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  • Reliable system at low cost
  • Cross compatible collars
  • 4 correction levels


  • Proprietary PetSafe battery
  • Non-rechargeable battery


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PetSafe Inground Dog In-Ground Fence Overview

Summary: Excellent Budget System

The PetSafe Inground Dog Fence (PIG00-13661) is PetSafe’s newly upgraded basic system (previous PRF-3004W). It takes the transmitter from the PetSafe Stubborn, and the collar from the PetSafe Deluxe, bringing you a high quality fence at a budget price.


The PetSafe InGround system is compatible with the collars from the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe Stubborn systems for small, medium, and large dogs respectively. This inter-compatibility allows owners with multiple dogs to mix and match collars to suit their dog.

Indoor Pod Compatibility

The Stubborn collar can be used with the optional wireless PetSafe Indoor Pods to keep the dogs out of particular part of your home.

Proprietary Battery

The system uses a proprietary disposable PetSafe battery that you need to keep purchasing from PetSafe. This adds expense and inconvenience to the system.

Low Price / High Quality

This is one of the best low cost system. The system is nearly identical to the mid-level PetSafe Deluxe, except the transmitter is slightly less powerful, and is priced at almost $100 less.

PetSafe Inground Dog Collar

Mid-Range Collar

The PetSafe Inground takes the collar from the much more expensive PetSafe Deluxe Dog Fence.  It is excellent but marred by the use of a proprietary battery.


The system can be used with collars from some other PetSafe systems. You can use the collars from the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe Stubborn for small, medium, and large dogs respectively. (Note, you cannot use the PetSafe Ultrasmart collars.)

Being able to use these different collars is useful if you have dogs of different sizes or temperament. It lets you use the best collar for each dog, instead of having to use a compromise collar).

4 Corrections Levels

The collar has five levels of correction that can be set on each individual collar. This allows each dog on the system to have a level of correction appropriate to them. The range of correction on this collar is sufficient for all but the largest (100 lbs +) and low-pain sensitivity dogs (Pitbull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, etc). For dogs that require a stronger correction, the PetSafe Stubborn collar is a good option.

The correction level for each collar on the system can be set independently allowing you to use the collar with dogs that need different levels.

Small-Medium Size

The PetSafe Inground is one of the smaller full-sized collar. Because of it’s smaller size and lighter weight you can use the collar for dogs as small as 12 pounds. For dogs under 12 pounds, you will want to use the PetSafe Little Dog Collar.

Proprietary Battery

The PetSafe Inground uses a special PetSafe branded battery (RFA-67). The battery is one of the least obnoxious proprietary batteries, being relatively cheap ($5) and having a relatively long life (3 months). Still these proprietary batteries are inconvenient and expensive and we would prefer a rechargeable system.

The collar includes a low power indicator, flashing red to alert you when power is low and battery needs changing.

Medium Prongs Only

The basic system only includes medium size prongs. For long-hair dogs you will need the optional long-prongs ($10).


The collar is waterproof and can handle complete immersion in water.

Compatible with Indoor Pods

The collar can be used with the PetSafe Indoor Pods (PIRF-100). These wireless pods can be placed in your house to train your dog to keep out of certain rooms or to keep the dog off furniture.

Cloth Collar Strap

The red collar band is made of a nylon cloth. The collar fastens with a quicksnap collar.

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PetSafe Inground Dog Transmitter

PetSafe Transmitter

The system includes the basic PetSafe 10 acre transmitter from the <a/ href=”/reviews/petsafe-large-dog/”>PetSafe Stubborn.

Adjustable Boundary Width

The transmitter gives you control over the boundary width. You can change the distance that the boundary extends out from the boundary wire from 0 to 10 feet. A typical boundary will be set between 3 and 5 feet. For smaller dogs or smaller yards, the boundary width may be set lower. For larger dogs, escape artists, or larger properties the boundary width may be set wider.

