it could be!

Stacy G.
New Brunswick, Canada


I was very pleased with the service, shipping and the product. I have had the fence installed for 4-5 months on 2 acres. The installation was more difficult than I had imagined because of our hard soil, but the problem became much easier with a gasoline powered edge trimmer. Once installed, it only took a few days to train our year old Beagle mix. It only took three corrections for him to become a believer, once after a cat, once with a squirrel and once chasing other dogs. He loves to chase after my ATV but he will no longer come near the fence. Thanks for a great product that works exactly (even better) as advertised.Your prices are the best to be found.

Lewis Lavender
Southern Illinois


I found your web site very helpful in deciding what kind of system I needed. The product comparisons on your site seemed objective, very honest and proved very helpful in my choosing the right system for my situation. I did notice an obvious lack of information regarding the installation of the buried wire. Fortunately, I was able to install the 3200 feet of wire I needed very easily by using a homemade plow pulled by a small farm tractor. The installation took about a day to complete. I also had unanswered questions about the use of steel conduit under roads and high traffic areas. It turned out that steel (EMT) conduit worked fine.I chose a system that was rated for 10 to 25 acres. Much of the perimeter is subject to traffic by livestock (mostly horses) So far the 18-gage wire has held up fine (since July, when it was installed). I do appreciate the ability to find breaks in the line, should they occur. I’m sure I need that capability in the future.

Overall, I am very happy with my system. I use it on a bird dog pup and two old beagles. The bird dog is fractious and the beagles are very single minded and head strong. The system works well on both these diverse behaviors. The dogs are happier now that they have the full run of 10 acres, and I have developed some confidence in their security.

Henry O.


The DIY site is very well organized and presented. The content is relatable and helpful. The selections also provide visitors with a logical gamut of possibilities at competitive prices–and I checked. DIY is an admirable site with the right idea about servicing the consumer.Wayne H.


I ordered the 4100 system this past summer, making my final decision from all the great information available on the Fence DIY website, and from the quick answers I received to my emailed questions. I installed over 2 acres of fencing myself, with the help of my 15 year old son and frankly, the information from the website was much more helpful than from the manufacturer! The initial purchase interactions were easy and quick and when I went back to them weeks, and then months later, they were just as responsive. I am very pleased with their products and personal service, and have already recommended them to others.Tracy Thaden


My installation was mostly in the woods around my home. I only had to bury the twisted cable from the transmitter to the loop and some short lengths of loop where trails go into the woods. Connecting cables was easy with the installation kits.We have two dogs, so we bought an extra collar. The extra collar has a quick disconnect that makes installation easier. The buckle collar is sometimes hard to get adjusted on a Jack Russell terrier that wants to go outside.

The training instructions worked well. I have a Jack Russell and a German Shepherd mix. The terrier always stops for the fence. Sometimes the Shepherd will bull through, but he knows it! The collar definitely gets his attention. Also, as an older dog, I think he has problems hearing the warning beeps.
The website was very helpful to suggest the right kit for my installation. The only regret I have is that I did not buy the hold down stakes for the loop in the woods.

Steve B.


We are 100% satisfied with our in-ground fence. We were told that this type of fence was not a good option for Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, but we took a chance and we’re glad we did. We trained our puppy in accordance with the product instructions and we have not had any issues with her leaving the yard or even challenging the boundaries for that matter. My wife and I, along with our teenage son laid the wire in a day, we have an approximately a 70X120 lot and used just a spade, it was really pretty easy and fast. We had never installed one of these fences before. Our product came from DogFenceDIY.com quickly and as advertised, a seamless transaction. I would order from this site again.Ed M.


Our vet recommended the in-ground fence about 2 years ago, and I was skeptical that an owner-installed electronic fence would contain our adventurous pups. I am a believer now. Your fence product was a real bonus for our 2 dogs. Now they can remain safe at home while we are out, and I do not have to worry about them roaming or possibly getting hurt. Installation was a breeze and the dogs only took a few days to learn the boundaries and accept the fence. So much easier (and significantly more affordable) than raising the fence height. I wish we had known about DIY fences earlier!Leanne G.


