Should You Use the Same Dog Fence System as a Neighbor?

What do you do if your neighbor as a invisible fence* system all other kind of dog fence system? Should you buy the same brand of system, or should you buy a different brand of system? Should you get close to your neighbors installations what should you keep your distance?

My neighbor already has an underground system on our shared side of the property for his dogs. I want to install a fence this coming spring, is there any advantage to me of trying to purchase the same kind of fence that he has???
Jeff Hollenbach

When there are two dog fence systems nearby each other there tends to be interference along to common boundary if the dog fences are not sufficiently separated. If possible you want 12 feet of separation between the parallel boundaries of the two systems. If you have fewer than 12 feet of separation between the two system, the signals emitted from both systems they cancel each other out. You’ll know this is happened when you go to test the boundary and the collar is not triggered along the common boundary. So feel free to experiment with distances less than 12 feet but test them before doing the permanent installation because it will not always work.
There is no easy way to tell which Brands will interfere with invisible fence or any other brand. Having the same brand as your neighbor should be avoided because identical systems will use identical frequencies and increase the likelihood of signal interference.
The best policy is to use the Perimeter Technologies inground systems. The Perimeter Technologies Ultra model allows you to select between multiple frequencies so if you do have interference with your neighbor system you can change the frequency and avoid interference.
If you find you are getting interference and cannot create more separation between the two fences have a few options. First, approach and neighbor, preferably with a casserole, and ask them to tone down the signal strength of their system. Second, try increasing the signal strength on your system. Third, try using the perimeter technologies system and trying a different frequency to see if you can avoid interference. Finally, see if your neighbor is amenable to moving their boundary wire a little bite from the border. After all if you both have a system to near the border neither you’ll systems are going to walk along that common border.
The only advantage of having the same pet containment system as your neighbor is that if you want to leave your dog at your neighbor’s house then you’ll be able to use the collar you already have for your system in conjunction with your neighbors containment system.

* Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of the Radio Systems Corporation.

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  1. sadams says:

    I suggest talking to your local Invisible Fence Brand dealer. They often sell self install kits with a higher quality equipment. I looked into a self install pet fence and when I talked to my local dealer I learned they have more settings for the collar, the equipment was much smaller and they provided me with the support I needed to install and even came out to check the installation I had done and did the training! They were amazing!

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