Boundary Break Alarm

When the system is working properly, the loop light will be illuminated. When there is a break in the boundary wire, it is signaled by an alarm at the transmitter.

10 Acre Capacity

The transmitter has sufficient power to support 5,000 feet of boundary wire (25 acres). This makes the PetSafe Inground a medium capacity system. For large properties areas, the SportDog SDF-100A (100 acres) is a good alternative that is also compatible with the PetSafe Inground collars.

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PetSafe Inground Dog Accessories
Wire Gauge

Boundary Wire & Accessories

The system includes 500 feet of boundary wire (20 gauge), 50 training flags, 2 wire splices, and a collar tester.

Direct Burial Wire

The PetSafe wire is direct burial rated wire has a copper core and is coated with Polyethylene. The direct burial wire is designed to be buried in the ground and consequently holds up better to soil acids. In contrast, PVC coated wire used in most standard wire tends to rot out within a couple of years.

Collar Tester Tool

The system includes a plastic tester tool that lights up when the collar is triggered. Holding the tester tool against the collar prongs, you can test the collar and also locate the system boundary.

Optional Professional Gauge Wire

The standard 20 gauge wire included in the basic system works well, but is vulnerable to breakage. The wire can be upgraded to the stronger 18, 16, and 14 gauge wire. The thicker wire, such as 14 gauge, has a copper core and protective jacket four times thicker than the standard wire.

Thicker wire reduces your risk of developing a wire break. Thicker wire also provides a slight increase in the system range.

500 Feet of Wire, 50 Flags

The system includes 500 feet of standard perimeter wire (20 gauge). The system also includes 50 boundary marking flags (for use during the training phase). The included wire and flags are sufficient for a 1/3 acre containment area. Additional boundary kits ($30 per 500 feet) can be purchased to boost the capacity up to a maximum of 25 acres (5,000 feet).

Area (acres) Wire Required (feet)
1/3 500
1/2 1,000
1 1,000
2 1,500
3 2,000
4 2,000
5 2,000
10 3,000

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PetSafe Indoor Pods

PetSafe Indoor Pods (optional)

The PetSafe Inground Collars are compatible with the optionalPetSafe Indoor Pods (ZIRF-100) ($50). These wireless discs can create a circular exclusion area. They can be used to block access to parts of your home or stop the dogs getting on the furniture. The radius of the wireless exclusion zones are adjustable from 2 to 10 feet.

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Petsafe Limited Lifetime Warranty

One Year + Limited Lifetime Warranty

The PetSafe Inground has a one year full warranty plus a limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty covers parts, but not labor. The labor charge for repairs made after the expiration of the one year comprehensive warranty is usually in the $30 to #50 range depending on the part that requires repair.

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The PetSafe Inground Dog is a good fence at a bargain price. For around $150 you get a high quality system with excellent performance and reliability.

The only thing not to commend on this system is the use of the proprietary PetSafe battery.

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PetSafe Inground Dog Manual

PetSafe Inground Dog Fence Manual

Download the PetSafe Inground Dog Manual (PDF).

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Model PetSafe Inground Dog Fence
Type In Ground
Collar Battery Disposable (PetSafe RFA-67)
Correction Levels 4 Levels
Beep Only Training Mode Yes
Collar Warning beep Yes
Collar Vibration No
Independent Correction Levels Yes
Collar Dimensions 1.3” (L) x 2.3” (W) x 1.3″ (D)
Collar Weight (with band) ??
Collar Weight (without band) ??
Collar Neck Size 5″ – 23″
Collar Water Resistance Waterproof
Collar Fit Test No
Maximum Number of Dogs Unlimited
Minimum Dog Size 12 lbs
Minimum Age 6 months
Maximum Containment Area 10 acres (3,000 feet)
Boundary Width 0-10 feet (adjustable)
Control Box Dimensions 4.8″ (L) x 4.3″ (W) x 2.0″ (D)
Control Box Power Source Wall Outlet (110V)
Control Box Battery Backup No
Indoor Pod Compatibility Yes (ZIRF-100)
Outdoor Pod Compatibility No
Included Boundary Wire 500 feet + 2 wire Splices
Included Boundary Flags 50
Training Materials Manual
Other Collar Tester Tool
Package Dimensions ??″ (L) x ?″ (W) x ?″ (D)
Package Weight 6 lbs
Warranty One Year Labor, Lifetime Parts

