Securing a Gate With a Dog Fence

Sometimes you don’t want to secure the entire perimeter, just a small section such as a gate. IN these cases using a full electronic fence system is more than you need. For example, Doug wants to secure his driveway, already having a fence for the rest of the property.

I have 3 acres and it is all fenced (traditional aluminum fence – about 5ft high). My dogs stay within the fenced area no problem except for the driveway where the gate has a 1.5ft gap at the bottom due to the gate being on a hill. My question is this: What product can I install to just keep the dogs away from the driveway gate. Optimally, a simple RF transmitter that would shock the dogs collar if it got within range of the gate. It is an automated gate, so I already have electricity out there. The dogs are smart, and they’ve learned to go under the gate – I need to stop them…

Innotek barrier looks like it would work, but it appears to be only for indoor application. I just want to keep the dogs away from the gate; I don’t need to bury cable around the perimeter of my property because I don’t have a problem except for the gate. Can you suggest anything?


A good option in those situations is to use the Pawz Away Rock.

The system take 4 D sized batteries so does not need to be near a power source. It is dual mode, so you can either use it in wireless mode and create a circular barrier, or you can run up to 150 feet of wire off the rock which should be enough to secure the gate area.

Instead of a full dog fence installation, you just need to place the rock in the center and run it in wireless mode, or place it off to one side and run a short loop across the driveway.

THe Rock is compatible withthe Innotek IUC-5100 and IUC-4100. It is about $100 including one collar, so is also a lot cheaper than a full system. The collars aren’t nearly as good as the Innotek collars, since the area be trained is so small, you can usually get away with them. And if you need something better, you can always upgrade to the Innotek IUC-4100 collars, although that negates most of the savings.

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  1. Laura says:

    I tried this before coming to your site seeking another solution. My dog busts through this area even with the Pawz Away rock. The product says it is not for containment. I just need to keep my dog from running through the gate every time we open it. Do you have another suggestion?

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    You should be fine with what you already have. The product does say it is no for containment, but if you are just blocking a small area it will usually do the trick at a lot less cost than a full dog fence system.

    If the dog is running through, the problem is likely that the collar is not fitted correctly or the dog needs some more training. When you see the dog go through, does he appear to flinch – if not, the collar needs to be adjusted so that the probes are actually touching the skin so that the dog gets the correction. If he is flinching, but going through anyway, a bit of remedial training should do the trick. (See the training section of our site)

    If you want to use a stronger full fence, you would just create a small loop of wire around the fence area, and then run twisted wire back to the base station. Happy to recommend a specific system, just let me know the dog’s breed, age, temperament, and weight.

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