Special Distractions

My dog stays inside the electric fence, unless there is another dog she gets excited and busts through …

When you are training your dog on the electric dog fence there may be some distractions that partiularly test your dogs.  For some dogs it will be a tennis ball going over the boundary in the middle of a game of fetch, for some it will be when their favorite member of the family leaves, but the most common thing that can distract a dog is another dog.  How do you work on these troublesome distractions?

First lets understand what is happening.  Your dog is getting very excited by the distraction to the point where they no longer remember the rules you taught them about the fence.  They are so excited that when they hear the beep their brain is just not processing it.  So here is what you do …

The best way to overcome these special distractions is to recreate them.  If the trigger is another dog, ask a neighbor to walk their dog past.  If the trigger is a family member leaving, then get a family member to walk outside the dog fence boundary.

While your confederate is recreating the trigger situation, keep your dog on a long leash.  Stand near the boundary with the dog and have your confederate recreate the trigger situation.  If the dog trys to run through the flags after the confederate, let them get the correction, and pull them back inside saying NO, NO, NO.  Give them praise when they retreat or if they do not take the bait.

Repeat, until your dog is no tempted.  This may take a couple of days.

Now test their compliance by having another confederate recreate a trigger situation.

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  1. Thorvald Romsloe says:

    Regarding trigger situation in connection with invisible dog fence training: Our dog is a male Standard Poodle, 14 months old and about 73 lbs. The problem we have with our dog and the invisible fence that is supposed to contain him, is when he (the dog) sees a squirrel on the other side of the fence boundary; the dog runs after the squirrel and just crosses the fence as if it does not exist. In connection with distraction training in this context, how could we recreate the above trigger situation? The fence works fine in any other situations; when people walk by with or without their dogs, kids playing etc.

    ADMIN – Hi Thorvald, this is the most difficult to train since it is situational. We have recommended putting food out for squirrels and training during time of day that squirrels are more active.

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