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{ 26 comments… read them below or add one }

Ray April 29, 2018 at 11:48 am

I am considering buying this product and I am evaluating whether to attach to my existing wooden fence or put it in ground before my fence. My dog is a digger and is continually escaping our back yard. Not too mention she loves to destroy the flower bed.

My question is – does the static correction zone start only after the wire is crossed OR is it activated when within +/- X ft of the wire? If it is a the latter I believe the fence option will work. I don’t want a situation where my dog only gets corrected after she has the hole dog as if half way out.

ADMIN – Hi Ray. With jumpers, escape artists, or diggers, we usually recommend laying the wire a foot or so inside the fence so that they do not even get to the fence to escape. Then you will want to set a wide boundary width for notification.
The Boundary Wire should be installed 5-10 feet away from metal and/or electromagnetic interference (e.g., metal siding, aluminum siding, metal roof, metal fencing, HVAC equipment, etc) to avoid amplification problems and unintended corrections to the dog’s collar.
With existing fences, we recommend laying the wire on top of the ground in the location you think you want it and testing the collar to make sure it beeps and corrects at the right location on the perimeter loop. This way, if you need to move the wire closer to or further away from the fence, you can do so easily. Once the correct location has been determined, then you can bury your wire 1″ – 3″ in the ground or tack it to the surface of the ground using lawn staples to hold it in place.
Keep in mind that your dog will not receive a correction until s/he actually crosses the boundary wire.

sherri January 8, 2018 at 12:46 pm

My transmitter is in a cold garage and since the temperature has dropped it beep continuous even though the collar is still working. Does anyone else have this problem?

ADMIN – Hi Sherri. The transmitters need to be in a location where they stay above freezing. You may want to look at moving your transmitter into your home if you live in an area where you get these temperatures every year.

Jean February 9, 2017 at 10:15 pm

We are considering getting the PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-13661. We have been using a PetSafe Wireless but it stopped working so we need something new. Our concern is in the past our system and the neighbors wireless connected and we don’t want to have that happen again. I can’t find any info on whether the in-ground and wireless will connect or affect each other.

ADMIN – Hi Jean. The wired systems and the wireless systems should not affect each other being next door. You would still want to test the perimeter of your containment area with the collar and the tester tool.

Jeff May 4, 2016 at 4:15 pm

We want to put up a fence for our grandpuppies that come over at least once a week. We want to enclose the back yard only. Does it have to be a continuous loop? We want them in the back yard only. We have an attached 3 car garage. Our property is a little over 1 acre with about 1/2 acre in the back yard. Would we have to connect the ends together? Trying to give “the girls” plenty of room to run- a black lab/australian shepherd mix and a german shepherd/boxer mix. Our daughter is also considering getting a german shepherd that would visit occasionally.

ADMIN – Hi Jeff. Yes, the systems must be set up in a continuous loop layout. As it sounds like your house would be the forth side of the “fence”, you have a couple of layout options that you can view by visiting our Dog Fence Planning and Layouts page. Take a look at the backyard dog fence layouts.

Mary March 11, 2016 at 12:01 pm

Hi, just wondering about how to put the wire into the ground? Any info on that for me? Thanks, Mary

ADMIN – Hi Mary. You can find information on how to bury your wire on our Burying / Mounting the Boundary Wire page.

