Reader Question: Terrier and A Great Dane

My question is, can you run this cable above the ground in places and underground in others and not have it effected by the different areas? I know that you recomend the dogtra EF-3000 for people who have two different size dogs. I have a dane puppy and a terrior mix. The terrior mix is the trouble maker and I am thinking of getting for her, because the dane wants to follow her. How much in another collar for the extra dog and does it work the same way as the one that comes with the system.

Hi Wendy,

You can mix sections of above ground with sections of underground. The correction field will be a little wider in the above ground sections than in the below ground sections depending on how deep you buy it. The signal seems to go 3-5 times further through air than it does through the ground (depending on the type of soil you have). So if you buy it under three inches of ground, the boundary width is going to be about 9-15 inches less wide than it will be in places where you have the wire out on the surface of the ground.

Extra collars for the EF-3000 are $120.

How big is the terrier? I would not get the EF-3000 for a dog that was a lot under 20 lbs. Another good choice if the terrier is well under 20 lbs would be a PetSafe stubborn dog system for the dane, and an extra little dog collar for the terrrier. The stubborn dog is the strongest system so lets you have a bit more power if you need it with the great dane. (although, the temperament o the great dane is such that they don’t usually need a correction very strong to get their attention) The Little Dog by PetSafe has the smallest collar and correction levels that have been toned down to suit smaller dogs. That will have a proprietary disposable battery on the terrier’s collar but will also be about $100 cheaper.

If the terrier is well over 20 lbs, then the EF-3000 is a better choice with it’s rechargeable battery.

Stewart Aldous
(678) 389 6661

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