For starters, I didn’t even consider the option of installing the dog fence myself (and had nearly gone the much more expensive route of professional installation) until I came across dogfencediy.com. The website is incredibly thorough with detailed step by step instructions (and great videos), yet easy to browse. Reponses to posted questions seemed to number in the hundreds and nearly all of my initial hesitations and concerns were addressed. The few questions I had that weren’t posted were quickly answered over the phone by Wes, who was very helpful before AND after purchase and installation. The dog fence reviews are thoughtful and spot on and I’m very pleased with the 4100 that I purchased for our two dogs. A great big thanks to the guys at dogfencediy.com!Ryan E.


Thank you for recommending the Innotek 4100 to me and for providing such outstanding customer service. Having just lost our beloved dog to a car accident when he chased coyotes from our property, it was of utmost importance to find a product that would prevent that from happening again as we prepared to adopt a new dog.While the IUC-4100 turns out to be a great product at a very reasonable price, the real and very pleasant surprise was the personalized and exceptional customer service provided by Dog Fence DIY. I had numerous questions about the fence installation that were answered promptly, thoroughly and caringly. As it turns out, the installation went well and I felt that you were with me all along the way.

Dog Fence DIY went above and beyond what I would normally expect from a seller and I appreciate that very much. The fence is working great and my new canine companion, Rudy, is safe and secure. I will wholeheartedly recommend Dog Fence DIY to anyone who cares about protecting their pet.

Carl Tomforde
Princeton, MA


I purchased the 4100 this fall. We have 2 acres we wanted to fence in for our 4 dogs. To have the fence put in professionally, it was going to cost me $1500 for just 2 collars. Plus, I would have to buy batteries every 3 months.I found Dog Fence DIY while searching the internet. This website caught my attention by how it was laid out and the ease of reading about different fencing systems. I also emailed a question about the potential fence I was going to buy and I received an email within the day.

I purchased the Innotec 4100 for my 4 dogs. It can very quickly and with no problems. The hardest part of the job was putting the wire down in the ground. I would recommend an edger to cut into the ground. We also had to go through our driveway 4 times, so laying the wire in the pvc pipe also took awhile to install. However, once we finished installing the fence, the 4100 works great.

It didn’t take long to train my dogs on the system. I can now leave my house with out my dogs chasing me down the road or chasing someone on a bike or walking. It is a great ease of mind.

I do have a complaint on the collars, the band of this collars does not like to stay on large dogs. I had 2 damaged. However I emailed Dog Fence DIY and they sent me the number to Innotek and I called and told them what happened. They are sending me to replacement collars…which is a huge relief.

I would defiantly recommend buying and invisible fence from Dog Fence DIY. They are very helpful and it is very easy to compare what fencing system will work best for you and your dogs.

Kelly M.


I purchased my electronic fence several months and installed it in a matter of a few hours. I had the problem of one of my three dogs jumping over our 6′ chain link fence and a neighbor who was going to have my dog arrested, by the dog police, if I could not keep her in the yard. After installing the fence my dog wandered into the protected zone just twice. Both times she got her little shock and has never gone near the area since. The system works very very effectively and has given my piece of mind. I recommend the fence system to anyone who worries about losing their pet.Lynn Potter


I have nothing but great things to say about Dog Fence DIY! I was able to purchase the fence and all the supplies I needed from one source. The kit arrived in a timely manner and with the help of the free guide, installing the fence and training my dog was a snap!I have a .79 acre yard and installed the fence around the entire perimeter. Because of cost and trees, renting a trencher wasn’t an option for me. After some initial trial and error with an edger, I found the simplest way to install the fence was with a straight edged shovel. By cutting into the ground at a 45 degree angle to make a flap, I could easily lift the ‘flap’, slide the fence wire well under it, and pat it back down with no back filling of any sort required. I would HIGHLY recommend this method. It is monotonous, true, but very effective and efficient. With the exception of the driveway, I was able to get the entire fence installed in one day! I cut through our asphalt driveway with a masonry blade on a circular saw the following day, sealed it over, and I was done!

Training my dog was a cinch with the practical and insightful training tips provided in the guide. I liked the emphasis placed on correctly fitting the collar, and working with your pup to always retreat back to the safe and fun center of the yard when they hear the warning beep. Training progressed quickly, and within approximately ten days I could allow my pup to run loose in the yard with supervision. I was amazed at how quickly and easily he came to understand the boundary and more importantly, how to react when he heard the warning tones from his collar. Within two weeks, I allowed him to run unsupervised in the yard for short periods of time, and by three weeks, I knew he had it when he barked at a squirrel on the other side of the fence, yet made no move to cross the boundary and chase after it.

