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  • Rechargeable Collar Battery
  • Boundary Challenge Alert


  • Inconsistent Boundary
  • Frequent Signal Drops
  • Difficulty With Obstacles
  • Cannot Overlap Base Stations


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The Perimeter Technologies introduced a wifi wireless dog fence to compete with Petsafe’s wireless dog fence in June 2009. Perimeter Technologies uses WiFi technologies and boasts a range of useful features never before seen in a dog fence. We see the WiFi fence as a real innovation in dog fencing because it actually alerts you as to where your dogs are and if they are challenging the fence. We have had the unit for a couple of months now. See the following link for an an initial wifi fence review. It has a lot of good features, but unfortunately it is not ready for primetime.

The boundaries are intolerably vague, moving 20+ feet from minute to minute. And the response time is seconds too slow, correcting the dog too late and stopping the correction too late. This all combines to make training the dogs on the system very difficult.

There are also mysterious signal dropouts where the collar loses touch with the system, sometimes even when the collar is directly in the line of site.

Both the newer Havahart Wireless (also based on WiFi) system and the older PetSafe Wireless are much better choices with more consistent boundaries and faster response times.

Summary: The Perimeter Technologies WiFi introduces significant innovations, but is lacking in the fundamentals. We like the addition of the alert when the dog challenges the fence and the provision of rechargeable batteries. The inconsistency of the boundaries, slow response times, and difficulty dealing with obstacles make the unit a poor choice. The Havahart and PetSafe Wireless units are better choices.

We start by noting that there are a lot of features that making the WiFi really tempting:

First, range is significantly boosted over the Petsafe model. The system claims a range of 200 feet, giving it a coverage over 2.5 acres. Our early tests show range was in fact better, but we struggled to get a range better than 150 feet in typical conditions. A significant increase over the PetSafe model which has a maximum radius of 90 feet. So the range is much better but not quite as good as claimed. In particular the unit has a lot of trouble where it has to go through multiple walls. Where there is a clear line of site it shines, but put it in a large house and you get lots of dropouts and the range plummets. Also not that the unit, like the PetSafe model can only project circular boundaries and does not work well in a house with metal siding or a metal roof. (NOTE: The new Havahart wireless claims a range of 400 feet)

Second, the WiFi Fence has two way communication between the collar and the base unit, a first in the industry. This allows you to use the base unit to determine how far away the dogs are from your home. And even more importantly you can be alerted when your dogs attempt to challenge the fence, when their battery is low or when they are no longer in communication with the base unit for any reason. In our tests, this worked really well. It was a nice feature to be alerted when the dog challenged the fence because we could go outside straight away and investigate. The feature that gives you the distance the dog is from the base station provided some entertainment but was of little practical use because it does not tell you in what direction the dog is relative to the base station.

Third, Perimeter Technologies lets you adjust up to two collars independently. The model cannot support more than two collar per base station. We are not sure if you can use multiple base stations to overcome that limitation. So at the moment it is not for people with more than two dogs.

Fourth, batteries for this model are rechargeable. In fact you get two rechargeable batteries, one for the base station (in case of a power failure) and one for the collar. This puts the Wifi Fence further ahead of the PetSafe model which is not rechargeable. (rant warning) We are big proponents of rechargeable batteries. Not only are they convenient, and better for the environment but they are also safer. Proprietary batteries often lead to situations where people’s dogs are in danger because the batteries are flat and they have to wait to get new batteries in the mail. (rant over)

Battery life seems decent, we got over a week with the collar without needing to recharge the battery.

But, ultimately we don’t think the WiFi is a good buy yet. Early customer opinions on the unit are hit or miss. We are hearing more complaints about these units than we do about all other systems combined. Complaints seem to center around use where there is no clear line of site, signal dropouts, and the unit being slow to respond when the boundary is breached.

