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After deciding we needed to install an electronic fence system for our soon-to-be-adopted rescue lab, I started investigating the systems and costs. Wow, what a surprise! When I came upon the DogFenceDIY site and started reading, I was very impressed with the information available on the web-site and quickly concluded I could install my own system at a fraction of the cost. With winter fast approaching in the Upper Midwest time was of the essence and I couldn’t afford any mistakes or breakdowns in the installation or reliability of the system. All my questions via email or phone were answered in a timely manner and the installation was as easy and logical as promised. Thanks DogFenceDIY, with a little time invested in training our adopted Labrador is enjoying her ‘safe zone’ at her new home and the money we saved will go a long way toward buying food and training treats for her.

Stephen S.

I found Dog Fence DIY by accident. It was a great find. Their website has a wealth of information and great tips on installation. I have a little over 5 acres and more that 3,000’ of boarder including a paved road that I would have to cross with a wired fence so I purchased a wireless unit. I was warned that trees and buildings would limit the range of this type of unit but I thought it was worth a try. The unit arrived within days of my placing the other and the instructions were good. However, after several days of experimenting with placement I found that the unit just would not work as desired. While I had in excess of 125’ of coverage in some directions, I had less than 50’ in others. Therefore I decided to return the unit. I requested a return authorization which I received within 24 hours. I shipped the unit back and a credit appeared on my credit card within days. All in all I was extremely pleased with the service I received and would highly recommend Dog Fence DIY.

Richard Cavender

I would highly recommend Dog Fence DIY to anyone. Conducting business with this company was a pleasurable experience for many reasons. First and foremost during this day and age it is rare to receive prompt, courteous and HONEST customer service. I had a myriad of questions and it was refreshing to correspond with people that truly know their products and are not simply trying to make a sale. Case in point: After conducting research on my own, I thought I knew what I should purchase for my situation. Dog Fence DIY reviewed my needs and re-directed me to a more appropriate system. Not only did it save me hours of labor, it saved me hundreds of dollars. We enclosed 20 plus acres over a weekend and the system works flawlessly.

Tracey M.

I was so glad when I stumbled upon the Dog Fence DIY site. We have an existing fence that our persistent little beagle managed to find ways to escape. After much frustration we decided to run a dog fence system along the base of our existing fence. The Dog Fence DIY staff answered my questions promptly and gave me clear cut precise directions on how to install the fencing and how to train our beagle. It only took a few hours to install and our dog was trained in a couple of weeks. Our situation is a bit different due to our existing fence, but it was much easier than my husband and I anticipated. We have been very satisfied and feel much better knowing our dog will be safe.

Pamela D.

I am very pleased with our underground dog fence. It took me about 4 hours to install the system but I did it all alone and with a shovel. My yard is almost 3/4 acre. I would highly recommend using the trencher that lays the wire for you if the yard is this size or larger. It would have cut my time in half for sure. We followed the training very closely and have had nothing but good results from the system. Training is by far the key to a successful outcome with the fence. It is really a simple setup and my Brittany really loves the freedom he has now. I would highly recommend one of these DIY systems as opposed to the expensive alternative (hiring someone to install the fence).

Curtis A.

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