Small Side Passage Wiring

Sometimes when you have a small side passage between the house and the side fence, you can’t have the full boundary width or else the dogs will not be able to use that side passage.

WOW – what a great site. Thank you for all the wonderful, useful information!

I do have several questions. Based on what I have read, I really think that the Innotek 4100 is the one I would like to purchase (rechargeable batteries and indoor containment). However, I have 2 dogs, a 4 yr old German Shepherd (he is the Houdini escape artist – he will find any loose board in our fenced backyard and even once went over the fence) and a 1 yr old boxer/lab mix (she doesn’t actively try to escape but did wander away when the gate was left open). There is probably a 50 lb difference between them.

Question 1 – I know you mentioned that if we have different size dogs we should use the Petsafe product. My question is; can I easily change the setting so that I can separately train each dog (1 at a higher setting than the other)? I believe that once the boxer/lab mix is trained she won’t eve try to leave the yard. Then I can set it at the higher setting for the escape artist. Will this approach work?

Question 2 – I am planning to fence the entire yard (perimeter layout – front and back). As I stated above, we do have a fenced backyard. My issue is between the side of the house and the edge of the property. It is probably just 6 ft, if that (the areas where the AC is or the fireplace, it is more like 3-4 ft). Can I have different boundaries for different areas? If not, can I get by with a 1.5 or 2 ft boundary?

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Appreciate the compliment.

Answer 1 – The Innotek is great, but I would avoid it with dogs that are so different in size, particularly because German Shepherd generally need a bit higher correction because of insensitivity to the correction. If you want something rechargeable (but with no indoor pods), I would use the Dogtra EF-3000. If you want something with indoor pods (but using a disposable 9v battery), I would use the PetSafe Stubborn with both dogs (but using a higher correction level with the German Shepherd than the lab/boxer). If you do really want to use the 4100, you should use the independent correction resistor hack.

Answer 2 – You can reduce the boundary in some areas a little by using a thinner gauge wire in the areas where you want a thinner boundary. And using a thicker gauge wire in the areas where you need a thicker boundary. You can also run the wire higher along the fence in that section, having the wire higher above the ground effectively reduces how wide the signal is along the ground.

But note that, it is hard to train a dog in a really thin boundary. And even if the boundary was set at 2 feet, the dogs would not want to get close enough to squeeze through a 3-4 foot space. If that fence is secure, I would decrease the boundary width in that section to zero, by placing the wire high above the ground.

Let us know if you need any further assistance!

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