The wifi does not seem to be very good at penetrating walls in many installations. Metal is it’s kryptonite. If you have a metal roof or metal siding, it will not work. Even without metal it doesn’t get through walls for a lot of people and has a lot of trouble with other obstacles like trees.

Lots of people have dropouts, where the unit looses communication with the base station even in plain line of site. Our test unit did not have the dropout problem, but we have noticed this problem in subsequent units.

Most maddeningly, the boundary is vague and can take a couple of seconds to respond once the boundary is breached. This makes it hard to train the dogs as they aren’t regularly getting the correction. We only get a lag of 2-3 seconds at normal ranges but have got reports from customers of 10+ second especially when at the maximum range. This also means you need a larger safety buffer between the boundary and the street to feel comfortable that the dogs are going to be kept safe from harm.

There is promise in the units, that later versions will fix these bugs. But until then, our advice is to stick to wired units.

The WiFi Dog Fence base unit is be $330 (including one collar). Additional collars are be $149. You can use two collars at the same time. At least with initial units, you will not be able to overlap base stations like you can on the PetSafe Wireless PIF-300.

Summary: The Perimeter Technologies WiFi Dog introduces significant new features to the wireless dog fence including added range, challenge alerts, and rechargeable batteries. But, we have some serious reservations around the units, particularly their ability to penetrate walls, respond quickly to breaches, and give a crisp boundary. In-ground systems are still clearly the better technology for the moment. If you are going to look at Wireless systems, the newer Havahart Wireless and the older PetSafe Wireless are better choices (in that order)

Model Perimeter Technologies Wifi Fence
Type Wireless
Collar Battery Rechargeable – Lithium Ion
Correction Levels 8 Levels
Beep Only Training Mode Yes
Collar Warning beep Yes
Collar Vibration No
Independent Correction Levels Yes
Collar Dimensions ??” (L) x ??” (W) x ??” (D)
Collar Neck Size ??” – ??”
Collar Water Resistance Waterproof
Collar Fit Test No
Maximum Number of Dogs Two
Minimum Dog Size 20 lbs
Minimum Age 6 months
Maximum Containment Area 2.5 acres
Boundary Radius 0-200 feet (adjustable)
Control Box Dimensions ??” (L) x ??” (W) x ??“ (D)
Control Box Power Source Wall Outlet (110V)
Control Box Battery Backup Yes – rechargeable lithium ion
Indoor Pod Compatibility No
Outdoor Pod Compatibility No
Included Boundary Wire n/a
Included Boundary Flags 50
Training Materials Manual
Other n/a
Package Dimensions 12” (L) x 8” (W) x 6″ (D)
Package Weight 4 lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime

For the Wifi Fence Manual click here. (PDF)

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Mary Bartley Zilka February 25, 2013 at 3:10 pm

The WiFi unit worked for about 4 months. Bought it in 2012. We tried changing out the batteries and recharging them. Sadly, the collars kept chirping and scaring the dogs. The monitor worked inconsistantly. Often we would receive calls from our neighbor the dogs broke through the boundry and were in her yard. Very dissatisfied and feel it was a waste of money. The batteries alone are rediculously expensive. Wish I would have used the money towards an in-ground wired fence and had the trainer work with us and the dogs. Now I’m not sure what to do. The wireless fence is useless as it is right now.

John July 10, 2012 at 6:24 pm

What are the property line setback requirements for installation of an electric dog fence?

ADMIN – Hi John, you can set the boundary wire on the edge of your boundary and adjust the boundary signal width to the widest signal possible that still provides your dogs with ample space to run and play. With a wireless system, you’ll simply dial the signal to where the circle fits within the boundaries of your property. Set it up where if your dog crosses the boundary, he is not in danger of entering the road or crossing into you neighbors yard.

S W March 4, 2012 at 7:54 pm

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! DON’T BUY. The “Cons” are the usual not the occasional. WASTE OF MONEY! And, the company does nothing if it does not work for you.


Please tell us how your really feel. Just kidding. You are correct. The WiFi fence is one to stay away from. We do not recommend this fence. Ever.