Thank you Dog Fence DIY for a safe, effective, and economical containment solution for my canine companion. We are thrilled with our fence!

Letitia Lindsay


When we got our puppy, a certified mutt, we thought that we might need to do something to contain her in our yard. When Spring arrived and the snow melted, sure enough, she was leaving our property in pursuit of every wild creature out there. I did a lot of online research, spoke to friends and family that have electric dog fences, and I narrowed down what I was looking for. Then I did more research, found numerous sites selling “DIY” fencing, but Dog Fence DIY had the most comprehensive information, friendliest staff on call to answer questions and give advice, and, to top it off, the best pricing!! With all of that to offer, I purchased the Innotec IUC 5100 with an additional 1000 feet of wire (surrounded 2.5 acres) and set about installing it as recommended. I rented a trencher from the local rental store, and pulled the wire within about 4 hours, and had the entire system up and running within 6 hours. After that, all I had to do was following the simple step by step training instructions that came with my purchase, and within a few weeks, our puppy no longer roamed outside the boundaries.We have been using the system for just about a year now with no issues at all. To me this is an important point, as our neighbors, who have now paid to have someone install their system and train their dogs, not once, but twice, still have problems with their dogs straying from their property.

In summary, Dog Fence DIY had the best product, for the best price, with staff and support teams to back up the products. It is hard to go wrong with that combination, and they are a business that I would refer people to. ”

Joeseph Lubeski


I chose Dog Fence DIY because of the the knowledge that was contained on the website discussing the various aspects of installing the fence. The website also had reviews of the various systems by one person. This was helpful as most online stores offer reviews, but they are from people who may not have experience with other systems. I also appreciated the ability to order all the supplies and customize the system according to my needs.Chris B.


I have been using my Innotek 4100 in-ground dog containment fence for nearly a year now. I could not be more satisfied with its performance. I own two labs, one older ( a collar is not required) and a two year old youngster that was never satisfied with his 5 or 6 acres of cleared property and pond. A highway runs adjacent to my property, and conventional fencing of the area would have been very expensive. Now the deer, raccoons, squirrels and stray dogs and cats are all safe outside the invisible fence, and my young lab knows exactly where to stop chasing them! I now longer worry about the highway. It did take me almost a month to install the perimeter wire (I worked a couple of hours each day and I am nearly 70 years of age). I mostly used an edger to bury the line, but I had to use an ax in some places for tree roots near wood lines. All in all, it was good exercise (but it will make you yearn for good old soft or sandy ground if you are enclosing a very large area). My in ground fence system worked like a charm right out of the box, and the training CD and manual were excellent. I no longer had any concerns for my lab after about a week of training. Since I am in Florida where electrical storms are common, I also purchased a surge protector to protect the master control box. But perhaps the most gratifying experience I had with this company was when the first dog collar stopped working after about three months (it would not take a recharge). I just knew I was going to get the run-around trying to replace the collar in a timely manner. Not so, one call to the warranty department resulted in my new collar arriving within 36 hours! The most helpful people! Amazing! I did pay extra for the overnight shipping since I was scheduled to be gone on a trip within three days, but had I been willing to wait for normal delivery time, it wouldn’t have cost me a penny. Kudos to you for an outstanding product from an outstanding company! You do a great service for dog lovers and their pet dogs everywhere. Frank Carson
New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


Installation was much simpler and less expensive than a fence for a 2 acre lot. The collars work fine for our dogs even though they are not the brightest.Marty G.


We had an existing Invisible Fence system and needed a collar. We purchased a computer collar from Dog Fence DIY and have been thoroughly satisfied with its effectiveness. We’ve been using it for 7 months with no issues.Charles Allen


My husband and I were very pleased with DogFenceDIY, both the web site as well as the customer service reps. When we had questions, it was easy to get a person on the phone who was quite friendly as well as attentive to our needs. The response time was great. As far as the equipment, it is working beautifully for our lab and beagle. I shopped around and chose DogFenceDIY and very glad I did! Thank you!Dawn P.
New York


I purchased the Pet Safe stubborn dog fence for my Anatolian/Great Pyrenees puppy, who had just discovered the joys of exploring. I appreciated very much all the information on your website, which helped me to decide just which fence would be the right one for my dog. The installation process was very easy, and the one time I called with a couple of questions, the gentleman on the phone was very helpful and did a very good job of answering them. The directions on how to train were very easy, and my dog took no time at all to learn her boundaries and keep a healthy distance from them! This fence was a very good investment, and I would recommend it and this website to anyone who has an exploring dog.Shawna D.