Janice M..... June 17, 2015 at 4:57 am

We have used electric fencing for about 10 years & worked well for us. My niece has had it for about 12 years and worked for her. I think we need new wiring…10 years old! Pet-safe sounds fine. It has saved my pets from traffic on highways. It does not protect from other dogs coming into the yard…..but it’s only happened twice in 10 years. The fence is off now…but our girl knows the boundary & stays in our yard. BUT we are getting a new dog…who is not used to the fence…so we have to get it fixed.

ADMIN – Hi Janice. What is the model of your electric dog fence? What is the age, weight, breed and temperament of your new dog? You can repair and/or replace any damaged Boundary Wire in your existing perimeter loop and your transmitter should begin working again. If this does not fix your electric dog fence problem, please let me know so that I can help you find a better electric dog fence solution.

Jaclyn April 24, 2015 at 10:10 am

I am looking at this fence and the yard ax rechargeable. I have a 45 lb Shepard/ sharpee/ pit bull mix who is pretty trainable. What are the major differences in the systems. I want a good product but we are only going to be living here for maybe the next year, so don’t want to invest too much. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! We are on an almost acre lot but only going to do the backyard so I think I would need 1,000 ft.

ADMIN – Hi Jaclyn. Do you have a fence in your backyard? You will need 1,000 feet of boundary wire to contain your dog in a 1 acre perimeter loop. If price is your concern, then the PetSafe Inground Electric Dog Fence Dog Fence (PIG00-13661) is an excellent budget system. However, it does require a proprietary battery that lasts about 2-3 months. If you prefer rechargeable collars, then the PetSafe YardMax Electric Dog Fence PIG00-11115 is a great choice. The YardMax in-ground dog fence also has run-through prevention.

tom yahn October 13, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Is it possible to buy just the transmitter and collar for the deluxe in ground electric collar system separately? We had a system put in for us but gave away our transmitter and collar to friends and now have a dog who needs correction. Thanks. Tom Yahn

ADMIN – Hi Tom, unfortunately the wall transmitters for the dog fences are not available separately. You may contact the manufacture and see if they have any replacement options available.

Lindsey May 27, 2014 at 7:54 pm

I am considering the PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-13661 for my two large German Shorthaired Pointers (50 and 55 lbs) and two large cats (12 and 14 lbs). I would like to contain all pets in my backyard. The dogs have high prey drive and have jumped the fence a few times before chasing birds and squirrels. The electric fence would provide some extra encouragement to stay in the yard. The cats have always been indoor-cats but they often try to escape when I open the door and I want to give them access to the backyard. Without a correction they would jump the fence and cruise the neighborhood which i am not comfortable with. My understanding is that I could use two PetSafe Stubborn Collars for my dogs and two Cat Containment Collars for my cats but I have a few questions.

Is there any system with rechargeable collars that would work with both dogs and cats? Using PetSafe batteries seems like a large cost and inconvenience. Also, can both of these collars be adjusted for correction level? I used training collars for my dogs when off-leash and they each require a different correction level. Finally, I am interested in using indoor pods to keep my dogs out of the litter boxes. Can either the pods or collars be programed so that the cats don’t receive corrections from the pods? Alternately, I can remove the cats’ collars when they come indoors but I would rather give them freedom to come and go without taking the collars on and off. Thank you for helping me find the best system for our family!

ADMIN – Hi Lindsey, with a physical fence in place I do not think you will need the stubborn collars. Also, with the size of your cats, you have more fence options than just the cat containment collar. In order to meet all your needs, the best dog fence is the PetSafe YardMax. The collar is a small and lightweight collar of only 3 ounces. It is rechargeable and you can even set separate correction levels for each collar. Furthermore, the YardMax collar is the only collar compatible with the mini pet barrier. The mini pet barrier is the only programmable indoor zone. You can set it up so the dogs are excluded but the cats are free to enter the zone area.

Tom April 27, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Could I put the receiver in my metal pole barn?

ADMIN – Hi Tom, yes, as long as you use twisted wire to exit the barn. I would recommend using twisted wire from the wall transmitter until the line is clear from the building by 15 feet.

