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Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra PTPCC-200D

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The Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact System PTPCC-200D adds adjustable correction levels and signal frequencies to the Deluxe system. It also includes twisted wire and lightning protection right in the box.

The Perimeter Deluxe Ultra package includes the following:

1. Transmitter - The transmitter box is wall mountable and powers up to 5 acres of boundary (additional wire required). With the flexibility to select different boundary signal frequencies you can avoid interference with neighboring systems. The system features an auto safety shutoff after 20 seconds of correction. The PTPCC-200D also includes:

Temp Check - Ensures the boundary field is stable with fluctuations in temperature

Wire Check - Helps compensate for certain wire issues to maintain a consistent boundary signal. (this feature does not compensate for broken wire)

12X Battery Check - Monitors the status of the training collar battery every two hours

2. Receiver Collar - the battery powered collar features comfort contact probes made of soft rubber rather than metal. The collar is waterproof and delivers progressive correction levels as the dog approaches the boundary.

3. 500 feet of boundary wire

4. 50 boundary flags, and 2 splices

5. Lightning protection module

6. 100 feet of twisted wire

7. FREE Experts Guide to Training and Installation - 90 pages of tips, tricks, and instruction. Fully illustrated to help you properly install your fence and train your dog.

8. FREE WIRE BREAK REPAIR KIT - Have a wire break somewhere in the boundary line? This kit helps you find and repair any breaks. Includes a few feet of 20-gauge boundary wire, 1 RF Choke, 2 Waterproof Wire Capsules, 2 Wire Nuts, and illustrated instructions. ($14.95 value)