I bought my electric fence several months ago with some concern about how it would work with my large dog. The system has worked great and instillation was easy. Several basic questions about installing the system were quickly answered by Wes. Would highly recommend buying your dog fence from DIY.Richard Field
Centreville MS


Purchased the “Stubborn Dog” invisible fence and attached it to my existing chain link fence as recommended by Dog Fence DIY. By the following day the two Pit Bulls that had been tunneling out would not come within 3 feet of the fence…… works great. Good knowledgeable support from Dog Fence DIY.Al Keller


When our new weimaraner was only 8 weeks old we began searching the internet for information on underground fencing. After several website visits and phone calls to different suppliers we settled on DogFenceDIY.com and are very happy we did.

During our investigations we noted that the people at DogFenceDIY were not only easy to get a hold of but also very knowledgeable (and patient). We explained the layout of our lot and the areas that we wanted to secure and they recommended the package and accessories that would meet our needs. They were also very helpful in helping us to understand what was required in the installation process which, coupled with the illustrations and instructions provided in the package, made the whole project go very smoothly.

We have 5 acres and installed a system that covers about 4 acres and the whole installation process took about 4 hours (we rented a cable layer from a local hardware store). Again, we are very satisfied with the products and service (before and after the sale) provided by DogFenceDIY.com and recommend them highly to anyone.

Also, the information and training materials included with our package made it very easy for us to understand the familiarization and training process and our dog was trained within 2 weeks. We are very satisfied customers.

Gary & Sherry


We took the advice of DogFence DIY and went with the Innotek IUC 4100. This has worked out better than one could have hoped. One of my favorite features is the training manual and program, with which I was able to ensure consistency in training my dog among all the members in my family. I have a boxer and 2 acres; this system was the right choice. After 6 months or so, it doesn’t matter if my dog even has the collar on; he doesn’t test the boundaries, ever. Best of all, I saved hundreds of dollars! I must say though that to bury 1600 feet of wire was a bigger task than I anticipated. Thank you for a very functional and reliable product.Mike


Regarding Dog Fence DIY, we stumbled across the site looking for fence solutions for our dog, Fife (as in Fife and Drum, a high pitched flute, if you ever hear him whine, it would all become clear) He is an 80lb Doberman Pincher who loves to run. The cost of a chain link fence around the property was far too great, and the idea rather unsightly. After lots of research we starting looking into invisible/radio fence solutions. Dogfencediy.com was a wealth of information, the videos proved helpful and amusing. We ordered the Innotek UltraSmart IUC 4100 and had it installed in a few hours (that included a 2 driveway crossings, we cut one, it went fine and the disk for the circular saw was $3) We did not have to bury about 80% of the line just ran it through the woods and through a culvert in all we enclosed just over an acre.

Training, we followed the directions on your site and in the box, he got the gist of it very quickly and after getting corrected once he knew he did not like the consequences for ignoring the warning tones. In under a month he was enjoying the freedom of his new play area. He loves being able to run around the house and playing games in the back yard. He as been corrected a total of 4 times and now (after 5-6 months) is very respectful of the boundary.

We love this as well, it is by far the best thing we ever did for our Dobie, he gets to go with us to play and while we work outside and we have peace of mind knowing he is safe from traffic. We recommend in ground fencing to a lot of friends and specifically your site, as an excellent source of information and products for the do-it-your-self type.

We did have our first collar die within the first week of training it would no longer work correctly, it was quickly replaced and training resumed.

Attached are a few pics of Fife enjoying his new found freedom. We are thrilled with system we purchased and would recommend it to anyone.

Kris & Marion Kruswick
Woolwich, ME


We bought the Innotek dog fence with rechargeable collar and although we didn’t install it right away (had to wait until our puppy was 6 months), we love this product. I read everything and watched the DVD to start training our puppy. The product was as described, and installation was easy although for me (being obsessive) it took longer than I thought. We used an edger to create the channel for the wire….used twisted wire to connect to the base (Which we located in our basement, a walkout). I have a feeling next spring we will add some more loops to keep the dog out of the flower beds!