Jake March 17, 2014 at 3:54 pm

what is the approx. life of the RFA-67 battery. We have the IF brand now but we are moving and I wanted to get an idea of the battery life. We change out about every 3-4 months with the IF brand, Thanks.

melanie February 15, 2014 at 3:19 pm

I have a 4 yr old unaltered pit/retriever mix who is about 90 lbs. We live in the country and, although he is extensively trained and listens well for the most part, he occasionally will just tear off through the yard at breakneck speed to gallavant through the neighbourhood (mostly cows and sheep) until he’s good and ready to come home. He’s impossible to catch. I’m looking for something that provides repeated stimulation unless he is within the boundary and is rechargeable or uses nonproprietary batteries. I’d like to spring for a larger gauge wire, in the hopes that it will last longer and I’d like it to be solid core to prevent any breakage. Do you have a system like this?

danny July 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm

we have two little pug puppys 12 weeks ,we understand it best to wait until they are 6 mos old .to work well on them witch one would you pick out was thinking on one of the in ground wire ones ,next week we start puppy training they will be 13 weeks we live in a 16x 80 mobile home , so its all metal. keep that in mind, what would be the best system ,we have about 260,00 bucks ? thanks for your help! Danny

ADMIN – Hi Danny,

With two pugs, I would want one of the smaller collars. Since your home is metal, I would rule out the wireless systems. I think a good fit with your budget would be the PetSafe Inground.

Anna June 27, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Hi, I would like to find a fence that can be used for my cats and dogs at once. Is this fence compatible with the PetSafe cat collars? If not, can you recommend another fence system that would work for all my pets? Thanks!

ADMIN – Hi Anna,

You can use the collars with the PetSafe Cat Fence interchangably with the Petsafe Inground Fence, the PetSafe Little Dog, the PetSafe Stubborn, and the SportDog SDF-100A.

Happy to suggest a fence, what kind of dogs do you have (breed, age, weight, temperament)?

James June 8, 2013 at 11:19 am

I want to put the petsafe in ground fence around the outside of my metal shop which is part of the boundary of the yard. Will the dogs get shocked if they are inside the shop? I am not sure if the metal would keep the fence from working right. What if I ran the wire from one corner of the shop to the other by laying it in the ceiling? Would the dogs get shocked when they crossed the wire inside the shop since it would be above them? In short will the fence work the same being around a metal building? Thanks

ADMIN – Hi James,

The answer depends on how wide you set the boundary and how high the wire would be and how far the wire would be from the side of the metal shop. If you had the boundary set at a typical five feet wide, then you would want the wire to be at least 7 feet above the collar height (5 feet plus 2 feet safety buffer) for the dogs to pass under If the wire is high enough. If you had a smaller boundary, say three feet (ok for smaller less active dogs), then you could get away with more like 5 feet.

In some rare cases the metal can act like an amplifier and make the signal wider around the shop, so before you do the full installation, you want to lay out the wire and test it, to make sure that is not happening in your shop.

tom June 5, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Looking for a good but cheap fence system. We have a lab mix pup now that is about 25-30 pounds. Don’t know which to get, can you help will this system work?

ADMIN – Hi Tom,

The best economy fence for a lab would be the PetSafe InGround. Another good option is the PetSafe Ultrasmart, which is more expensive but adds some useful things like rechargeable batteries. Both will work well, and along with a bit of training will easily get a Labrador completely contained.

PS – we generally like to wait until they are 6 months old before starting them on a system. They don’t learn effectively before that age.

Josh June 4, 2013 at 1:55 pm

Can you further explain why the in-ground fence has to be double looped if it is not strung around the entirety of my property?

ADMIN – Hi Josh,

For the dog fence to work, the wire needs to make a complete circuit (a loop), starting and ending at the control station. When a home owner is trying to do only three sides of the property, we still need to find some way of closing the loop, and one solution is to double back on your self.