Erin April 18, 2011 at 1:29 pm

In reading the questions and answers on this page, I thought that this product would work very well for our property (vinyl siding, shingle roof, no trees, gently sloping), until I realized that we have a 5 foot steel fence around our pool. It is an inground pool, but we would definately want it inside the boundry. It is not a solid fence, but has bars every 4 inches. Would this interfere with the signal?

Also, would you recomend this fence over the Petsafe fence?

ADMIN – Hi Erin,

It’s difficult to tell. Typically, the type of metal that generates the greatest issues is flat surface area metal where the signal tends to deflect off of it instead of pass through it. You’re fence sounds low risk to me.

Actually, the only wireless fence we’d recommend is the Havahart Wireless. Here’s our field test on all three wireless options:

Impala Blue December 6, 2010 at 1:36 am

Hi everyone, just make sure you check the dates of these comments, Perimeter has since updated the software for this product which has solved many of these issues. We sell this product in Australia and have had many happy customers. Thanks!

ADMIN – Hi Impala,

Thanks for adding your positive experience with the system. We have tried newer versions of the Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence, and found the updated software did not make much difference. You may be on an even newer version than we have seen – but none of the software upgrades we have seen since the time of the original review has changed our recommendation.

MT July 27, 2010 at 1:48 am

After almost a week of trying to get our Perimeter WiFi border established, I am giving up and sending it back in the morning. Maybe it was just our unit but setting the boundaries was next to impossible. I’d hear a beep, set a flag in that spot, and the next time I brought the collar out to that area to test it… nothing! Not a sound. Not a peep. Not a beep. This happened over and over again. I grew weary trying to figure out where the boundaries were to set the flags because there was no consisitency from one time to the next. Consequently, I’ve now had my unit for 6 days and have gotten no where with it, let alone starting to train my dog. Wished it would have worked out but it just didn’t for me. I’m going to look into other brands of wireless fences and hope for better luck. I must say, though, that the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful, knowlegebable and friendly. He told me honestly that the Perimeter WiFi has about a 50/50 return rate for various reasons. I gave it a try hoping I was in the 50% that it worked for. Obviously I wasn’t.


Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. Those kinds of spotty coverage problems are endemic across all brands of wireless fences. They have a lot of problems getting through obstacles. If you can, try a wired system. Wired systems are much better, they do not have that problem at all.

F Webel July 3, 2010 at 8:53 am

Purchased a PWF-100 unit and have been very disappointed in it’s performance. We have tried multiple locations, including the second floor, for the Indoor Station and there are always “dead” zones where our dog gets NO stimulation and just walks away from our property. Cannot recommend this unit unless you live in a tent with no trees for a few hundred yards.

Kurtis June 19, 2010 at 10:23 am

I really like the features of this system. However, the negative reviews cause me to be cautious to buy it. I see many of the negative reviews are older and the latest review gives positive feedback on the system. Does anyone know if the bugs have been worked out of the system? Also, does the company provide upgrades to improve the system? Thanks!

ADMIN – Hi Kurtis,

The units are constantly being shipped with better software. You can’t upgrade it yourself, but Perimeter has been good in the past about swapping the units for ones with newer software where there is a problem. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have made a big difference in our testing. Less seem to be arriving dead, but the system still has the same limitations.

I think after all the negative reviews people have much lower expectations from the unit. We certainly try to be very clear that it has very big limitations when selling it to customers. (the boundary line moves around a lot, it is very slow to react, and has a lot of trouble with obstacles). Where I think it does better is in a wide open space, with a dog that has already been trained on a wired system. I would not use it in any other situation.