My only problem was with the training. My puppy thought the flags were new toys! She used to rip them out of the ground. I ended up modifying the training and let the fence correct her much earlier. She immediately retreated and understood that the flags were not toys! It is amazing that she is trained and even if she gets to close, once she hears the warning sounds, immediately retreats! I do think training is key and wonder why people have trouble keeping their dogs in the electric fence. The product is very inexpensive compared to a “real fence” and it is so worth the savings to do it yourself and not have a fencing company install it. I will be interested in seeing how long the rechargeable collar will last. This fence also does not detract from your property…great for communities where the covenants do not allow fences.

Your company was wonderful to order through and I recommend you to all my neighbors/friends.

Kathleen Bailey


I received the dog fence for my Birthday present! Having a German Short hair who loves to run. It’s been great for her to run on our 10 acres, and not having to go look for her 4 miles down the road! The dog fence does what it advertises. I wish I got it 5 years sooner!Dan Bates


I found your website, DogFenceDIY.com, to be well organized and full of useful information. I knew I wanted to buy a wired system, but wasn’t familiar with the market and various alternatives. After researching products and price, your solution sounded like a good fit. I also wanted to install it myself, but never having done it before I needed to understand how it worked and how to approach the install. I found everything I needed on your site. I went ahead with the purchase and have been very happy with the product. I installed it and it’s been in use for six months with no problems. It really worked out great.Paul Brockish


We purchased our SportDog dog fence to protect a young Siberian Husky named Henry. These dogs are known Houdini escape artists, very intelligent and they love to run covering as much as 150 miles a day. We have 5 acres enclosed for him bordering a lake. After wandering the internet we stumbled on to the Dog Fence DIY site, once I contacted them I knew who I was going to buy our fence from and which fence to buy. They answered the phone AND knew what they were talking about.

Delivery was prompt and as promised. Post purchase support was great and the fence itself installed easily. We ran the wire on an existing fence line above ground only burying at the gates. We went through the lake and finally about 75′ of underground culvert with the help of a chicken. It worked on the first power up and was easy to adjust the range. The range is very consistent no matter how far away you get from the transmitter. Since installation we have had one fence break. It was bitten in half underwater, we suspect a turtle.

Once installed I spent about a month walking the perimeter on leash with the collar and fence turned off. Our Sibe is very attentive and wants to please. He responds well to “No” but like most Sibes he will argue and needs a reason to do what you ask. If he doesn’t see the point, he doesn’t want to do it. Due to horses and goats I could not use the flags so I used marker paint to draw white lines on the ground instead. Once he clearly understood I didn’t want him to cross the line I turned on the fence.

I started with the higher setting rather than low as suggested and began walking him off leash. If he ventured too close to the white line I would calmly say no until he returned, if I heard the collar tone I would become more emphatic and even act panicked. He didn’t get correction for the first few days… then he decided to ignore me. When he got zapped I acted just as upset as he was, calmed him, petted him… he has never challenged the fence again. Once he hears the tone he stops and returns. He is not afraid of the collar or resentful. To the contrary he knows if he doesn’t have on his collar he’s in the crate so when I let him out he comes wagging his tail ready for his collar.

I’m very satisfied with Dog Fence DIY and plan to purchase from them again if the need arises. I will definitely refer friends and family.

Robert Ball


I wrote in the Friday after Thanksgiving with a question and rec’d a quick response so I sent two more questions and quickly rec’d answers. My situation was different, my dog was breaking into the house thru the door when I was gone. This was causing alot of damage and he moved on to a glass sliding door so I was worried he would get hurt. After reading the installation instructions and seeing your responses to other customers, I felt comfortable ordering from you. It arrived in just a few days and only took me 1.5 hours to completely install. It works great! My dog and my home are now both safe. Thank you so much for your time and attention in responding to my emails. Your customer service has made all the difference.Tim B.


