Split Rail or Picket Fence Not Keeping Your Dog Contained? Consider a Secondary Dog Fence System


Keeping our dogs contained is not as simple as it seems. Many dog owners struggle making the proper decisions related to dog fencing. In fact, when it comes to dog adoption you may find that without a fence you may not have the coveted puppy you are looking to save.

Wood fences such as a board on board are the most common option for backyards. Homeowners opt for a wood dog fence as a matter of affordability and practicality. A wood fence however, is not an option for every home or every homeowner. In some instances HOAs or the desire to preserve a beautiful view results in fencing options that allow for better visibility. The favored options are often picket fences or split rail fences reinforced with wire fabric, horse fencing material or mesh.

These types of fences are beautiful, affordable and not as intrusive as a privacy fence but there are multiple caveats. Unfortunately  for most dog owners these caveats are not discovered until their fence is up. To their surprise these fencing options are not the best when it comes to containing stubborn or escape-prone dogs. Dogs with a tendency to wonder will often dig below the fence or use the rail as a support for climbing the fence to achieve the coveted escape.

What Now?

If you already have a split rail fence or a picket fence and you are having to pick up your pup at dog jail every single week you need to come up with a Plan B. One of your best and most affordable options is installing a high quality electric dog fence. Electric dog fences can be installed at a fraction of the cost by taking it as a DIY project. Most home owners can complete a dog fence installation in half a day for a a medium size property. Installing a dog fence can give you additional peace of mind without obstructing your view or incurring costs associated to reinforcing the existing fence which can detract from aesthetics.

Electric dog fence systems like PetSafe YardMax  or SportDog are used by thousands of pet-owning households and trusted as a training tool that grows in reliability as your dog receives additional training.

You can learn what it takes to install a wired or wireless dog fence and the costs of installing it here.


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