Good Swimming Dog Fence Collars

Which electric dog fence system has good collars for dogs that like to swim?  What dog fences have good waterproofing?

For dogs that love to swim (we are talking about you Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever … or any other breed with Retriever in the name), having a pond or pool where they can paddle away is great for the dogs, if not the person that has to clean the floors.  Infact almost any dog likes to cool their paws in the pool during the summer heat.  But, what kind of electric dog fence system should you use, so that the dog collars don’t get ruined by the water.

Generally, look for a waterproof collar with as few buttons as possible and with good seals on all the seams.

The top choices are the SportDOG Contain & Train and SportDog SDF-100.  Basically the less seams and holes on a collar the more likely it is to survive long term exposure to water.

It is always a better idea to have a physical fence around pools and to only allow supervised swims for dogs but that is not always possible.

Avoid anything that just says it is water resistant.  These collars don’t stand up well to full immersion, and are designed for just the occasional sprinkle.

Stay dry.

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