We purchased the SportDog system from DIY Dog Fence 6 months ago. We have four Great Pyrenees in a 15-acre enclosure to protect our sheep from predators such as coyotes. They have proved in the past to be very adept at finding areas in the fence from which they could escape. We installed the system on top of an existing fence–at some point we may bury it, but not as yet. The installation was very simple and exactly as described. After a little trial and error, we found the proper settings for the system, and the dogs have learned to respect the fence, staying a good distance away from it. While there is an occasional escape, it is very rare–nowhere near what it was before we installed the system. I have been impressed with Dog Fence DIY when I have talked to them about any questions I had, and with the Sport Dog manufacturer when I spoke to them about two warranty issues concerning the collars, both of which were addressed in a speedy manner. I recommend Dog Fence DIY and the Sport Dog system without reservation.Elizabeth & Phil H.
Weaverville, North Carolina


I purchased the Innotek IUC-4100 in April 2010. The product arrived within 3 days. The kit contained everything needed. I had some questions regarding a single loop, backyard only installation. Wes replied quickly to my emails and I was off and running with the install. I laid about 500 feet of cable with a spade. This was more time consuming than using a trencher, but it was easier on the lawn. We followed the training DVD and have had great success keeping our 1 year old Vizsla within the perimeter. The dog collar holds a charge extremely well, it goes about 3 months before it needs to be recharged! I would give DogfenceDIY 5 STARS across the board – Great web site with informative videos, great product (IUC-4100), fast order fulfillment and great service! Well Done!!!John G.


I am an avid do it yourselfer and found Dog Fence DIY to be a source of great information. I have recommended it to a few friends. The information on the site is so comprehensive that I found it to be a perfect one stop shop. I went from someone with a new dog to a dog fence expert with the help of your site. I would highly recommend this site to others.Andy E.


I am very happy with the Innotek Ultrasmart 5100 Contain n Train system. I live in a neighborhood where fences are considered unattractive and unfriendly. My neighbor would be upset if I put up a fence even if it’s sole purpose was to keep my 100 pound dog in the yard. I was very surprised at how quickly my dog respected the boundary, he has crossed the line only once. Now he will watch dogs and runners go by, no barking, no charging the line. I live in West Central Wisconsin. There is over 2 feet of snow in my yard, minus 20 degree weather and the system works fine and I don’t have to go outside every time my dog needs to pee.

But, I wasn’t happy the first 3 weeks. I am a 60 year old woman and I intalled the fence by myself: 530 feet of wire to be buried, only 1/2 was grass, the rest was through woods on a fairly steep hill. This was not an easy job. Once the wired was all spliced and the control center mounted in the garage that is when the real frustration started. I had stray shocks all up and down my driveway and throughout my yard. The tech support provided by the company was not very helpful. They thought I had a defective unit and actually sent out a replacement. That system also had the same problems. I was ready to return the whole thing and hire someone to help me. Then I called the DIY helpline. A very nice man helped me to trouble shoot the problem. He patiently walked me through a number of steps. It turned out that there was a simple solution. The stray voltage was caused by my system being turned up too high. I was turning the “width of the field” button in the wrong direction. It was a combination of poor reading on my part, poor written directions and inadequate diagrams in the manual and no stop on the rheostat making it possible to turn the rheostat 360 degrees.

Now my system works great and I am now getting ready to figure out how the remote trainer works. My 100 pound dogs like to jump up on people when he greets them.

Debbie Wright


We used Dog Fence DIY to install an underground fence system around our 5 acre farm. We have horses, so the underground wire had to be at least 6″ in the ground to keep from being stepped on/broken in the mud. Dog Fence DIY was extremely helpful and supplied us with exactly what we needed. And after we installed the fence, we determined one of our labs required the “stubborn” system, so Dog Fence DIY exchanged all the necessary items to upgrade our system without any trouble at all. Their training documentation worked perfectly and within 3 weeks all three of our labs were safely contained within our 5 acres. We’ve now had the system installed for almost a year. It is still running flawlessly and we have had no dog break outs! I would highly recommend Dog Fence DIY to anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little work in the dirt to save a lot of $$$!!!Kent King
Blue Skies Organic Farm


We were very pleased with the Dog Fence system that we purchased from your company. The directions were clear & my husband (not me) was able to follow them without many problems. We ended up having to move after six months & easily moved the dog fence system with us. We were even able to remove the buried wire & take it with us. The most helpful issue was when I called after receiving two dog collars & they were distinctly different. One was not easy to work with because the rubber was stiff & the collar was hard to fasten. It took a telephone call & an e-mail with photos & I quickly received a replacement. All is well & the system works very well. Would definitely recommend Dog Fence DIY.com to anyone. The savings over having a local company install the system is quite a bit.Diane Snoke


