Extra Collars

Each dog on the system will need their own collar. Note that most systems come with one collar already included in the standard price. So if you have two dogs, you will need only one extra collar

Boundary Wire Kits

Most systems come with 500 feet of boundary wire, 50 flags and 2 splices. If your boundary is going to cover more than 500 feet, you will need additional boundary kits. Remember to factor in an extra 10-20% for waste.

20 gauge vs. 18 gauge

Boundary wire is available in two different thicknesses, the standard 20 gauge, and the optional slightly thicker 18 gauge. Our experience has been that 20 gauge wire is fine for most installations. The 18 gauge wire is slightly stronger, but will be cut by all the same things that usually cut the 20 gauge wire such as a lawn mower, or an edger. The 18 gauge wire is also a bit stiffer and a bit harder to work with. If in doubt, stick with the standard 20 gauge wire.

Lightning Protection

If lightning strikes the ground near your boundary wire, the lightning can go through the boundary wire and damage your dog fence system. The lightning protection module sits between the boundary wire and the control box protecting the control box from any sudden surge of lightning. This device is worth getting if you are doing a big installation (more than 1,000 ft) or are in an area prone to lightning strikes. It is not worth getting if you have a small installation and have few lightning strikes.

Twisted Wire

Twisted wire is just two regular wires twisted together. It is most commonly used to connect the control box to the boundary loop. The benefit of using twisted wire is that the dog can walk over this section of wire without getting the correction. Note that you cannot use twisted wire as part of the main boundary loop.

You can make your own twisted wire by getting two regular bits of boundary wire and twisting them together. An electric drill can be used to do this fast. If you need less than 20 feet of boundary wire, we suggest you twist it yourself. If you need more than 20 feet of boundary wire we suggest you buy it since twisting long lengths of wires gets very messy very quickly!

Twisted wire is also available in the standard 20 gauge and the optional slightly thicker 18 gauge. Again we advise the 20 gauge for most installations. The 18 gauge is an extra expense with not much benefit. For a video tutorial on how to use and make twisted wire, see here.

Dog Fence Experts Book

The Dog Fence Experts book is a step-by-step guide that tells you everything you need to know to make your installation and training a success. The fully illustrated guide shares professional tips and tricks to make the whole process easy and fast. The book is provided as a PDF download that you can start reading as soon as you place your order. (valued at $24.95)

Wire Break Kit

The wire break kit helps you find a break in the boundary wire. Using the included RF-choke, you can make the boundary wire "throb" in a way that can be heard with any normal AM radio. Using the radio you follow the wire around the boundary until you find a spot where the throbbing noise stops, and there you will find the break. The kit also includes boundary wire, two wire nuts and two gel filled capsules for you to repair any break you find.(valued at $14.95)

Free Shipping

All orders over $200 receive free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States. Your dog containment system will ship the same business day if placed before 1pm EST. We use two warehouses in the eastern and western part of the country, so you will typically receive your order within three business days. Upgrades to UPS 2-Day and UPS Overnight are available during checkout.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, just return your system within 30 days of receipt for a complete refund of your purchase price. There is no restocking fee. To get a return authorization number, please email returns@DogFenceDIY.com

Low Price Guarantee

We are happy to match the price of any manufacturer authorized competitor. All our product are new and unopened, and come with a full manufacturer's warranty. We regret we cannot price match to refurbished units or grey market units. For a price match, please email pricematch@DogFenceDIY.com

Outdoor Zones

Outdoor zones (Pawz Away Rock), creates an outdoor exclusion zone that allows you to keep the dog out of a small area in the back yard such as a flower bed or a trash/compost area. The unit can either be used either wirelessly to create an adjustable circular exclusion zone, or with up to 150 feet of boundary wire to create a custom exclusion zone. Outdoor zones are battery operated. Outdoor zones are only available for use with the Innotek IUC-4100 and the Innotek IUC-5100.

Indoor Zones

Indoor zones are small pods that wirelessly create a circular exclusion zone to keep your dog out of certain areas of your house. You can for example keep the dogs away from certain rooms, or off the couch. The PetSafe Indoor zone is plugs into a wall outlet. It can be used with any current PetSafe inground system (but not the PetSafe Wireless PIF-300). The Innotek IUC-4100 is battery operated and works with the Innotek IUC-4100 and the Innotek IUC-5100.

Lawn Staples

Use lawn staples for installation where the wire is laid above the ground. The staples hold the wire in place to stop it from moving. In lightly trafficked locations, one staple every 10 yards is plenty. Use the staples every 3-5 yards in more highly trafficed locations.

Other Questions

We would be happy to help you out with any other questions.

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