Stubborn Dogs

We are often asked what system to use for large or stubborn dogs.  For most people this is the wrong question.

For most dogs, our recommendation is still the Innotek IUC-4100, with diligent training you can train most dogs.  Another option to consider is the PetSafe Large or Stubborn Dog Fence, (PIG00-10777) (review here).  It has a higher correction level than most systems.  Our concern is that people use a higher correction level as a substitute for proper training.  Instead of spending time training their dog, they think the problem is the correction is not high enough.

If you have diligently done the training and your dog does not seem to mind being corrected, then by all means try the PetSafe Large or Stubborn Dog Fence.  (or put a second collar on the dog)  But for most of you it is not necessary.

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