Your responses to my questions were not only prompt but in wonderful detail including sending drawings which clarified the answers you provided. The only other times I have received such excellent service is when I have paid a consultant to help me. I have recommended you to other people for various needs and will continue to do so. Thank you for being such an excellent resource.T. Nelson


I purchased the INNOTEK invisible fence system over a year ago and love it. I found it very easy to install and it works great for our crazy Jack Russells. The ease of installing was coupled with the great step by step instructions. The techs were available by phone with any questions I might have had. I just had to call once. We have it on top of the fence in the backyard and I buried it in the front yard. The training was mapped out perfectly for the consumer/trainer. It just takes patience, persistence, and consistency but the training went great. I must say the curious mind of a Jack Russell puts the fence to the test and I must say they do test it in every way they can. I have trained them where to walk on the driveway to exit safely for walks…..without warning collars on. My husband was proud and amazed that I used the lawn edger at an angle to create the trough for the wiring and even used a masonry saw to create a thin trough through the driveway to bury the wiring. I finished it off with liquid driveway crack filler to seal the trough made by cutting the driveway. Our dogs are precious to us and they can run and enjoy time in the front as well as the backyard safely. I am definitely a very happy customer and will continue to recommend your system.Jennifer Manderscheid


We got the IUC – 5100 for our 2 Vizsula’s that are less then a year old. They on occasion were running off to chase everything through the countryside. I even had to pick them up at a house almost 2 miles away one day.After a day of setting up almost a 1,000 ft of wire the next morning I followed the instructions of putting the collar on our male and using a leash to walk him around. Each time the signal went off i would jerk him back and say NO. I then did the female, not paying much attention to the male who was now off the leash. He proceeded to trot our to wire and I noticed he got the ‘signal’. He immediately ran back to the house. We used it only when we were home the first week so we could make sure in case they broke through we would see it.

A week later I turned down the boundary so they had even more room. I wanted to see how close the pups could get. I had to hold my males collar to get him to get closer to the wire then he was used to. Once the alert chimed he pulled out of my grasp and headed for the house.

We are gone overnight on occasions for kids activities. This will allow our dogs to be outside and still provide us the comfort to know they are safe.

Kevin A.


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donald self April 15, 2014 at 9:57 am

I have a mini dachshund he is about 4 years old, he began runing down to the road so i knew something would have to be done, so after alot of research on… dog fence diy… i decided on a “petsafe yardmax” me and my buddy installed 1000 feet of 14 gauge thhn wire with as foot edger, it took a few days and i put the twisted wire in a pipe 10 inches down because my dog is a digger! Its been working great! at first my dog did’nt like it but only took a few days to get used to it , now he will not leave the yard, its great!! …thanks to dog fence diy…

Bruce Wilfong April 9, 2013 at 9:55 pm

These guys are the best!!! Had an issue with a previous system. I set it all up, ran 750 ft of wire and the system had some glitches. Talked to Wes on the phone and he immediately resolved the issue for me with a brand new no fuss system!!

If you are going to buy a fence system, I would strongly recommend to buy one from DIYDOGFENCE, not only because of the great reviews, tutorials and products but because of class act, A++ service. It’s really hard to find someone these days who will back up their own product let alone someone else’s. I really feel Wes cared about my animals and not just making a quick buck.

Thanks Wes!!
Bruce W.

Scott B. May 8, 2012 at 9:47 am

This site has been so helpful to me in researching underground fences I wanted to give back and comment. My wife and I purchesed a Sport Dog 100A from Dog Fence DIY and instlled 1220 feet of 16 ga. wire. I twisted 133 feet (actually 266) of wire to get to the perimeter. We have 2 – 6 month old lab puppies. One is high energy and the other is timid. Training went well over two weeks or so. I found the higher energy puppy needed level 3 and the timid puppy only needed a level 2.

We are very pleased with the underground fence. The only drawback I see is the stock collars are cumbersome to put on and take off. The high energy puppy chewed his brothers collar in half. I now have the transmitters on nylon collars that have a snap. Much easier to get on when they are excited to get out of the fence etc.

We are very pleased.

David Vanderlaan September 21, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Me too! 1000 ft. of wire buried and a week later the worry was gone. The bird dogs are happy with their limits and I don’t even worry about escape. Thank you for the help with product selection and installation tips. Another happy customer.
David V.

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