PetSafe PIG00-10673

Petsafe-comfort-fitReview:  PetSafe Comfort Fit In Ground Radio Fence (PIG00-10673)


  • Modern look


  • Batteries proprietary and non-rechargeable
  • Single correction level
  • No battery backup
  • Price premium over PRF-3004W

The Petsafe Comfort Fit has been superseded by the PetSafe PRF-304W. If you really want one, we have a bit of dead stock in our warehouse. But, for most of the the PRF-304W will be the better choice.

The Petsafe Comfort Fit In Ground Radio Fence (PIG00-10673) is similar to the PetSafe PRF-3004W but with a more modern appearance.  We like this look, it is sleek and clean.

Like the Petsafe PRF-3004W, our complaint with PIG00-10673 is the use of non-rechargeable proprietary batteries in the collar.  They are an unnecessary expense and inconvenience. 

The Comfort Fit also lacks a backup battery and only has a single correction level, features we think are essential at this price.  When you can get the very similar PetSafe PRF-3004W for about $30 less, it is difficult to justify this price premium when all you get is a better looking collar.

Summary:  A sleek look, but is this worth the extra expense?  Needs to be rechargeable and add correction levels to be keep up with the modern appearance.

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Tom Andersen November 28, 2009 at 3:07 pm

I have a Petsafe collar like this one. It is not built to last. There are two tiny pieces of plastic that hold the radio receiver onto the collar, and sure enough one broke within a few months. So now its held together with electrical tape. The place that broke is where there are small screws holding the receiver to the collar. I bought the collar as a replacement for a broken Petsafe one – it broke in half – but lasted for 3 years.

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