Roaming Guatemalan Greyhound

Whenever a dog is not being contained in an electronic containment system, the typical owner response is to want to increase the correction strength. This should not be the first response. There are other things to try first. The most common problems are a lack of training on the electronic fence and the collar being incorrectly fitted.

I have a Dogwatch system that is at least 15 years old with 3 levels of correction that is attached to a regular fence.. The problem dog is a 40 lb mutt(looks like a stocky greyhound) from Guatemala that is use to roaming the country side and “hunting”. She crawls under the fence and takes off ignoring the correction the whole time. I have had the tech out here and the system is working fine, the collar is set to the highest level, we have attached the longest probes and the collar is tight and touching skin still she escapes. I am thinking of getting the stubborn dog system and attaching it to my existing wires. The DW tech says his system corrects as high as any system out there, is this true or does the PetSafe Stubborn Dog system correct higher? This dogs urge to “roam” may be so strong that she will suffer the pain no matter how high the correction, but I feel I need to try one last thing. She comes home filthy and has gained weight no telling what she is eating out there. Your professional opinion would be appreciated.Thanks


Hi Tammi,

Whenever we have a dog is getting through the containment system, there are three possibilities,

(1) The dog is not getting the correction
(2) The dog is getting the correction but is not sure what they are supposed to be doing
(3) The dog is getting the correction and deliberately ignoring it.

When trying to solve one of these puzzles, I always stop to investigate these things in that order.

First, is she getting the correction? This is always the prime suspect. Try and watch her when she escapes. If necessary, have someone lure her out by calling from the other side of the fence or putting a treat on the other side of the fence. Observe and see if she appears distressed, or is howls or reacts when the correction is activated. If there is no reaction, it is likely the unit is defective, the boundary width is not set wide enough so it is not getting triggered when she crawls under, or the collar is not sitting right on the dog. I have never seen a dog that does not at least react when getting a full strength correction.

Second, did you do the training with the dog? If not, it is definitely worth going back and doing the training with dog for two weeks. Without the training the containment system is just an expensive piece of plastic. The instinct needs to be that they turn and retreat whenever they hear that warning beep. If that is not automatic, no amount of correction can compensate.

Third, it could be that the correction strength is not enough to refocus the dog. I am not familiar with the DogWatch system, but it may be worth trying a stronger system if the dog has a high pain tolerance. It It would surprise me if a 40 pound needed the PetSafe stubborn dog system. It is much more likely that it one of the other two problems. Another solution if the DogWatch is took weak is to add a second DogWatch collar to the dog. But again, would be very surprised if this were the case.

Bob Holmes
Dog Fence DIY

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