WallyMac April 8, 2010 at 9:36 am

I feel compelled to write a good review about this product. I was one of the original purchasers of this system back in May/June of 2009. I will admit that the system they originally sent was not working correctly… but the problem was relating to the collar synching with the base unit. The second system they sent worked perfectly! I think the biggest challenge that people face is finding a suitable place for the base unit. It does use a wi-fi signal, so like any radio wave, it is succeptable to interference. I live on a 2 acre property and have the perimeter set to 110 feet. Yes, if u do not calibrate the collar, it can be off by a LOT!! There is a factory reset button if u have a problem. It only took my dog about a week to really learn the boundry. I set it up with the collar in my hand and walked the entire circumfrence of the signal placing the flags exactly where I heard the beep. It was mostly a circular shape, although on the far side of my house, the signal was brought in about 6 feet (due to interference, or going through all the walls), so the shape there was a little different. Like I said, I put the flags exactly where the beep occured. I re-checked the boundry twice before putting the collar on the dog.
I understand the problems some people are having and will try to explain from what I experienced. #1 – the collar does not need an on/off switch because it has a motion sensor built in. After about 5 minutes of stillness, it goes into a sleep mode until motion is detected again. Sometimes, I will shake the collar just a bit before letting the dog outside to make sure it is activated. #2 – Like any wireless product (and I have tried them all), there will be times when the signal is dropped. The base unit DOES have an alarm if it loses contact with the collar. You can choose to mute it, or wait until it re-scquires the signal (sometimes takes a minute or so). However, the pluses of the system far out weigh the negatives. I know where my dog is at all times. I can actually watch the distances change when he is running around the property at night. I can see when he is getting close to the boundry and call him back if needed. I would agree that the accuracy is about +/- 3feet from the set distance. Overall, I am pleased with the system as it continues to keep my dog in the yard. I used a Petsafe wireless system before and sent it back because my dog was shocked very badly several times while IN MY OWN HOUSE! So, do your research and see what system works best for you. I was pleased to work with their customer service.

James Irvin February 28, 2010 at 8:24 pm

This unit should have never been placed on the market. It was totally useless and a major waste of time. I bought this unit from an online store “Pet Street Mall” . They only refunded $260 of my original $300. So add a waste of money to the list!

shawn February 19, 2010 at 11:52 am

Well after reading all these reviews it’s all truth. As someone who has this system since july 2009 till today let me put some things i do like about it. After i trained my doges for a while and made sure they know there boundaries(of course they got shocked few times)I decided to use this system only with the buzzer correction since the system is really not consistent with the corrections distance. The good thing about it is my dogs know when to come back to our yard without getting shocked and we know where the dogs are at all times.
And most important the customer service is really the best out there. I had the whole unit and collars replaced recently to more updated one, so i hope one day they will get it to work right.

GH January 9, 2010 at 6:18 pm

America Outdoor, an internet merchant, failed to fully refund the price paid for a defective Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System. The merchandise was returned within 20 days after purchase, carefully re-packed in the original box, clean and in new condition. Following is an excerpt from the letter to America Outdoor requesting a full refund and explaining the defective system.

This system does not perform as it claims. We spent an entire day trying to set the perimeter.

There is no consistency in the distance from base station to the Activation Zone. Most of the time it is not even close, sometimes varying more than 30 feet short of or beyond the point of initial activation — much greater than the claimed Activation Zone of +/- 3 feet. Sometimes, it will not even activate at all anywhere along the line extending from the base station and through a previously-set activation point, allowing “holes” in the fence where it does not

Additionally, there are extreme variations in the width of the Correction Zone, well beyond the claimed width of 5 feet to 10 feet (diagram says 3 feet to 10 feet). As with the Activation Zone, the variation of the Correction Zone is random and often exceeds 30 feet. These substantial and randomly-occuring inaccuracies result in an extremely irregularly shaped Safe Zone whose boundary is ever-changing and totally unpredictable. If I cannot predict where it will activate, our dog certainly will not be able to do so.

Such an erratic system will be impossible for even the most intelligent dog to learn because the boundaries are always changing. In order to avoid the unpredictable, unfair, painful corrections, it is reasonable to expect that our dog would cower at the side of the house, as close as he can get to the base station inside, terrified of moving too far.

