ZND 1200 - Indoor Zone and Collar Set

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  • ZND 1200 - Indoor Zone and Collar Set

Indoor Zone and Collar Set - ZND1200

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Regular Price: $89.99

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The ZND 1200 bundle is a wireless indoor pet barrier unit and one indoor zone collar. The zone is powered by 3 standard AA batteries and the collar is powered by 2 standard Sony CR2032 (or equivalent) Silver Oxide batteries, available at almost any local retailer. The battery life of both the indoor zone and collar is 4 to 6 months.

The zone creates a circular boundary diameter that can be adjusted from 2 feet up to 12 feet. When the dog gets too close they get a warning beep on their indoor collar and if they keep approaching they receive a correction. The indoor zone is also compatible with both the Innotek 4100 and 5100 collars.

If you want to stop the dog from having access to certain rooms, position them near the entrance to the room. Most owners use them to keep their dogs from lounging on the sofa. (Note to dogs: we can tell when you do this by the trail of hair and oils that appears on our new sofa) The pods are small enough that you can slip them under a sofa cushion.

The Innotek ZND-1200 instant pet barrier with one zone is designed by professionals and helps keep the family dog away from problem areas in the home with no training necessary and no programming or installation required. Unlike other deterrents, Zones provide completely cordless operation so they can be placed anywhere. The receiver collar will work with as many zones as there are problem areas.

Simply place the small, disc-like zone transmitter in an area the dog should avoid like the trash, kitchen counter, or dining room table. Set the Zone's protection coverage area between 2 and 12 feet in diameter, then secure the included collar on the pet (fits neck sizes 5 to 21 inches). When the dog comes within the set "Zone" the collar will admit a warning beep. If the dog comes closer, the collar will admit a small, static stimulation.

ZND-1200 Features:

Instant Pet Barrier
For dogs and cats 5 pounds and up
Range adjustable from 2 to 12 feet in diameter
Progressive Static Correction
Lightweight, waterproof receiver collar
Add Extra Indoor Pet Barriers and Indoor/Outdoor Collars for any number of pets
Indoor Use Only