Ten Things You Need To Consider When Buying Electric Dog Fences & Training Collars

Buying and installing electric dog fences can by a life-saving and money saving move. Electric dog fences and training collars have improved tremendously allowing dog owners to use levels of correction that work without having concerns regarding injury or trauma. But before you make the move and buy one here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to help you get ready in selecting the ideal electric fencing solution for your dog:

Is Your Dog a Repeat Offender?

If you have been dealing with ongoing escapes that have led to high popularity levels in lost and found websites and upset neighbors you may want to consider an electric dog fence even if you have a wood or chainlink fence. Electric dog fences provide you with a secondary layer of security that can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pets will remain in your yard while you are away.

Are You Willing To Invest Time & Attention Training Your Dog?

Electric dog fences are not instant solutions. For the fence to work you need to invest time training your dog early one. Most dog owners invest at least five hours of active training and almost a week of passive training. You will need to use flags for your dog to understand his perimeter and you will need to do several walk-arounds. Electric dog fences alone don’t keep dogs contained. Remember, this is a training tool and as such it needs a trainer.

Is My Electric Dog Fence an All-Weather Solution?

Generally speaking yes, your electric dog fence is likely to perform quite well in extreme heat or very cold weather. It is important, however that you take precautions associated to electrical storms. Electrical storms interfere with radio signals reducing the reliability of electric dog fences. This fact, combined with the way noise and rain is likely to affect the emotions and behavior of your dogs is enough of a reason for a caveat. It you are having bad weather secure the dogs inside.

Is Your Dog Too Small For an Electric Dog Fence?

We are glad you asked. We receive a number of emails to our electric dog fence helpline wondering about teacups. If your dog is under five pounds electric dog fence solutions may not be the right fit. Explore other alternatives.

Is My Dog Fence Safe When Children Are Playing in The Yard?

Electric dog fences work by giving a correction to a dog through a collar. An electric dog fence is not the same as an electrified cattle fence. Electric dog fences don’t present any hazards to children. However, please explain to your children that they should not tease the dogs or encourage them to leave the assigned perimeter.

Is This a DIY Project I Can Tackle on My Own?

Yes, absolutely. Prior to purchasing your fence we highly encourage you to spend time reading our dog fence installation guides. And watching our series of practical videos. This will allow you to evaluate your capacity to move forward with this project.

How Much Money Can I Save Doing My Own Electric Dog Fence Installation? 

Depending on the size of your property you can save from $500 in the low end to thousands of dollars if you are planning on installing your electric dog fence on a large property.

What About Power Interruptions?

Electric dog fences work by transmitting radio signals through a wire. If there is no electricity the fence won’t work. In the event of a power outage an Uninterruptible Power Supply, aka UPS, can provide your transmitter with battery backup and keep your fence up and running for a limited amount of time.

How Deeply Do I Need To Bury The Wire?

The wire does not need to be buried to work. We bury the wire to avoid accidents and for aesthetics. A depth between 3″ and 24″ – burying the wire too deep may begin to alter the signal strength and risks.

Do Electric Dog Fences Need a Lot of Maintenance?

No. Electric dog fences are virtually maintenance-free. Collars will need to be charged and batteries replaced but all other components are very much hassle-free.


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