Rob December 27, 2009 at 7:56 pm

Due to the negative feedback in regards to problems transmitting through walls etc… It sounds like the system should have an external antenna that could be positioned in the center of a roof. My house is situated in the center of the area where i would like the dog enclosed, so this would be perfect… until this problem is resolved i will not be purchasing this product!!

Jim December 16, 2009 at 8:10 pm

This product is easy to setup with a preset distance already built in. Moving in and out of the menus was easy as well as changing the corrections. I found no problems walking around my house with the collar and also noticed that it started beeping within 3 feet of where I set the boundary. I set the boundary to be 100′. Being able to setup the system by myself was very simple. The rechargeable batteries have been lasting me about 7-10 days.
The thing I really like the most is being alerted to when my dog challenges the system!

J Stachel December 11, 2009 at 5:20 pm

After reading the negative reviews, I was nervous to take the plunge. But with a 30 day money back guarantee I figured why not?

My first impressions are quite different than other reviewers – I thought the product appeared well built and did not appear at all cheap, in fact it seemed robust.

Had some intial troubles setting up (I am not the most tech savy) but the person I reached on the customer service 1-800 number was most helpful. Seems placing the unit next to the fridge was not the best idea. Moved to a different spot and easily got a decent boundary (70′). My property is a little over a hundred feet wide so any more range and my dog would be in the neighbors yard. I did play around and got 100 feet, but reset to 70′. I do agree that it would be nice to just “dial in ” the range instead of running in and out of the house.

Battery life has been around a week, though my dog “bumps” the boundary quite a few times a day. It is really nice to know what he is doing! I would consider a wired product if it offered the feedback, I just like to know all is well.

I was leery of rechargeable batteries, I hate throwing away a product because the batteries die and you can’t replace them. The batteries in the Wire Free wifi fence are replaceable (thats how you charge them, you take them out and charge in the base) – and you can buy replacements on the web.

I found the lower shock levels to be too low (tried them myself and they were only a tingle). Setting 3 and 4 will get your attention, setting 5 hurts! However setting 5 works well. Maybe when he starts challenging less I will back the setting down a little.

The only time I experienced issues similar to the other reviewers was when I placed the base next to the fridge – ever since moving it all has been well. I am really pleased I decided to take the plunge and my neighbors are amazed with the system. I am worried that neighboring systems will interfere, but the girl at customer support assured me they would not.

Danielle Michaelson November 17, 2009 at 9:05 pm

We have purchased this product ( Perimeter Wire Free WiFi Fence ) for our dog.
Setting up is not that bad once you get the hang of how to do it, did not like the fact that the boundary is in a circle which went into our front yard, but we managed. For the first week we thought it was pretty good, our dog would hear the beep and run on the back deck, as long as he was on a leash he would respond. The first time we took him off the leash he ran right through the boundary and got shocked but kept running. We knew we had more training to do with him. After 2 weeks the unit would not even shock him and the batteries would not keep a charge, so we sent it back and recieved a new system. We have had the new system for a week and a half now and the new system is not working now. It beeps, charges the batteries but does not shock him, he has even went past the boundary with the colar beeping a just laid down. I have just contacted the company for a full refund. I can not see spending $300.00 for this product and have noting but problems and not working for us. I am looking now for another way to find something else for our dog. I have been reading many reviews on different products wire less and wire fences, only to see many bad reviews with the same problem I am having with this product ! Might just save up for a fence atleast I know that to work ! This product is not worth the money just a bunch of headache.

John S. October 21, 2009 at 10:47 am

I just exchanged (not recevied yet) an earlier model of this unit for an updated version through the company. Jen in customer service was very nice and took care of it professionally; with no issues.

Serial# on the base station was 939.