Dave Lemieux May 28, 2013 at 10:21 am

Just installed the PIG00-13661 (Pet Safe Basic) fence this weekend. It was a snap! 1 have 1/2 an acre of land, laying out the wire only took a couple of hours to get it just right. Training on the border started this AM.Thanks for your help and super fast shipping! -Dave

Andrea April 17, 2013 at 1:13 pm

What fence would you recommend for a full grown 11yr old, loves to escape and run, super sneaky Jack Russell and a 1 &1/2 year old Lab/Husky/Shepherd mix who loves to run after the before mentioned Jack Russell? Will the PIG00-13661 do? And which other collar should I buy for the mixed breed? And do I need the longer prongs? the bigger dogs hair is thicker, but not fluffy at all. Thanks!

ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

With that mix of dogs, the Ultrasmart isn’t a good choice because it won’t let you other types or collar, and it makes you have the same correction level for each dog – which won’t make sense in your case.

A good system would be the PetSafe Inground which will let you set a different correction level for each dog. The collar should work with both dogs (I am presuming the Super Sneaky Jack Russell is over 12 lbs, if less than 12 lbs use a PetSafe Little Dog Collar).

With the mixed dog, if the hair is more labrador, then use the regular prongs. If it is more Husky or German Shepherd, the the long hair prongs are in order.

Vicki York April 8, 2013 at 12:48 pm

Will this work for a dog that digs at the chain link fence? Will I need to bury the line or attach it like you answered for the beagle climbing the fence? Thanks

ADMIN – Hi Vicki,

It doesn’t make a difference if you bury the wire or run it along the fence line. Wherever you place the wire, you will simple adjust a dial on the transmitter so that it creates a boundary zone that covers the base of the fence and stops the dog being able to dig out.

Jordan March 31, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Is it safe to use this system with an existing chain link fence? Our beagle mix climbs the chain link fence and runs away, but the fence is shared by multiple yards so it has to stay.

ADMIN – Hi Jordan,

You can run the wire along a chain link fence and it will work perfectly. I would either zip tie the wire to the fence, or weave it through the chain link. If you use a weed whacker, it helps to elevate the wire about a foot above the ground to keep it safe from damage.

gayle March 4, 2013 at 4:45 pm

Will this collar be large enough for our lab pup when he is full grown?

ADMIN – Hi Gayle,

The PetSafe Inground will easily fit a full grown lab.

stu March 27, 2012 at 6:53 pm

I just ordered the 3004.I have a 20lb puggle, did I make a mistake? should I have gotten the better model?
Thank you

ADMIN – Hi Stu,

The PetSafe Basic system would work, the collar is small which is good for a guggle. A better choice would be something with adjustable correction levels like the PetSafe Deluxe or the Innotek IUC-4100.

Chelsey March 11, 2012 at 11:53 am

We purchased this in ground fence, and obviously only has one correction level. Can we use the Pet Safe Deluxe collars to add correction levels? Or would we have to have the entire Deluxe system?

ADMIN – Hi Chelsey,

You could use the PetSafe Deluxe collar, the PetSafe Stubborn collar, or the PetSafe Little dog collar with the PetSafe Basic base station you have. You would just need to add the new collar – there is no need to replace the base station.

add March 2, 2012 at 1:55 pm

Could I buy this system but, use the little dog petsafe collar that I currently have? What would you recommend for a dog that will be 12-15 lbs full grown and is fairly cooperative?

ADMIN – Hi Add,

The PetSafe Little Dog Collar (I presume it is a dog fence collar, not a remote training collar, or a bark collar), will indeed work with the PetSafe Basic InGround system. For a dog of 12-15 lbs, the PetSafe Little Dog collar would indeed be the best choice.

mark macduff January 19, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Does the little dog pet safe collar work with the basic in ground system.prf3004w?

ADMIN – Hi Mark,

The PetSafe Little Dog collar does indeed work with the PetSafe Basic In-Ground collar. Indeed all the PetSafe in-ground system collars will work interchangeably.

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