Ten Signs Your Stubborn Dog is not Under Control

There is a very fine line between loving your dog and letting them have their way. By letting a dog have their way you jeopardize their safety and the safety of others. If you are a new dog owner and you are having trouble with control use this handy list to help you assess the situation and take the necessary steps to ensure your dog receives corrective training and you put measures in place to protect him from behaviorial issues that range from small nuisances to serious problems that might result in injuries to your dog, other dogs or people.

Your Hound is a Jumper


If your little Fido is jumping over people, furniture, fences and often even kitchen counters you have a problem in your hands. Jumping is a dangerous behavior that should be corrected through training.

Incessant & Indiscriminate Barking



If your little pup barks at anything and everything and won’t quiet down on command you need to evaluate your dog training methodology. Before you implement a training program for dog barking or select a bark collar for the more stubborn dog make sure you are not dealing with issues of anxiety or fear that might require alternative training or medication.

Play-Bites & Nibbling 


Some dog owners overlook the importance of addressing this issue at an early stage in the life of a dog. While it may be cute on a puppy dogs have a hard time making judgement calls about their own bite strength. Correct bitting behaviors early and do not allow dogs to rough-play particularly with children.

Unresponsive to Basic Commands 


If you find yourself having to crate the dog when you have guests at the house and you are unable to guide the dog from place A to place B with basic verbal commands you are probably needing to revise your training methodology. You should be able to have verbal control over your dog at all times even in settings with distractions.

Comes & Goes as He Pleases


If your pup only comes to you when he or she is ready or is quickly distracted by visual feedback or activities you have a problem in your hands. This type of behavior is dangerous for you and your dog.

He is a Pushover

If your dog tries to overpower you or physical barriers by pushing you need to begin working on correction. A dog that pushes you over to squeeze and escape via the smallest gap on the door can find himself in a great deal of trouble.

Exclusively Responds to Rewards


If the only time your dog engages with you and obeys is when coaxed with a tasty treat you need to work on your Alpha status.

Problems Walking on a Leash


If your stubborn dog is taking you for a walk instead of of maintaining a proper heel you are putting your life and the life of your pup at risk. Training your dog to walk on a leash without pulling is essential for their safety.

Revenge Potty Behaviors

If your dog urinates or defecates as soon as you exit the door even when they have had a chance to go outside you may be looking at two possible scenarios. Stubborn behavior in need of training or severe separation anxiety.

The Stubborn Escape Artist


If your six foot fence is not enough to keep your dog contained and he is spending more time at the pound than at home you need to explore your dog containment and training options. There are a number of wired and wireless dog fences you can use to supplement your wood or chain link fence.



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