Mark Preston September 27, 2009 at 10:35 pm

I like the idea of wireless, but this wireless dog fence did not work at all. As the reviewers above note it drops out and starts beeping a lot, scaring the hell out of the dog and me! This happens even in plain sight. I called Perimeter Wifi and they were nice, but could not fix the problem.

I exchanged it for a wired system and it worked perfectly, wish I did this in the first place.

Josh September 4, 2009 at 3:19 pm

I got one a few days ago. I have a farm, the dog keeps chasing the neighbors cat. He’s a nice guy but our dog is not nice to his cats.

We have several Large horse trailers and several vehicles on the property. Not to mention the barn is sided and roofed in metal.

Initial test are proving pretty well. We can reliably get about 285 (so says the base unit). Seems to work even with a horse trailer in the way. With several horse trailers in the way there are holes in the signal.

This is with the unit on the roof of my truck parked in front of the barn. The barns metal siding may be acting as a reflector aiding in picking up the signal.

Some of the things I think are awfull about the WiFi fence system.

-No on/off switch on either the base station or the collar. Not very well thought out at all.
-Build quality is not very good. The unit looks/feel very cheap.
-Collar does not beep for any amount of time before the dog gets correction. It tones and zaps a the same time.
-Correction level 1 is far too harsh! On my sportdog sd1800 collar my dog responds well to level 2 (out of 8) which I can barely feel. Level one on this collar lights me up like an electric fence! And when it hits him he yelps like he’s just been kicked. So I’ve been using just the tone, it works well for him. Please fix this problem!
-You cant set the range from the base station. This is just silly. You should be able to set the range from the unit if you like.
-Would like to be able to ‘call’ the dog from the base unit with tone. But thats not really needed.
-The system menus are not exactly easy to maneuver through.

I am currently working on a Range Extension unit for the WiFi fence to increase the power for sending and recieving and also adding a external antenna on the unit for mounting away from the base station. Tests should be completed by next week. If anyone is interested in this you can email me

fanhokie August 10, 2009 at 8:42 am

I have had problems with this unit penetrating any wall in my house. It is sitting in the box right now. I would not purchase this if you are looking to buy a wireless fence.

Lester Holton August 2, 2009 at 5:20 pm

Problems this unit is junk. They need to take it off the market. From the first day it would drop signal and my dog would be off and running. I can’t see they ever tested this junk. Very disatisfied with unit.

Sleo118 August 2, 2009 at 8:14 am

We purchased the WiFi system only to be disappointed. The above review of the system mentions that the Wifi has problems maintaining its signal through walls. (“Complaints seem to center around use where there is no clear line of site, signal dropouts, and the unit being slow to respond when the boundary is breached”. )This definitely was true for our situation. We could only get a signal when the front door was open and that was in a straight line from the base. We couldn’t get ANY signal in any other direction. We ended up getting the PetSafe wireless system yesterday and in 5 minutes the system was completely setup and there’s no problems with dropped signals through walls, etc. I’m so satisfied with the PetSafe product and have the Wifi boxed up and ready to head back company.

A Giles July 19, 2009 at 3:00 pm

How old should the dog be to use this type of fencing (or any electric fencing)? Also, is there a dog size issue like the Petsafe wireless system? We have a lab puppy and she is very active. I want to purchase the best system. I appreciate any information!

ADMIN – Hi Giles,

You should avoid using an electric dog fence on a puppy under 6 months old. (If you absolutely must, you can do 4 months provided they can perform the training basics, sit-stay-come with ease). But try and wait.
You can use the WiFi or PetSafe on dogs 15+ pounds.
As to the best system, I would always choose one of the wired systems (e.g. Petsafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619) over the wireless. You get a much cleaner boundary line and a much more reliable easier to train correction. It is definately worth the one day of work installing a wired system. But if wired doesn’t suit your property – I would lean toward the WiFi over the PetSafe.

karen greco July 16, 2009 at 10:51 pm

I’m interested in how customers are liking the wifi pet fence. In the review it said there would be an update. Just wondered how it’s going.

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