Summer Holiday House Containment

Dog fences can be set up for use in a summer house or a holiday house. This is particularly easy if the dog already has a fence in it’s regular home, because the training is transferable.

I’m thinking of installing an e-fence in my summer home, but I only live there from May-August. The rest of the year I live in a house with a fenced yard and don’t need an e-fence. Would a dog be able to go back and forth between a home with an e-fence and one with a physical fence?
Thanks, Ken.

Hi Ken,

Dog will remember boundaries at a vacation home. But make sure you have a continuous month of training in the vacation home. It takes them about that long to learn the system. If you start in May you will be fine.

If you want to be extra cautious, you could put the flags out for a couple of days when you get there each May give them a refresher but I do not think it will be necessary.

Dog’s have a great brain for remembering geography and territory. Territorial awareness is one of the main concerns for their wolf common ancestors, so it makes sense that it also a central concerns for a modern dog. That is why you can take a dog to a place they haven’t been for years and have them be able to wander around like they never left, even if they don’t recognize a lot of the old faces.

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